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422 | Self-Movement : Stepping Out of the CONvenience and into Real Change

ART by Anna Brix Thomsen

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If Self is the life that we were born as, ready to expand to its full potential, and Consciousness is the limited, systematic versions of Self that we become in the process of ‘fitting’ into the System ...
If Self is life, and Consciousness is the System ...
then what is SELF-MOVEMENT really?

Have you noticed that in the context of what has become of human nature, what moves us is basically our reactions to external stimuli, as well as our reactions to our own accepted definitions of things, the world, even of ourselves?

What Moves us really in this world?

Have you noticed that whenever you are facing a challenge, something you are not used to, or something unexpected: it feels like something inside you kinda pulls you back and tells you to remain within what you already know or within what you feel ‘safe’, and it even gives you all kind of reasons, excuses and justifications as to why it is ‘better’ to just ‘stick to what you know’... it will do everything to get its way – then you say I’ll do it “my way”.

What is that, really? I mean how come we never even wonder and ask ourselves wtf it is that is talking to us within our heads, what it is that drives our decisions and makes our choices –  interestingly enough based on particular designs, to be precise: polarity designs, all of which boil down to interesting polarity: fear and desire, or gain and loss.

Now obviously, it is a point in itself to investigate and see what one has defined as gain and what one has defined as loss.
Especially students will notice an interesting thing: While you have to study and invest time and effort to gain for instance the knowledge required to get a degree and become self-sustained in this world – which would be your gain – there is also the constant resistance and emotional reactions towards the point of studying and your mind comes-up with all kinds of excuses and justifications as to why you should rather sleep, eat, go out, do anything but what you require to do in terms of expanding yourself; it’s like that thing within you fears losing something, as if you’d be losing something if you were now to sit down and study. What is it then, what is this fear of loss?

There is a simple answer to this question and it is: CONVENIENCE.

And it’s interesting because one can call it ‘my way’, or ‘habit’, or the ‘safety’ of one’s comfort-zone, or laziness, one can call it all kinds of stuff, but all of that is in essence one simple point: convenience.
And I mean have a look where convenience takes us: it keeps history repeating, on individual and on collective level.

And that is how the Consciousness we become – the system personalities programmed and conditioned to survive and preserve self-interest – suppresses and constricts the life within Self, the very life of Self – that spark of passion, that spark of self-drive, that common sense that considers not only oneself but everyone and everything involved, that force that wants to live, express, expand and be free.

And you’ll notice an interesting thing, namely that all motivation/drive in this world is conditioned to function based on one thing: Energy = which is about “What can I get out of it?”
So one’s motivation/drive is gonna be based on money, fame, sex, power, ‘feeling good’ about oneself, being seen as a ‘good person’ – all the things that constitute self-interest. That is what drives us.

But Self-Movement, Self-Drive? 
We have long lost that, and no one can remember how one learned to crawl, to walk, to move oneself, to EXPLORE, just for the sake of communicating with one’s environment, just for the sake of getting to know one’s body, one’s physical reality, the world around us – before one could grasp the concepts of polarity consciousness, which are in most cases introduced as ‘reward’ and ‘punishment’ ...and slowly but surely the child learns how to manipulate its environment to get to self-interest, to get to ‘rewards’ and to avoid ‘punishment’.
It’s quite fascinating that later on in life one in facts even manipulates oneself (through and as the mind/consciousness) to get the ‘rewards’ that one has conditioned oneself to.

Funny how – instead of using the mind as a tool to manage ourselves and our physical reality best, it seems that the mind is using us; just like the system uses human resources to keep the system running, it’s like the mind/consciousness uses the Self to keep itself as a system and its programs  running.
The separation is evident, and yet it’s not that we can now just blame the mind or blame the system and just see ourselves as victims, that would be plain stupid. I mean, the system, the consciousness – does not exist without our acceptance and permission. The patterns we exist within, that habits that inhabit us, do not exist without our doing, without our acceptance and allowance. 

Self-interest has in fact become our nature. Human nature is the nature of a system of abuse. It is obvious common sense, one only has to take a self-honest look at the world and investigate the ‘terms and conditions’ under which everything functions.

The problem lies within just accepting this in blatant fatalism, without investigating how we got here, how human nature is formed, what creation really is, and thus how we can change things – ourselves and our world – to be best for life, for-real. be continued 

ART by Kelly Posey

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