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409 | Planet Earth: Why do we See the Problems but not the Solutions

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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Day 408 | Planet Earth: How to make Everybody in the World Happy

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Continuing from my previous blog post, an interesting question arises. For instance, within the whole discussion about Basic Income, what can be observed is that everybody can see the good within a guaranteed unconditional Basic Income for all to ensure the survival of everyone at a level of dignity.

But when the practicality questions arise, like for instance how Basic Income can be financed, everybody goes into their OWN survival fear and suddenly all kinds of objections arise, along with justifications in the nature of “but if you give everyone a basic income, people will get lazy and who will do the jobs” – which in fact only reveals the real question asked here: who is gonna clean my shit when those that do the shitty jobs are given a guaranteed basic income to ensure their survival.

It’s fascinating, or rather I should say concerning, that our BENEVOLENCE as human beings only extends to the mental realm, where we can present profound ideas and concepts, or the charity realm within which we can present ourselves as benefactors that ‘help the poor’ all the while the very institution of charity is one that does NOT question or challenge the system in any way whatsoever – have a look, charity is no threat to the system. In fact, the existence and support of charity supports and perpetuates the current system of inequality and exploitation. 

You don’t get it? See, if the system was such that it would in fact care for and in fact support ALL life, not allowing starvation and hunger and the exploitation of life in the name of profit: charity would need not exist, charity would simply be unnecessary. Thus, supporting that charity is necessary or a ‘good thing’ that must exist is a consideration limited to the system ‘as is’ and thus supports the existence and continuation of the system ‘as is’.

With that said, let’s get back to the point of benevolence and observe that when it comes to the practicality of benevolence – suddenly the problem becomes huge. Suddenly all kinds of objections, fears, and justifications arise, and one will focus on and defend why ‘things cannot change’ and why ‘humanity cannot change’ because ‘that’s how the system works’ and ‘that is the way of the world” and things like that. And then people will even call that common sense, when in fact such words are merely common beliefs, in essence it is the common brainwashing and mind-control designed to justify the abuse and to keep everyone inferior and thus in-fear.

So the question is really – and here I repeat the words of Carl Jung: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate” –
the question is WTF are WE accepting and allowing in terms of beliefs and justifications; do we not see that all of it functions on the basis of FEAR and merely keeps us and everyone else inferior, limited, doomed to this RACE of survival – unnecessarily so?!

I mean, in common sense one should be able to consider that, where there is a problem, there is a solution.  Granted, in order to SEE the solution, one requires to SEE the problem, and that entails Understanding the problem. Yes – simple: when we see and understand a problem and how it is created and functions, we equally understand and see the solution and how it must practically function to transform the problem into a solution as living-reality.


So, here again I am sharing some very interesting practical-common-sense considerations that show how even within the limitations of the current system it is possible to allow dignity for all, to bring the blood of the world into a healthy flow, and stop the atrocities that are currently being allowed in the name of profit. Please study this, and join the COMMON SENSE in the name of life, so that we can See and Work towards ACTUAL SOLUTIONS – because as long as we don’t understand the problem we remain part of the problem; We remain part of the problem as long as we are not in fact part of the solution, and nothing will save us unless we save ourselves and our world together.

“...It is Every Human Being that is to Blame for what has been Happening [in our World], it is happening at the Very Fundamental Level of your Thought Process, at the very Fundamental Level of How you Created your Consciousness = That is the Problem and Unless This Nature is Changed = you will Notice in the Next 10 Years that Earth is Doomed, Human Civilization is Doomed, and at this stage, this is a 100% Certain. You want to have Children, you want to ‘Have a Life in this World,’ let me Assure you: if this World does not Change, Your Children that are Born Now Will Have No Future and you would have Brought them into a World that Will Be Hell on Earth.”

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