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420 | Planet Earth: Where Peace is when you See No War

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The nature of Denial is an interesting thing.

See no evil, hear no evil, thus no evil exists... 
Hmmm… Really?

Evil is the opposite of Live – isn’t it?
E-V-I-L  * L-I-V-E

We do not really Live and let Live – we exist as Evil, hiding behind the Con of our systems, within and without.

Albert Einstein said: "A person starts to live when he can live outside himself" – which I would like to interpret as Living in Common Sense, considering and regarding Life as a Whole.

But if we look at how War and Peace exists within our consciousness, and how War and Peace exist in the physical reality of our existence on Earth – it’s interesting that what we see outside and what we see inside of our minds is …kinda different. This should be concerning!

Doesn’t this indicate that within our minds we have ‘alternate realities’ that make us see things in a certain way and make us ‘feel’ the way we wanna feel, believe what we want to believe – for instance have a look at the words “peace of mind”, and have a look at the ‘state of being’ that is induced here, where all that matters is your ‘peace of mind’, and therefore you’ll even make yourself believe that peace exists in the world just because you have created for yourself a ‘peace of mind’ in your own mind-consciousness.

But in reality –

the war never ended. War is now simply more veiled, through evolved means of manipulation, cognitive disinformation, and the lies served to us by the media which, instead of being the voice of the people and documenting the real timelines of history it has become the voice of the devil that serves us fake stories and the perception we are supposed to adopt, believe, and follow.

Even the great ‘land of freedom’, the ‘land of opportunities’, has been nothing but a dream; and is a great example of how Freedom, Peace,and everything that is Good has been exploited and abused, leaving behind nothing but empty words, like promises: Promises are always empty.

The promise for peace, the promise for freedom, the promise for real progress and prosperity – How can that be made-real in a world system where profit is placed before life?

How can we sit by and believe we exist in Peace, when all around us life is deteriorating, innocent people are starving, are abused, are exploited, are left to struggle, the animal kingdom and nature are exploited to the utmost degree of atrocity – all in the name of profit, which some will say is in the name of god, others will say it’s in the name of our country, others will see it’s in the name of progress, in the name of love… All these are fake names, without any meaning, serving one purpose only: to get YOU to agree, to get YOU to follow, to get YOU to ‘feel’ patriotic, to ‘feel’ like you’re doing the right thing, supporting the right leader, to ‘feel’ like there’s some Hope out there somewhere in the future if only this or that leader wins, if only this or that country dominates, of only this or that corporation hits the jackpot…. But hello, this is not a game here! Real lives are at stake, and everybody knows this. So why do we continue to play this game as if this world is nothing but a big casino and the winner takes it all!

What’s most interesting within this is how we use the Illusion of Peace to remain ‘comfortably numb’ and keep our convenience, because interestingly enough one thing everybody fears losing (that is, everybody that’s got a roof over their heads and food to eat and water to drink) is their convenience.

Ironically enough, it is this convenience that keeps us from actually expanding, progressing, growing and developing ourselves and our world into something that is truly worthy of life. It is this convenience that keeps the world ‘as we know it’ and everyone and everything ‘in place’.

As Albert Einstein said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”.

We are all equally responsible for What is Here, we are responsible for all of humanity’s Wars that ever took place, we are responsible for every child that dies every 5 seconds from preventable causes.

And in this era of mankind where the Earth is a global village we can no longer pretend War is not happening, we can no longer place faith in the Peace promises of the system. To quote Einstein again, "Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding."

So, we do have a long way to go in terms of breaking through the veils of mind control and moving beyond the brainwashing imposed onto us by a system of abuse, a system of inequality and exploitation. Only then can we change the system into something that truly supports life and assists the individual to express, explore and expand without harm to itself and others.

But from my perspective, we have no choice but to do something about it all, because it is our creation, we are part of it, it all exists because each one of exists the way we do.

One thing is clear, and this again Einstein pointed out: “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Well, World War III is already being fought – it is being fought against the ‘third world countries’ and all those that are disenfranchised and disadvantaged within the system.

Step #1: Stop denying the actuality of reality!

Step #2: Stop hoping for peace and find ways to manifest peace for real, for all!

Step #3: Investigate what is keeping you from taking the first two steps.

ART by Ann van den Broeck

As you may have noticed, the discussion on BIG [Basic Income Grant] is becoming BIGGER, especially in Europe. 
Study the following Blogs to have a look at how the BIG concept can be implemented most effectively and how that will in fact benefit all, including our Planet! 
Yes, I repeat, there can in fact exist a WIN-WIN scenario for our Planet, for ALL of us, our existence, our Home here on Earth. 

For all that are politically involved: Use these proposals to introduce these practical ways to distribute resources and fund the Basic Income Grant, and make Life equal to Dignity, for ALL.
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