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400 | Fulfillment Paranoia – How do I Fill my cup Full?

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So, continuing from yesterday’s post, I re-looked at the points elaborated on and realized that, that feeling of ‘emptiness’ is not even really there, and this I can see specifically when I do take a moment in time to be with myself, move for myself, care for myself – and it is fulfilling, I am satisfied.

So this ‘feeling’ that I referred to – which I came to look-into because I had asked myself the question: Where does this habit of ‘keeping myself busy’ come from? Why do I do it?’ – I realized it´s more like an ingrained belief, like an anticipation, like an echo that resonates, like a phantom from the past. But it´s not real.

And I remember keeping myself busy as a child and teenager as well, I had many lessons to attend and stuff to do, I was always either going to a lesson or coming from a lesson or preparing for a lesson or studying or training in sports. At that point this was pretty cool, because I got to move around by myself and didn´t have to put up with my parents who weren´t all that happy in their marriage, and at home there was an underlying atmosphere resonating that I just couldn´t stand, the lunch table for instance was my worst place to be… parents giving each-other the silent treatment or speaking to each-other not nicely at all… I simply did not want to be part of that. So – I kept myself busy.

(In a previous blog post I talked about the point of Living vs. Doing, and here one can also look at how we teach our children ‘doing’ instead of Living…)

Now this habit has become so ingrained that I´ll often only get myself to bed when it´s already very late, and within that I don´t give myself the time and ‘luxury’ to ground myself into my body after a day´s work, to rest before I sleep, to check what my physical requires, some movement, some massaging for instance.

I had also referred to a point of ‘distraction’  in my previous post, where I mentioned for instance eating, drinking coffee, smoking – and here I´d like to share a clarification: it´s not that these things are distractions in themselves. So here it is really clear and one can see: It´s not what you do that determines who you are; it´s who you are that determines what you do.

Meaning – it´s not about what I do, it´s about who I am within what I do = why I do what I do at any given moment. The starting-point determines everything. It´s who I am that determines what I do. So if I am in a state of ‘hiding from the emptiness of myself’ then getting something to eat for instance can be an act of distraction.

And it's interesting because, as I mentioned in the previous post, it seems I had created a ‘fear of emptiness’ and this emptiness is a FEELING that I defined as ‘negative’ – so from that starting-point I’ll then look for things to do that will give me a FEELING of ‘fulfillment’ which would be the opposite-polarity as ‘positive’;

But what can be seen here is that neither the one (‘positive’) nor the other (‘negative’) is real, it´s both just mental constructs that I make-believe (and here one can reference the previous posts about how from a small, menial point/experience one can through thinking and giving it attention in the mind and ‘validating’  and ‘justifying’ it: accumulate a complete paranoia about it, ending-up seeing nothing else).

Another interesting dimension to look a is: how distraction is in fact a form of Consumerism, it´s about Getting; and one is looking for something or someone to consume, to distract oneself with – one is looking for a FEELING that is ‘filling’:

and that would be the system-definition of Fulfillment. That is in fact Consumerism, that is self-interest.

On the other hand, if one walks in awareness as breath, meaning Being Here present in every moment and not attached to, not influenced by, not defined by energetic experiences (‘positive’ / ‘negative’), one is in fact LIVING, one is Giving; one is not looking / seeking / waiting / hoping to Get.

That would be actual self-fulfillment - 

Who one is and how one lives and participates in every moment with every breath is how one fulfill oneself, fulfill one´s life, one´s time and space – thus making oneself and one´s life meaningful, Giving as one would like to receive.

An interesting perspective to see here is the point of Equality & Oneness:

Creator - Creating - Creation.

A Creation is always equal to its Creator.

Hence the question in today's blog title – and the choice that we each face:

What am I filling my cup with? How am I filling my cup full?

Is it Life? Or is it Illusion?

I mean, if we as creators were Life, we'd be creating/manifesting Life:

Creator/Life - Creating/Living - Creation/Life.

But have a look: 

Fascinatingly enough all individual creators/creations together form and manifest this world, this reality, this existence as One = Our Creation. 
And it is self-evident that our Oneness here on earth is no pretty picture, our creation is rather atrocious, causing much suffering and abuse, no only to the human but all other kingdoms and to our home planet itself.

So something went wrong, and this something can be summed-up to the word CONsumerism, which is something not only pertaining to the economic system but also the mind system that has become the human consciousness.

The economic system is the fraud, the collective illusion, that gives everyone and each one the individual illusion of what we call ‘life’ while exploiting life for profit – and this system is used to apparently ‘validate’ and ‘justify’ human nature, and vice versa ‘human nature’ is used to apparently ‘validate’ and ‘justify’ the System –

But there´s one thing you can be sure of: those that claim human nature cannot change, are those that profit from the System and to whom any self-empowering change would be a threat.

Human nature is programmable, and what human nature currently is was specifically indoctrinated and conditioned by those that did understand something about how consciousness works and how the human / how life can be used and abused in the name of profit (see the documentary The Century of Self and dare yourself to investigate the implications of what is shown).

The System creates a paranoid human being, a human being in the image and likeness of the System – and thus such human being has in fact no choice but to in turn re-create the System in its image and likeness.

Creator and Creation – equal and one. Our Oneness is CONsumerism.

So – it´s time to break the vicious circle! Stop this Creation – find Common Sense – Re-evaluate – See Cause & Effect – CHANGE – Create a World that will in fact and in all ways, always, be Best for All Life.

Thus – to stop the atrocity that we´ve been accepting and allowing and calling ‘life’ – it is to Stop the System within and without; to Stop the CONsumption of life, and start Giving Life – for ourselves, and for all as one.

Thus – a process of correction and purification is required, both individually, within our inner realities, and collectively within our World as a whole; through self-honest Self-Responsibility and thus Responsibility for Life as a Whole.

So please, do investigate Desteni where you can explore and realize self-honesty and self-responsibility, and also do investigate the Equal Money movement and the Equal Life Foundation where Human Rights and the Right to Life is being redefined to ensure actual freedom, actual dignity, and the actual value of Life as such; Let's Start LIVING – Stop Survival – Bring forth LIFE! That would truly be a world where we could ALL have some Real FUN! For-Real!

In my next blog post I’ll continue in this context with walking self-commitment statements and practical corrective applications for me to LIVE.

Stay tuned.

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