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414 | Planet Earth: The Holy Spirit of Money – Why is it Not for ALL?

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In my previous blog post I opened up the point of corruption:

The levels of corruption existent we cannot even begin to imagine... We all are ‘aware of’ corruption existing, but we hardly ever really do the math – plus, the cognitive disinformation is quite effective at presenting what ‘must be presented’ to give the impressions that ‘must be given’ – because it’s all about the show. (...)
Another problem with how we deal with corruption is... well that we in fact do not deal with it. We simply accept it part of ‘the way things are’, we’ll even enjoy discussing corruption and being informed about who’s done what and how much money who has wasted, but we somehow miss the entire point – being that: corruption exists because we allow it, and because we’ve somehow accepted that we are powerless towards the System, within this in fact placing the system into a position of something like a God and giving permission for the continuation of the atrocious conditions we all more or less suffer under.

So let’s look at a further aspect of corruption: Currently no one knows exactly how much money is in circulation.
But I mean, if our lives depend on Money (which they do, I mean remove your money and see if you can sustain your ‘happiness’ or ‘peace of mind’ in this world!), and Money IS the ‘holy spirit’ that gives life to the system – shouldn’t there be transparency as to how much money there is, where the money is, and where public money in fact goes?

If you do some research you will find that for instance some public works announce a project, say for instance a bridge, and announce that this project will cost so-and-so many millions, and then this project is allocated that amount of money through public money, eg. taxes. In the end though, the project costs much more than that, and it is all funded through public money, but the fact that the budged changed/increased never made it to the news – and so in fact no one really knows how much of the public goes where.
Or have a look at the pensions. Our economies are already in so much trouble, that the pensions are threatened. And what do they do? They raise the pension-age! This of course means less jobs for the young people. But who cares? Let’s make belief that the system is working...

So – corruption is everywhere. 
In some countries it is very obvious, for example Mexico; in other countries, especially in Europe, it is nicely veiled. But it is everywhere, throughout all aspects of life in this world system.
Take for instance the schooling system. The fact that one will become a teacher or an educator or a university professor based on the income incentive – already this point opens the door to corruption, within one of the vital systems of our world: education. Teachers shouldn’t take it personally – the same goes for all well-paid professions. I am sure we would have better doctors if money was not something that is an advantage-promising incentive.

So, corruption is one of the results of what Money is and has become in this world – or rather we should say: what Man has made Money to be.

Many think that if you remove Money completely you can remove Corruption. I’d say if you remove the Human factor completely you can certainly remove corruption, lol.

But have a look – 
Imagine for a moment you have a money-less global society. You still want to know where for instance wood is need so you can distribute it. You wanna know where people require food so you can have it sent there. You then also wanna know that it was in fact delivered. So you do need a logistic system that records a trace of the movement of goods and services – otherwise how are you gonna make sure that ALL get equally what ALL require, and that no harm, exploitation or manipulation (which is in fact corruption) is taking place. 

So, that is what Money should be: a mathematical tool to ensure the equal and just distribution of resources, goods and services. Whether you call it money or whether you call it ‘agreement logistics’ or whether you call it the ‘holy spirit’, it doesn’t matter. You do require something that is a measurement, the same at all places, so that you can say so-and-so many tons of wood / steel / water / grains –whatever it is– are needed at this and that place, I mean it’s simple math and practical common sense.

Money is the creation of Man. Money is thus in the image and likeness of Man. If you remove money, there will be another thing that will reflect the truth of human nature. So, fact is – human nature must change, the way we co-exist and interact, on smaller and on bigger scale must change. We must change our ‘ evil ways’, get over ourselves, let go of the indoctrinated fear of each-other that keeps us in greed and separation, in disregard of life and simply just petty – and make sure we transform our world to a place where we’d gladly have our children and grandchildren born, without fear for their survival or safety.

We do have what it takes to have ‘Heaven on Earth’ for ALL. Mother Earth provides everything unconditionally, just like father Sun shines unconditionally for ALL. How and why does the Human fail to do the same? 
If you had one big family, wouldn’t you provide for all equally? There is enough for ALL to have a wealthy life in dignity, why do we not make sure this becomes possible through a new system that is based on the value of LIFE, not the value of man-made money that is equal to self-interest/profit/greed/fear and thus exploitation and abuse!

As you may have noticed, the discussion on BIG [Basic Income Grant] is becoming BIGGER, especially in Europe. 
Study the following Blogs to have a look at how the BIG concept can be implemented most effectively and how that will in fact benefit all, including our Planet! 
Yes, I repeat, there can in fact exist a WIN-WIN scenario for our Planet, for ALL of us, our existence, our Home here on Earth. 

Those of you that are politically involved - use these proposals to introduce these practical ways to fund the Basic Income Grant, and make Life equal to Dignity, for ALL.

Basic Income can Save Capitalism

ART by Marlen Vargas

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