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418 | Bullying, Hard-Core Pornography & Serial Killers - or: Paranoia is an Accumulation Process of 1+1

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You may have followed the latest Blog posts exploring and exposing the point of Paranoia, written by myself and other people from around the world in the context of a discussion about How our minds and consciousness are formed and How essentially,

“Paranoia is the process of 'losing touch with reality' as you entertain the para-normal / paraNOISE of/as the Mind, and then use that to define reality, which really misconstrues reality COMPLETELY.” - Sunette Spies

A fascinating thing to see and realize is how all forms of paranoia (which is something like a ‘possessed state’ of being) start ‘small’ - with a single thought, a single emotional/feeling reaction - and as they are fed with attention over time, they grow into all kinds of obsessions

Obsession becomes possession, and what an individual then may act-out is totally unpredictable, as can be witnessed within the interview with serial killer Ted Bundy (I am including the video-interview in this post).

I have written on this point of Paranoia myself – you can find the links to all my posts on Paranoia thus far here. (You'll find the links at the top; Scroll down to the links at the bottom for further insightful material)


Today I watched the ‘final interview’ with the afore mentioned serial killer, who was sentenced to death:

"I was a normal person" –
Here in this interview you can witness an awesome self-reflection by serial killer Ted Bundy on his ‘creation process’ as a violent killer.

Fascinatingly enough he says that the most common interest among serial killers (he met many during his time in jail) is hard-core pornography, and also explains how his ‘state of mind’ began changing through his interest in pornographic material, with which he became obsessed.

On the connection between pornography and violence, I suggest watching the following Vlog:

“Sodomy hazing leaves 13-year-old victim outcast in Colorado town. Bullying has taken a brutal and sexually aggressive nature. This is in direct relation to the usage of porn. It has to stop or it will only continue to escalate. If adults don't stop, kids won't either and the consequences can and will be devastating.”

  Anna Brix Thomsen, Sociologist, in this video commentary to the documentary The Bully Project 2011

What’s fascinating is that, in common sense everyone can see that punishment and retribution does not correct society, nor does it prevent such violence and harm from happening.

This system of ‘reward and punishment’ is flawed, and every parent will know this first hand.

What we are missing is the very basics of Education in terms of how ‘human nature’ is formed and conditioned and how to prevent harm in the first place and develop effective and considerate human beings instead. 

I have in previous posts exposed the belief that ‘human nature can’t change’ and how this belief is deliberately cultivated to keep the human-being within a state of subservient self-interest, inferior to one’s own true potential and acceptant of its fate based on what ‘human nature’ is supposed to be, when all the while it is clear – and here one can watch the documentary Century of the Self – that human nature is programmable and has been deliberately engineered to serve this system of profit that disregards Life. 
This shows that human nature can change, however for this to take place on a level of dignity and individual as well as collective freedom, such process of change must be based on self-realization and the self-willed decision to support oneself as life, and within this support all life to be what it truly can be beyond the bounds of the current system.

A paramount in education should thus be a process of Man Know Thyself. Education should include and be based on our Self-Realization in the context of LIFE as a whole, so that every child, every living being can acknowledge our interconnectedness as life and thus live and express in a way that honors Human Rights and the LIFE in every other living being. 

Obviously, in a system that places Profit before Life we have a long way to go in changing our 'evil ways'. 

Investigate the Equal Money movement and the Equal Life Foundation where we have scripted a Bill of Rights as a paradigm of how to consider and practically honor the Right to LIFE, based on the principle Prevention is the Best Cure. Thank you.

Here are Vlogs I made on how society and the world ‘as we know it’ in fact creates ‘Criminal Minds’:

You may want to listen to testimonies from Destonians who successfully have stopped addiction to porn here:

Other interviews on sex, porn and masturbation:
Further documents on Relationships and How to work on Obsessive Behaviour patterns for oneself can be viewed on the Blog written by sociologist Anna Brix Thomsen.

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