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401 | Self-Fulfillment in the context of Life

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in the context of

Coming back to the question I placed in my previous blog post:

What am I filling my cup with? How am I filling my cup full?

Is it Life? Or is it Illusion?

I had looked at the definition of the word Fulfillment from the perspective of the system, and saw that what we are taught as Fulfillment in this world is in fact a form of Consumerism, it´s about Getting; and one is looking for something or someone from which/whom to Get that fulfillment, so basically – one is looking for a FEELING that is ‘filling’:

and that would be the system-definition of Fulfillment. That is in fact Consumerism; that is the nature of self-interest in separation from Life.

On the other hand, if one walks in awareness as breath, meaning Being Here present in every moment and not attached to, not influenced by, not defined by energetic experiences (‘positive’ / ‘negative’), one is in fact LIVING, one is Giving; one I not looking / seeking / waiting / hoping to Get.

That would be actual self-fulfillment.

Who one is and how one lives and participates in every moment with every breath is how one fulfill oneself, fulfill one´s life, one´s time and space – thus making oneself and one´s life meaningful, Giving as one would like to receive.

Within this I also saw the following interesting point, namely that every creation is always equal to its creator. 
And that the trinity of Starting-Point – Expression/Action – Result (we can also call it Cause & Effect) is always one and equal:

Creator – Creating – Creation.

So if we human beings as creators of our world were in fact LIFE, we’d be living in a way that honors ourselves and each-other as LIFE and we’d be manifesting an existence of LIFE:

Creator/Life – Creating/Living – Creation/Life.

But we are not.

We are manifesting an existence of Death – of exploitation, deterioration, abuse, consumption and destruction, rape and violence, manipulation and deception. Life is no-where to be seen, as our existence has become an abomination, an atrocity, a monster. And no one is to blame, because this existence, OUR existence, is merely a reflection of OUR image and likeness.

So, bringing this point back to myself, I have to ask myself, as everyone should:

What am I creating as myself? What am I filling my cup with?

Is it Life? Or is it Illusion?

Is it Real? Or is it delusional?

Is it in the interest of life? Or is it only in self-interest, which would not even be in my best interest as life?!

These are questions we should in fact be aware of in every moment with every breath, because:

I am the cup that is my life/me, I am the one filling the cup, I am the content.

And every moment, every breath, every action or inaction, every thought word and deed, is a drop that reaches the cup, and resonates into the water that is already in the cup, and imprints itself into the totality of the water. It cannot be undone.

We always create/manifest what we are.

We become who/what we are.

Creation is a process of accumulation, breath by breath.

Currently, creation just ‘happens’, following merely the pre-designs that were laid out throughout the history of mankind, throughout the generational history of every individual, through the genetic information and environmental influences each one is carrying and is exposed to. Thus creation has been taking place without awareness, just like a game set on automation, each one simply a piece on a chessboard, thinking and believing that it makes a difference whether you are a king or a pawn, forgetting that when the game is over all pieces return to the same box.

Currently, we are thus merely preprogrammed consciousness systems, conditioned through and programmed by multiple factors, and here one can reference the posts in this Blog series that offers multidimensional insights into the processes of Creation, the veils of brainwashing and mind-control, and how to break free and birth oneself as life in self-responsibility.

Currently, an awareness process is being walked, or we may call it awakening: Waking up to the actuality of reality and getting to an understanding of who we are and what drives our existence.

Currently we have the unique opportunity to become creators in awareness, thus in self-responsibility. Ultimately, this would imply an existence of freedom, dignity, and fulfillment for ALL, with No gods, No masters, No slaves. Only life, self-directive, self-fulfilling, self-evolving, in equal consideration of the Whole as One. be continued.

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