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415 | Planet Earth: How we Polarize Ourselves and Separate LIFE

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So the other day I observed a conversation between two people, both being from/within the same ‘class’, the worker class or the lower middle class, and I heard how the one person, upon hearing the other person’s ‘positioning’, immediately ‘sympathized’ and used words to indicate this, and so now both were in the same group because they are agreeing on something: they are now ‘on the same side.
And the conversation continues and so the person that ‘took sides’ and ‘sympathized’ moved on to gossip about the richer people in that particular area and how the area has changed over time with more and more ‘yuppies’ moving in and the higher middle class with their children and the rents went up and are no longer affordable...

Now -
Even though the rents going up and not being affordable is in fact a problem, the point I want to make here is that – through polarization one in facts creates the separation from life. 
And, what does then the worker or the poor or the ‘lower middle class’ do through such positioning and words or gossip? Is that not the same thing the rich do when they will talk about the lower middle class or worker class? Each ‘side’ have their opinions and prejudice and judgments, and it’s always about “us and them” – and I mean if all ‘sides’ do it, how are things ever gonna change?!

And interestingly enough, the ‘lower class’ should actually know and understand perhaps even better that: the circumstances, the influences, the conditions you are born into = determine who and what you become. 
And so in fact each one is able to self-honestly consider and place oneself in the shoes of another and see: if I was born in their shoes, under such and such circumstances, I would most probably end up like this, believing this or that, and thinking this or that way about “the others”.
If one would do that, one would realize that what must be changed is the circumstances, the influences, the conditions – in other words the SYSTEM in its entirety.

The poor people often judge the rich and accept their poverty out of the belief that that makes them a ‘better person’ or a ‘humble’ person. But look in self-honesty and one can see, all desire the same ‘luxury’, which is in fact a life in dignity, free from struggle and anxiety, from fear of survival-fear, and a life that gives you the opportunity to express, explore and expand yourself – and obviously, in this world money is what gives you the ability to do so. So in fact everyone wants money, or more money, because everyone wants to expand their possibilities, opportunities, talents, freedom of expression, etc.

The rich people often judge the poor saying that the poor just didn’t work hard enough or do not want to work and other bloody justifications – and fail to consider that also for the rich: it was the circumstances and conditions in their life that allowed them to be and become what they are today with all their ‘possessions’ and ‘freedoms’.

Fact is though, no one is really free in this system as is; and no one really possesses anything because when you die you can’t take anything with you. In the time between life and death however, one man’s freedom is another man’s slavery, and one man’s possession is another’s lack. 

It does not need to be this way.

There IS another way, there is in fact a way to manifest a WIN-WIN situation for LIFE – for ALL life.

Obviously, this must be realized at all levels, but if we change the system into one that is Best for All and functions on the basis of practical Common Sense – we will also assist ourselves and each-other to transform our ‘way of life’, which is in fact then transforming ‘human nature’ into a living-existence that is best for all.
Because I mean – the System may be the creation of the human and thus in the image and likeness of the human. But it goes both ways: The System creates a human that exists in fear, greed, polarized against each-other, in separation from one’s power as life, dependent on a system for survival yet the system is not just. Are you then through such system not deliberately creating ‘human nature’ to be criminal, to be in disorder, to be a problem? 

Thus – changing the System will change the human, and freeing the system from the enslavement of Money will also enable the individual freedom that every human wishes for themselves. And this can be given to ALL.

As you may have noticed, the discussion on BIG [Basic Income Grant] is becoming BIGGER, especially in Europe. 
Study the following Blogs to have a look at how the BIG concept can be implemented most effectively and how that will in fact benefit all, including our Planet! 
Yes, I repeat, there can in fact exist a WIN-WIN scenario for our Planet, for ALL of us, our existence, our Home here on Earth. 

Those of you that are politically involved - use these proposals to introduce these practical ways to fund the Basic Income Grant, and make Life equal to Dignity, for ALL.

Basic Income can Save Capitalism

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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