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396 | The Creation Process of Paranoia Begins in the MEnial

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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Here in this post I continue sharing my investigations into and my process of understanding about how and why “All Thought is Paranoia” as well as why and how “the smallest things can have the greatest consequences”.

This is being explained in detail within Blogs in the Journey to Life, and here I will mainly draw from the Blog series Suicide Paranoia (see bottom for all the links).

Taking the example of Suicide Paranoia - Suicide being a most extreme consequence that can be utilized to see/understand how such and similar consequences are (self-)created - one can have a look at

“how Consciousness defines itself into Thoughts, thoughts such as for example “I don’t want to live anymore”, “I can’t go on”, “This life is fucked” / “I am fucked”, “I want to die”, “I should never have been born in the first place”, “Everyone else will be better off without me”, “No-one will even notice I’m gone” and then into Imaginations where you Imagine ways of killing yourself / ending your life – thus, Consciousness defines itself into and as such thoughts and imaginations from ENERGY. It all starts with an energy-movement/experience of an emotion that we then entertain/participate within. The more we access that emotion/energy experience, with the ‘accessing being’ the more ATTENTION we give it, so – the more we access/the more we give attention to the energy - the more ‘force’ we give as we substantiate the energy within/as our consciousness. (…) It all starts with an ENERGY MOVEMENT, and then one’s awareness gives that energy-movement attention, and one then use the mind’s platform through, for example, inner self-talk / backchat to start “defining / WORDING” that energy the MORE you give it attention. Then, it’s like that energy moves from within the mind and the body into and as WORDS in Consciousness “giving life to Words as the Words give definition to the ENERGY” and from the words, comes the associations of images, pictures and scenes in the Mind/Consciousness that will then come to manifest Imaginations.
And so emerge the creation of one’s own Paranormal Reality in the Mind.

(…) As children – imagine, you come in as an ‘innocent consciousness’, not  knowing what to expect and already as a child you’re exposed to parents arguing / lashing out, loud voices, explosive behaviour, bullying from other kids, I mean – shit, here I am in this world, arms wide open and you’re met with all this shit? With NO comprehension/understanding/tools/education with regards to how to handle, direct, change the REACTIONS you as a kid experience in such circumstances and so for most part, ALL such reactions/internal processes goes into suppression, because as a child, at that stage, your consciousness is not yet developed enough to transform reactions/emotions into vocabulary/thought in the Mind. But, the moment when/as your consciousness/mind develops its vocabulary when you’re introduced to words, THAT’S when consciousness steps in and starts the process of defining prominent emotional/feelings experiences that accumulated in your mind/body during childhood.

So, from childhood – the first construct of Consciousness is emotional/feeling energy. We are as children firstly exposed to emotional/feeling reactions/experiences through which we in our Minds create relationships to our external world/reality, and then as our vocabulary / imagery develop – our Imagination and so our Thoughts develop/evolve.”

So, what one can see and realize here, is that the exact same creation process continues and evolves with time as we come of age, and it is the same mechanism that leads to extensive paranoia or suicidal tendencies for instance, when an emotional/feeling reaction that one has towards situations/people/environment and one has no idea how to deal with it because clearly, we do not learn such skills due to the fact that Consciousness has not been and is not yet understood. 

This lack of understanding of how one functions within and as consciousness often then will lead to an experience of overwhelmingness, and in an attempt to understand/define the experience, one will –as explained in the above quote– go into the mind and start thinking about it, looking for ways to validate and justify the experience, which is often done through blame, shifting responsibility, forming all kinds of ideas and beliefs about oneself and others in the mind, and –as explained in the quote – the more one gives attention to the ENERGY which is the experience as emotional/feeling reactions and the more one feeds the presence of that ENERGY within the mind with thoughts and imagination, the more the ENERGY / experience will grow.

So, what can be seen here as well is that such ‘overwhelming experience’ is in fact created from a seemingly ‘menial’ reaction as feeling/emotion, which in fact is not even really related to the present-moment that has triggered the emotional/feeling reaction, as the only way such reaction can be triggered is if it already exists within oneself.
And what already exists within oneself are the main ENERGIES one was exposed to in the formative years of one’s life, which mostly one has no recollection or remembrance of.

“So, ALL of what one had experienced, energetically, as emotions/feelings as a Child: one cannot remember, yet – those first seven years of your life, is what determined/defined your emotional/feeling bodies of Consciousness, such as WHY you react in specific emotions/feelings in moment, the INTENSITY of the emotion/feeling, what triggers the emotion/feeling and then also of course your very Thoughts, their content, Imagination – everything that seems so ‘natural/normal’ now, was in fact PROGRAMMED by you in those first seven years of your life. And ALL of that – ALL the reactions that you experienced, that now evolved into thoughts/imaginations for example, the origin of that is still existent within you, but suppressed into and as the Unconscious/Quantum Mind of your Mind. You now only live-out the memories of all the reactions/relationships/definitions you have given to all the emotional/feelings energies you experienced that now come to manifest in the form of Thoughts and Imagination, for example.
So, for example – one as a child was exposed to bullying, and/or you were just exposed to loud noises you couldn’t understand, or seeing your parents in vocal/behavioural arguments, and/or being hit – with NO comprehension/understanding of it all, you inverted/suppressed such reactions, within the primary experience “Why me?” / “Did I do something wrong” / “Is something wrong with me” / “What did I do” / “Why is this happening to me”. Now, obviously, as a child, you cannot word this or define this and so it becomes an energetic-reactive memory in your Consciousness. Now you grow up and there’s this lingering feeling ALL the time within you, and you can’t quite pinpoint it or define it, it’s just ‘there all of the time’. It feels like a deep-abyss, a depth within you that you’re in, yet you fear at the same time, it’s like, the energy when you’re in it and you experience it feels like this emptiness, this nothingness that’s there and it feels like it literally just sucks everything from your mind/your self into it. Your mind feels heavy, you feel heavy, and soon as that energy takes over, it’s like you can see nothing anymore in anything, or anyone – everything and everyone is just empty, like you don’t even have the energy anymore to WANT to look at anything/anyone, DO anything, don’t want to think, to breathe.

