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411 | Spiritual Seeking & Mental Instability - or Why do we Seek THERE when we Are HERE?

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People who claim to be ‘spiritual’ but not religious are often struggling to cope mentally, according to this study:

They are more likely to suffer from a range of mental health problems than either the conventionally religious or those who are agnostic or atheists, found researchers at University College London.
They are more disposed towards anxiety disorders, phobias and neuroses, have eating disorders and drug problems.
In addition, they are more likely than others to be taking medication for mental health problems.
Professor Michael King, from University College London, and his fellow researchers wrote in the British Journal of Psychiatry: "Our main finding is that people who had a spiritual understanding of life had worse mental health than those with an understanding that was neither religious nor spiritual." 

The study was based on a survey of 7,403 randomly selected men and women in England who were questioned about their spiritual and religious beliefs, and mental state.
Of the participants, 35 per cent described themselves as "religious", meaning they attended a church, mosque, synagogue or temple. Five in six of this group were Christian.
Almost half (46 per cent) described themselves as neither religious nor spiritual, while the 19 per cent remainder said they had spiritual beliefs but did not adhere to a particular religion.
Members of this final group were 77 per cent more likely than the others to be dependent on drugs, 72 per cent more likely to suffer from a phobia, and 50 per cent more likely to have a generalised anxiety disorder.
They were also 40 per cent more likely to be receiving treatment with psychotropic drugs, and at a 37 per cent higher risk of neurotic disorder.

The researchers concluded: "We conclude that there is increasing evidence that people who profess spiritual beliefs in the absence of a religious framework are more vulnerable to mental disorder.
The nature of this association needs greater examination in qualitative and in prospective quantitative research."

...Well, duh, here we have been exposing this point for more than 5 years now, and I personally have written many blogs about spirituality, from personal experience, and about the obvious reasons for any religious or spiritual ‘seeking’:

-We do not want to face the reality of ourselves HERE;

-We feel that we are or the world is empty and meaningless, thus we seek for meaning, purpose and fulfilment in ‘outer realms’, never considering sorting out THIS one reality HERE to have meaning and abundance for ALL; 

-We feel ‘inferior’ but we would never admit that, so we seek something that would make us feel ‘superior’;

-We do not want to take responsibility for ourselves, our lives, and our world, thus we seek for someone or something to ‘save’ us;

-We do not want to experience, see or face the ‘negative’ within ourselves and our world, thus we make ourselves ‘blind’ and create alternate ‘positive’ realities in our minds where we can ‘escape’ the actuality of reality;

-We are so brainwashed through all the fear points about ‘negative energy’ and all the ‘evil stuff’ that is supposed to exist outside of you, thus you create the need to ‘protect’ yourself, by enclosing yourself in a mental bubble of ‘positive energy’...

...All of which is quite a problem, because, firstly – how are we ever gonna GET REAL if are constantly busy escaping reality?!
And secondly – how is this world about which we complain and which we find ‘negative’ and ‘evil’  and ‘bad’ ever gonna CHANGE if those that would normally be able to stand-up and do something about it are busy with their ‘enlightened’ self-interest?!

Now – you don’t need a study to show you that whatever you suppress will ‘grow’ and whatever you resist will ‘persist’.

You do however require common sense to see in self-honesty that everything you experience is due to your own acceptance and allowance, due to your fears and desires, which are not even your own but based on the concepts and ideas of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’ we’ve all been indoctrinated by and into.

Whatever you deny and suppress is what creates your reality and your experience out of the secret chambers of your mind, so well ‘hidden’ even from yourself because you didn’t want to SEE.

Ultimately, what we fear is in fact ourselves. Does that mean we fear LIVING?

I mean, if we were actually Living, and truly placing VALUE in LIFE – we would be in-Fact doing everything in our power to make this world a place that Values LIFE!

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