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408 | Planet Earth: How to make Everybody in the World Happy

ART by Ann van den Broeck

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How to make Everybody in the World Happy? If you ask this question to a child, a child will most likely have no big difficulty answering – and what they’ll say will be in the lines of “Share the candy with everyone”.

It’s so simplistic. It’s too good to be true. But remember what Jesus said: Unless you become like the Children you will not enter the kingdom of Heaven.

By now it is obvious that the message of Jesus was deliberately misunderstood to mislead the human being into submission and inferiority, and to have the human being always only consider their OWN –their OWN family, their OWN religious group, their OWN ‘salvation’– but never the group of Life as a whole, as One.

If we however study and realize the words of Jesus in self-honesty and common sense, the indicators are clear as to how one is able to live and Do unto another as you would like to have done unto You and Give as you would like to Receive – principles that only really work if applied practically, in the actuality of this physical reality that we all share, and not only in the mind and the closed circles of one’s OWN, as the latter would in fact be protecting OWNERSHIP, and not Life.

Back to the example of asking a child the question: How would you make everyone happy? The child sees that the candy is available – it knows the candy makes them happy – so sharing the candy with everyone would make everyone happy too. Simple.

It is the same with the situation on Earth. Everything is here. The resources are here, the infrastructure is here, the goods are here, food is here. In fact the stuff that is wasted could easily feed the world. The problem thus lies within the flow and the distribution of stuff, which is unequal, in fact we should say it is forced into an unequal flow. And that is not forced by the markets, there is no such thing as ‘market forces’, that would be like believing in ghosts.

The force comes directly from human beings (remove the human-being factor and you have no system, no market, no ‘market forces’), and not only from those that directly ‘benefit’ from the exploitation, but also from the average human being like you and me and what WE accept and allow consciously or unconsciously in every moment of our lives, with every breath we take. This brings us to another huge issue which is education – because as long as there exists something that we are not conscious/aware of, we know one thing: we are not the directive principle and can easily be manipulated and misled.

And as Carl Jung said with great insight: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Back to the point. So the problem lies within the unequal flow and distribution of stuff AND the lack of incentive for the ‘big brothers’ like the corporations to make the flow and distribution of goods, services and consequently currency available to ALL.

I was now reading the latest Blog posts written here – a site that focuses on exposing and deconstructing the problems humanity is facing within (as consciousness) and without (as the world system). And at this point I would like to refer you to read the following, which, though it may seem complex, it is in fact simplistic and reminds me of the simplicity of a child which, asked any question, will simply look at ‘what is here’ and will proceed to give a common sense answer considering all that is here:

“For the idea of Basic Income to work – that is currently being pushed by groups – one Needs to look at the whole point of Resources within Countries. And the Most Effective Way to bring about a Source that will be Able to Provide the Monetary Resources for a Basic Income for Everyone – so that each one has got a Basic Level of Dignity – would be to Nationalize All the Resources within a Country, to Structure the Products Produced and the Resources Produced through a Pricing Structure that Produces Enough Profit that that Money is Specifically Dedicated to Paying a Basic Income to Everyone in the Country as with the Nationalized Resource – whether it is Mining or Production – the Shareholder becomes The Citizen and therefore The Citizen Benefits from the Shareholding and the Basic Income becomes the Way that the Profit of the Business is Utilized to Help Everyone and then Obviously making each one Aware of Buying Products From the Very Companies that are Producing the Income that will Become the Basic Income. In this way, the Basic Income becomes Possible, it is a Form of Socialism and it Brings Capitalism or the Ownership Principle of Capitalism into a place where All Citizens of the Country becomes Part of the Basic Capital – which is the Basic Resource which then is Utilized for the Benefit of All the Citizens Within the Country. This way obviously, the Corporation as such becomes Government, the Shareholder = The Citizen, the Profit = the Basic Income – and you have a Basic Solution to Integrity and to Bring About the End of Poverty within a Country and it is Financed. One can from That perspective then Develop your Business Structures of Competition, but there are Certain things that are Not Part of Competition: the Human Should Not Compete with Each Other to the Extent where Poverty is Caused or where People are Driven to Starvation, or where People Do Not Have Homes or Food – that is Not Competition, that is Brutality and is Completely Unacceptable.”
- Bernard Poolman

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