(…) As children – we have NO IDEA how to handle this world, life, people, sounds, words, behaviours and so we SUPPRESS it all. BUT, what is not seen, realised and understood is that: as you age – EVERYTHING you experience/manifest/participate in within your Mind/Consciousness STAYS IN THE MIND and STORES ITSELF IN THE BODY. Thus, the more energy/suppression you go through from childhood into teenager/adulthood years, the less ‘space’ is available in your mind-body relationship for all that energy to be stored and eventually it becomes SO MUCH, it just takes over the Mind/Self.
(…) You initially go into suppression of such reactions to things/people/consequence in your environment, to the point where the suppression becomes too much and the energy starts overwhelming the Mind/Self and before one will know it: it seems like there’s ‘no way out’ – but ‘out’. And individuals do not see, realise and understand that: what is making you FEEL this way is ENERGY, it’s in the Mind/Consciousness. You as a beingness/awareness is only OBSERVING this all and EXPERIENCING this all.

(…) Our Mind is a ‘interdimensional-physical System’, it is that which contains our thoughts, emotions, feelings, imagination, self-talk – everything we can participate within, but not physically ‘touch/dissect’. Our Beingness is that which is suppressed by the Mind System. One can only reference the existence of one’s Beingness through the point of Awareness. This means that, the fact that one is AWARE, the fact that one can SEE and OBSERVE the thoughts/imaginations you have for example: it is THAT which SEES, which OBSERVE, which is AWARE of the thoughts, the imaginations. It’s like, if you for a moment look at the process unfolding in the Mind/Secret Mind when you think/imagine, it’s like you’re at the same time watching it AND participating in it. If/as YOU were the thought itself or the imagination itself, you would have then seen/experienced yourself AS the imagination/thought itself, seeing/experiencing everything through the eyes of thoughts/imagination. But, we’re not, it’s more like we’re looking, watching and observing it all unfold in the Mind – thus, proving that, thoughts/imaginations are ‘separate things’ in our Consciousness/Mind.”

Now the question would arise, how come we are both the observer and the participant? And is there perhaps a key within this realization?

Another question would be: What is the Role of Thinking / Thought processes within all this?

THOUGHT is Paranoia is because: THOUGHT is an evolutionary construct of Consciousness. Meaning: THOUGHT is something one creates in CONSCIOUSNESS in a relationship between your beingness-awareness and Consciousness-Energy. Your beingness/awareness, through giving an energy ATTENTION, is then used by/through your Consciousness to through that attention, substantiate the energy more, make the energy more powerful; the more you give it attention, the more you feed it, which gives Consciousness the power to start evolving that energy into THOUGHTS, into IMAGINATION – hell, eventually into an entire PERSONALITY system. And so, your consciousness can create a Paranoia in relation to an ENERGY, one or few ENERGY experiences that you just didn’t in your awareness understood, because you did not understand energy experiences / emotions. And so, Consciousness-itself took Authority / Directive Principle of/as the Energy Experiences/Emotions and created it into and as THOUGHTS/ Imaginations/self-talk in the MIND. Using Energy and creating PARANORMAL realities in the mind, instead of Self in self’s awareness UNDERSTANDING ENERGY and how to practically DIRECT IT, to not create paranormal realities in the MIND, but learn what it means to live in/as this REAL WORLD/Reality.

Therefore, as long as one THINK: one is separate from physical reality and lost in the paranormal reality of Consciousness, of which one is then at the behest of Consciousness/the Control of Consciousness. Therefore, one must learn to LIVE in this physical world, BREATH by BREATH – stopping the Paranoia of the Paranormal that drives us into and as states of being/experience, all the while missing LIFE, missing ourselves, RIGHT HERE.”

What this also implies is that, every thought that comes up is in fact preprogrammed, it exists in the context of an already defined ‘paranormal reality’, created throughout the first 7 formative years of one’s life, building the foundation for all the personalities, coping mechanisms, protection and defense systems etc. that one ends-up living-out as if they were real, as if that is everything one can ever be.

The limitation within that and the restriction we impose unto ourselves is self-evident. 
Is this really what Life is, what Living is? Mere protection mechanisms? 
We do not realize that within those/such Thought process we ‘fight for our limitations’ because - what are we actually protecting ourselves from? From Life?! From Living?!

In my next Blog post I will walk through and share a self-forgiveness process in relation to the creation of Paranoia / Thought / Consciousness which is in fact Mind-Control from the Inside out, all based on Fear/inferiority and lack of Understanding about what Consciousness is and how it functions within and as ourselves...

Stay tuned.

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