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403 | Self-Fulfillment – Live! And Fill your cup with Life - part 2

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So – in the process of looking into the word Fulfillment, what could be seen is how we are conditioned to seek Fulfillment in separation from the value of life as who we really are, and how we are conditioned to seek Fulfillment in the indoctrinated values of CONsumerism – 
and interestingly enough if one would study How the values of consumerism have been and are being presented and made desirable: it is through FEELING; see how advertisements work, see how the engineering of consent works, see how your fears and desires are formed: it is through FEELING.

And so we live our lives in a constant projection-mode wherein we think/believe/hope that “when/if I get/have THAT FEELING, I will be fulfilled”, and so we spend our lives trying all kinds of ways to get to THAT FEELING, all the while missing the moment that is here, wherein the actual opportunity exists to Live Fulfillment, by fulfilling each moment with an actual expression of who we are.

We tend to think/believe that Fulfillment is a ‘profound’ FEELING, when in fact Fulfillment cannot be a mental/emotional construct, a state of mind – that would not be real, it would be a make-belief experience that only lasts so long, and any external factor could change that – it is not sustainable, it is not based on ‘who I am’ but rather it is based on a desire, a projection.

I see and realize within this that actual self fulfillment is about who I am within every moment, with every breath. I see and realize that I will either live every moment to the fullest, fulfilling every moment with my living expression, or I’ll fill myself up with concepts/hopes/desires/projections/ideas of ‘fulfillment’ in my mind that only make me FEEL full-filled for a moment without any actual practical value or support in the context of life and living.

Therefore I commit myself to stop the fake ‘values’ and ideas of fulfillment I had adopted / developed / believed-in within my mind, and to walk every moment in awareness, breath by breath, realizing that Fulfillment is a result of practical-living application, and that I can only ‘have’ fulfillment if I give it to myself: if I live fulfillment as who I am, within this also supporting myself to be/become who I know/see that I can be in terms of my potential, expression and abilities.

Within this I commit myself to disengage myself from any and all energetic attachments, positive and negative – to no longer accept or allow myself to be influenced or defined by energetic mind-movements wherein I’d react to something/someone ‘making me feel’ fulfilled or ‘making me feel’ unfulfilled, because I see that within that I’d be making myself and the expression and experience of myself dependent on external factors, thinking and believing that because something/someone ‘make me feel’ a certain way – that this is who/what I am.

I commit myself to really get to know myself and be/become the one that directs and moves ME – to no longer accept or allow myself to be moved by energetic experiences, positive or negative, because I realize that within this I’d be making myself subject to energy, thus subject to the mind, and it is clear by now that the mind cannot be trusted because the mind and all reaction- and response-patterns it brings-up are conditioned patterns of consciousness that are not in my best interest in terms of living and expanding to my utmost potential, but rather in the interest of the system in terms of ensuring the enslavement of self to the ‘values’ of CONsumerism based on which we create a fake self that cares only to ‘feel good’ and ‘look good’, manipulating self-expression in terms of looking / seeking / waiting / hoping to Get.


I commit myself to continue assisting and supporting myself in establishing self-trust, trusting myself as life in self-honesty and common sense -
so that I no longer place trust in the mind because the mind and all reaction- and response-patterns the mind brings-up are conditioned patterns of consciousness that are programmed based on systematic desires and fears (‘positive’ and ‘negative’ energy) and thus not in my best interest in terms of living, expression and expanding to my utmost potential.

I commit myself to LIVE every moment in awareness, to no longer accept or allow myself to exist within a state of mind / a state of being wherein I am looking ‘out there’, seeking / hoping / waiting for something/someone to ‘give me’what I think/believe would make me ‘feel fulfillment’.

When and as I see myself looking for a ‘feeling’, I commit myself to stop and breathe, and bring myself back here, move myself out of my mind and into reality, and direct myself to an expression or an application or a task that will fulfill me, as an expression me.

I commit myself to live self-fulfillment as who I am and how I participate and express in every moment, with every breath – to live every moment to the fullest, within this fulfilling every moment with my living expression, thus fulfilling myself with my expression as life – giving Me to Me, and being the One that Gives.

I commit myself to investigate what it is I was waiting for / hoping for /seeking – and to Give that to myself through practical/physical living, finding practical ways and expressions to ‘fill my life’ with who I really am as life; no longer desiring concepts of ‘fulfillment’ as they are promulgated through the system, but instead living and applying self-fulfillment through LIVING.

For instance I realize that if/when I perceive that my life is ‘empty’ – it is because I am not here for me, I am not Giving, I am not Living, but I am ‘thinking’ about concepts of ‘fulfillment’ based on my preprogrammed/conditioned mind-consciousness.

Therefore I commit myself to no longer seek or hope to Get, but instead: to Give, to Live – and to do so in a way that is Best for All.

I see and realize that fulfillment is not and cannot be a mental or emotional concept, as that would only lead one further away from oneself and further away from reality.

Fulfillment is always in relation to the context one exists in – and we are currently in this world as we know it, this system, this moment in space and time, in the history of mankind of which we are all equally part of.

I see and realize that our opportunities for fulfillment in the current world/system are very limited, because money determines what we are able to do and participate in as well as what we have to do in order to support our survival.

I realize however that even in the context of such limitation Fulfillment is possible, because it is about who I am in spite of the circumstances. Yet at the same time I see that so many people in this world exist at the brink of survival to such an extent that they do not even have the luxury to contemplate about such things as ‘fulfillment’.

Therefore I commit myself – and see it as a practical application of self-fulfillment in the context of the actuality of reality – to make sure I am part of a solution to our world/system and contribute to changing this world/system so that ALL beings are able to live a fulfilling life, and to express, explore and expand to their utmost potential as life.

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