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Day 405 | Self-Movement: How to Move Self into Fulfillment 

Now, apart from the obvious stuff exposed like the scam of 2012 or the Doomsday scenario, stuff like the so-called DNA activation and other fiction produced by the new age consumerism lobby, the Desteni research has focused from the beginning on one very important point: Self-Realization in the context of Self-Responsibility, Self-Honesty, and Common Sense.

At Desteni it was said from the beginning that “your ego’s got the best of you” and that the process of stepping out of the Ego and establishing oneself as Life, as an actual self-willed individual able to make actual decisions that are not driven by unconscious stuff like fears and desires and judgments – will take years. And it will take self-commitment and self-honesty, and there is no magic quick-fix nor is anyone coming to save you, or do it for you.

Which basically also means that in order to ‘save the world’, we must each one first ‘save ourselves’, ‘purify’ ourselves, get to a practical common sense understanding of how we function as consciousness systems and how this world system as a whole functions – which obviously are two points that do not exist without each-other:
each one is equally part of this world, thus a building-block of this world system.

And indeed, all of us that have studied the research and started investigating in self-honesty what and how we have become, realize that – as the Desteni research has been indicating from the beginning, and as one can see in the meantime through various documentaries as well, like The Century of the Self, and also documentaries like The Power Principle, Human Resource, The Trap, Manufacturing Consent, The Story of Your Enslavement, Blind Spot,the systems and the ego are in control of your mind and the thoughts you are having are not created by you, and that listening to the thoughts brought-up by your conditioned consciousness or even talking to these thoughts is a serious problem and only perpetuates one’s ego consciousness and one’s separation from life, one’s separation from oneself as life.

So, this is a serious task ahead, one that we’ve been walking for years now with the Desteni group, and more and more people are realizing the obvious common sense –that which we are too brainwashed to see, that which we can’t see because we are it –, and even those who at first didn’t wanna hear this and didn’t want to face themselves or make the effort to introspect in self-honesty, are later returning to the forums saying that hey, I realize now it was my ego that kept me from seeing, or hey, I was just so stubborn and didn’t want to admit that I was just looking for a quick-fix, etc., so they then begin using the tools and the material to support themselves, to sort themselves out and get to self-honesty and common sense. 

I mean, we –each one of us in this world– are the building blocks of the system, we create this world, it is OUR creation – in our image and likeness. And the world is in serious trouble. No one is gonna sort it out, unless we do!

And a very important point within this all is that we learn to work together, realizing that Life is interconnected, and each part of life affects every other part of life. And unless we can work together on a common solution for our common ground that is this Earth, in the common interest that we all share which is Life, any solution will not be sustainable and will only benefit some while it will place others in disadvantage.

That is why we walk this process each one individually – yet together as a group, realizing that ultimately there must be only One group, Humanity as Life, and there ARE practical ways to stop our separation and realize Life on Earth as oneness and equality – Best for ALL.

A summary of my previous posts (links at the top) for reference:
If Self is the life that we were born as, ready to expand to its full potential, and Consciousness is the limited, systematic versions of Self that we become in the process of ‘fitting’ into the System ...
then our Self as Life has become Consciousness as the System ... and has trapped itself and everyone else within and as it.

And you’ll notice an interesting thing, namely that all motivation/drive in this world is conditioned to function based on one thing: Energy = which is about “What can I get out of it?”
So one’s motivation/drive is gonna be based on money, fame, sex, power, ‘feeling good’ about oneself, being seen as a ‘good person’ – all the things that constitute self-interest. That is what drives us.

And that is how the Consciousness we become – the system personalities programmed and conditioned to survive and preserve self-interest – suppresses and constricts the life within Self, the very life of Self – that spark of passion, that spark of self-drive, that common sense that considers not only oneself but everyone and everything involved, that force that wants to live, express, expand and be free.

Instead of using the mind as a tool to manage ourselves and our physical reality best, it seems that the mind is using us; just like the system uses human resources to keep the system running, it’s like the mind/consciousness uses the Self to keep itself as a system and its programs  running.
The separation is evident, and yet it’s not that we can now just blame the mind or blame the system and just see ourselves as victims, that would be plain stupid. I mean, the system, the consciousness – does not exist without our acceptance and permission. The patterns we exist within, that habits that inhabit us, do not exist without our doing, without our acceptance and allowance. 

Self-interest has in fact become our nature. Human nature is the nature of a system of abuse. It is obvious common sense, one only has to take a self-honest look at the world and investigate the ‘terms and conditions’ under which everything functions.

And it’s interesting because one can call it ‘my way’, or ‘habit’, or the ‘safety’ of one’s comfort-zone, or laziness, one can call it all kinds of stuff, but all of that is in essence one simple point: convenience.
And I mean have a look where convenience takes us: it keeps history repeating, on individual and on collective level.
The only thing that stands in our way of expressing, exploring and expanding ourselves as life, to our full potential, is our own minds.
And at the same time, the only thing that stands in the way of establishing this world to its full potential as a Home for Life, is ourselves – our nature of/as self-interest.

One must investigate one’s justifications and excuses, because those justifications and excuses is how one sabotages oneself within and as the mind, through/as consciousness, into remaining within one’s ‘convenience’.

And within such process, one will also reveal to oneself what it is that one has placed value into, what it is that one doesn’t want to give-up. But as you re-evaluate and assess and examine these things in self-honesty, you’ll inevitably realize that all you’re hanging-onto is basically constituting your own limitation. Giving it up is basically to give up nothing for everything. Because within that, you are giving yourself the freedom to explore everything and expand yourself.

So you’ll find that this point is inevitable: re-evaluating and assessing and examining whether that which you have placed value in (eg. convenience, certain beliefs, certain emotions/feelings, the perceived ‘safety’ of one’s consciousness design, one’s comfort-zone) is indeed worth valuing, or whether your expression and expansion as life is more valuable, even if it means you have to make the effort and drive yourself, move yourself, push yourself to step beyond your accepted limitations.

Obviously within the current system there are people that do not even have the minimum requirements for a life in dignity and cannot even conceive of the idea of expression, expansion, exploration; and neither would you if you were existing at the brink of starvation, in hunger and poverty.
So this is a main issue to address in our world and find sustainable solutions for, but even for that (to understand the problems and find and implement solutions) it seems we have to move beyond our accepted limitations and certainly beyond our self-interest!

Unless we do everything in our power to have an influence in this world that will impact reality towards a change that is best for all, towards a transformation of our systems so that all systems of human existence can in fact support life, and not only the profit of a select few; unless we, the people, dare to stand in positions of influence, each one according to their own talents and abilities, expanding these to a level of excellence and practical common sense, to be able to stand as an example and show what is possible, show what there is much to learn and to consider; unless we MOVE ourselves – 

nothing is gonna move, nothing is gonna change for the better, and instead the world will keep on following its path of self-destruction, as we have programmed it through our consumerism existence wherein we consume this world, this earth, ourselves and each-other, all according to what we are consumed by within our minds/consciousness, with all kinds of fears, wants and desires – a pre-programmed design that so ‘nicely’ has been accentuated by all kinds of propaganda, brainwashing and mind control in a process of establishing capitalism as consumerism, under the dictatorship of a corporate elite.
That System wants you to ‘feel convenient’, and it wants to remain ‘convenient’. That only serves the System, not Life.

Time to Wake-Up and step out of our CONvenience!


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