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421 | Planet Earth: Hiding in the CONvenience of our Minds’ ParaNOia

ART by Adam Closs

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Denying the truth that is here, that is ourselves, that is this world as our creation
Each one just another brick in the wall
A wall made out o bubbles, yet so concrete – that it manifests this world as a concrete jungle, a system of bubbles, without transparency, each bubble just a lie to cover-up another bubble, but hey what we’re good at is painting all these bubbles in beautiful colors and claiming ‘love & light’ – wow!

A deluded humanity, hiding in the CONvenience of our minds, in total separation from ourselves as life, from each-other as life, from life as a whole; manifesting a CON of a system that only serves itself: a system of profit in self-interest – the ultimate definition of evil, in our image and likeness, in our name.

Evil is the opposite of Live – isn’t it?
We do not really Live and let Live – we exist as Evil, hiding behind the Con of our systems, within and without.
Albert Einstein said: "A person starts to live when he can live outside himself" – which I would like to interpret as Living in Common Sense, considering and regarding Life as a Whole.

Humanity, we have to wake up. 
But forget the ‘wake-up’ calls of spiritual gurus or political leaders, they all only call for followers, for funders, for sheep to make their case.
What we need, if we are ever to change this world, is leaders. What we have to realize is that each one of us must become an expert in self-governance, self-leadership, and THAT must be done within the self-realization of life as equality. Then all of us together can stand as equals of life and lead ourselves and our world into an expression of real freedom, dignity, respect, and ultimately real FUN and growth for all life.

That is the starting-point of the equal money movement, that is the starting-point of the Equal Life Foundation, that is the process walked with the desteni group, a group of individuals from all over the world realizing one simple, basic thing: We are all here together, we are all equal in the face of life, and any harm or deception accepted and allowed inevitably harms everyone and life as a whole. This is obvious common sense, this is something that should be paramount in our education system, if we are to develop ourselves as effective human beings that do CARE for life as ourselves and each-other, including the planet that sustains us. 

We are all of the same substance, yet we have lost all respect and regard for our very substance, and got lost in the alternate realities of our minds, on a consciousness plane that has no ground, no substance, and that offers only the CONvenience of a conditioned ‘comfort zone’ where there is no space for life, but only for self-interest, greed, fear, and all the ego-components that make-up what we call ‘human nature’.

Human nature has taken on the nature of paraNOia – where each one is mainly busy denying the truth of ourselves, the truth of this world, and instead creating niches of self-interest where one can hide and pretend one is ‘having a life’, and all one has on one’s mind is how to ‘get by’, how to ‘win’, how to survive, this survival mode being the very paraNOia of human consciousness, each one doing it based on their own individual design, yet all of us doing it based on the same patterns of polarity: superiority/inferiority, winning/losing, having/lacking, desiring/fearing – and each one is programmed to exist in a mode of “me against the world”, it’s always “us and them”, and within this, Paranoia is the possessed state of consciousness that dictates to you in your mind what you want, how to get it, how to win, and how to take revenge –

without ever taking responsibility for self, let alone for LIFE as a whole.

So – human nature as what it has become exists in total separation from life, life being that which embraces all, cares for all, regards all, and is aware of its total context and the consequences of the movement of One within the Whole. Life is all-inclusive, but human-nature has become exclusive.

However – let us not be fooled into fatalism. 

Human nature is not something that cannot change. This should be obvious common sense based on the fact that every parent can observe how a child is formed and conditioned. This should be obvious common sense if one would learn from history, if one would look at the statistics that show the influence of socio-economic conditions on the development of human beings.

We have all the means required to support ourselves, to support all life – we merely have to put our knowledge into action from a starting-point of COMMON SENSE = that which is best for life, that which is best for all, as that will be best for every individual and will ensure that the basic foundation for a life in freedom and dignity is given, so that each one can express and expand to one’s utmost potential.
We require a system that is based on the value of life – that is equality.
A system that is based on profit in the way our system works currently, is evidently only perpetuating inequality, abuse and exploitation, as it places profit before life and creates human-beings that do exactly the same.

So, this is a wake-up call to all of us, to burst the bubbles of CONvenience, to support ourselves into common sense, in self-honesty, in self-realization as life, and stand-up to move ourselves individually and together towards change, towards transformation, to break through the limitations we have accepted, both individually and collectively.

This is a Journey to Life. Walk with us, let's walk together as equals to restore our Oneness into Dignity and actual Freedom for ALL!

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