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399 | Paranoia is like a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ - But who fills the cup?

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Yes, so, realizing that any obsession/paranoia about anything starts at a small, menial, seemingly unimportant level, and grows the more we feed it with attention, I looked at the interesting point that this point is literally like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The word self-fulfilling is quite operative here, and I in fact imagined how the thoughts that come-up in one’s mind to ‘validate’ or ‘justify’ an emotional/feeling reaction one had towards a situation/person/word/event in a moment literally start filling up one’s mind/consciousness until it’s full, and voilà, the obsessed becomes possessed and the point that one has been giving attention to ‘fulfills itself’ and ‘becomes real’ within one’s consciousness, to such an extent that the emotional/feeling experience becomes overwhelming and physically noticeable, which goes to show how we allow mental-states and consciousness-systems to literally fulfill as in occupy as in possess our body experience and physical behavior.

(To understand the nitty-gritty of the creation process of such ‘state of mind’ that becomes a state of being wherein one is literally occupied by and preoccupied with this ONE single point that one had allowed to take all one’s attention and focus: please read my previous blog posts that I reference at the beginning of this post as well as the links at the bottom!)

Now –
Back to the word self-fulfilling, which is the word fulfillment.

I have walked through some self-forgiveness points on this one, speaking the words out loud as I opened-up the point for myself to see, and I'd like to write out and share the essence of that in this post here:

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to perceive, experience and define my life as ‘empty’, not only because I had not ‘achieved’ what in the world/system is seen as ‘success’, but also because this emotional/feeling experience is something that is like just ‘there’ within me since I was a child.

Therefore I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed this/such definition for myself and my life without investigating and understanding where this/such feeling comes from and whether it is in fact valid.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to keep myself ‘busy’ and ‘doing’ things, because I had wanted to avoid and ignore this feeling of ‘emptiness’, as I had charged it with a ‘negative’ judgment and within that had formed a ‘fear of emptiness’ –
which, looking back at the Blog posts I wrote in the past weeks wherein I walked through the points of self-worth and value, I realize that I had given the perception/feeling/emotional-experience of ‘emptiness’ a ‘negative value’, and because I had accepted this experience as me, as my life, as who I am – I had within that sabotaged my self-worth and disregarded my value as life.

What I saw and realized is how I kept myself ‘full’ by filling myself with ‘stuff to do’ and ‘stuff to think about’, eating, drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, all this stuff and everything I did, even relationships in my life – was in a way always to done to ‘fill’ the ‘emptiness’ –

Therefore within this, I forgive myself that I hadn’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that not only the ‘emptiness’ is not real (it is only real as long as I give it ‘value’ and ‘attention’ and allow it to define who I am) – but also the various ways that I had attempted to full-fill myself were not real.

I forgive myself that I hadn’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that, within that negative definition of myself/my life as ‘empty’ and the ‘fear of emptiness’ which would also be the fear of being ‘worthless’ and my life being without ‘meaning’ (which obviously is all bullshit, because in the end I am the one that determines, one way or another, the meaning and value of my life, namely through what and how I live it), and within attempting to full-fill myself through values of the mind – I had in fact not been here for myself, I had not given myself to chance, the opportunity, the time and the space to be here for me, to care for me, to occupy the space I breathe and simply be here, without needing/wanting/desiring or requiring anything to keep me preoccupied.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to create within myself a resistance towards simply being here, slowing down, being here for myself, and caring for myself; wherein I’ll often just rush through my day to do the things I gotta do, and I’ll often find myself at the end of the day quite unhappy because I realize I could have taken some moments to rest, to slow down, to bring my awareness back here within and as my physical body, expand my physical movement or stretch – and when I look at the amount of time I spend ‘doing’ and the amount of time I spend with myself for myself to care for myself as a physical being, I see that I could in fact give myself more of myself, I could practically care for myself more – but I tend to get so absorbed within what it is that I’m doing at any given moment, that sometimes hours will pass before I realize that hey, I must now take a break, take a walk, change the environment, move myself.

What I realize is that this tendency is in fact the result of preoccupying myself and not valuing myself /not giving myself the care I require – all out of this negative-definition of perceived ‘emptiness’ that I had accepted about me and my life and which I created a resistance towards and thus preoccupied myself to not have to face it.

So here I am now realizing this is not living, and that I am in fact quite capable of being here for me, and caring for me, giving myself and my life the value that it’s worth, which the value of life. If I had a child, how would I care for my child? That is how I must care for myself, as a physical being, making sure that I meet my physical requirements to within that also honor this physical body that allows me to exist and experience myself in this world here on earth.

I forgive myself that I hadn’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that this very feeling/emotional-experience of/as ‘emptiness’ has in fact been a point of paranoia within my mind, where out of this/such feeling I formed all kinds of ideas about myself and my world, about my life and the value of it, and obviously throughout the years this point was being fed with my attention, with my thoughts, perpetuating the feeling/emotional-experience, and trapping myself within the polarity of ‘negative’ (as that which I had tried to ignore/suppress/avoid within myself) and ‘positive’ (as that which I had tried to do/get/find in order to ‘fulfill’ myself and ‘feel better’ about myself) –
But – that was not actual self-fulfillment; instead I was filling myself up with bullshit and all kinds of distractions to get a FEELING of being ‘full’, being ‘complete’, ‘being ‘whole’, being ‘accomplished’, all the while I wasn’t even really here for me to assist and support myself in living self-fulfillment for-real.

So – 
I will continue sharing in the context of my process of getting to actual self-fulfillment, which is not something ‘profound’ but simply and practically it’s about who I am within every moment, with every breath, and whether I live every moment to the fullest; whether I fulfill every moment by participating in every moment from the starting point of life/living what’s truly best for me, or whether I fill myself up with bullshit distractions that only have value in my mind but no actual practical value of life support.

I will be redefining the word fulfillment more specifically and in more practical terms within my next blog post wherein, I’ll also write the self-commitment statements and practical corrective applications for me to LIVE.

"Your Existence is Breath by Breath and within that, Every Thought You Have is a choice, Every Word You Speak is a Choice, Every Word You Write is a Choice, Every Point You Act On is a Choice. It Reflects Who You Are."

"When You Are Best for You, You Are Best for All." 

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