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398 | Self-Forgiveness to Reverse-Engineer the Paranoia of Consciousness into Nothingness and Start Afresh - part 2

…Essentially, Paranoia is the process of 'losing touch with reality' as you entertain the paranormal / paraNOISE of/as the Mind and then use that to define reality, which really misconstrues reality COMPLETELY…

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From my previous post: 

Self-Forgiveness is the process of seeing, realizing and understanding What one has created within and as oneself and How; realizing within this that since the programming of the consciousness the became the Self took place through one’s own acceptance and allowance and the tacit/implied definitions that had been accepted in unawareness and in ignorance of the consequences thereof on Life as oneself and thus also on Life as a Whole – one is, once such creation processes have been made conscious/aware of and taken responsibility for, equally able to stop/correct the programming and align one’s self interest to the interest of life in self-honesty and practical common sense.

Thus –

Self-Forgiveness is the process of deprogramming = forgiving and letting go of the past conditions that created the Self to be less than Life, less than what one really is and can be;
And the Self-Corrective Commitments is the reprogramming = the new script one scripts for oneself in awareness as life to live / apply / be that which is Best for Self and thus equally Best for All Life in oneness and equality;

Within this Changing both the Self and consequently self’s relationships/world/society/system to be something that is worthy of Life, something that interacts and participates in Dignity, Care and Respect for Life, giving as one would like to receive, thus making it possible to manifest an existence where All Life is free and where we are no longer subject to our own accepted fear/inferiority, where we no longer accept an existence that is less than life, but instead assist and support ourselves and each-other to live and create ourselves and our world to the fullest potential, as Life.

Self-Forgiveness is thus in essence equal to Self-Responsibility, as one does not wait ‘hope’ or ‘beg’ for forgiveness, but is actually taking the responsibility to forgive oneself, change oneself, and move on – within this also enabling an existence of No gods, No masters, No slaves.

So - 
let’s have a look at some self forgiveness points that one can take on to walk a committed process of self-correction and actual change:

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed any thought coming up within me to exist through my acceptance and allowance without investigating where it comes from and why it exists – because if I would investigate Why it exists I can see that every thought that comes-up in the mind in an automatic seemingly ‘plausible’ manner serves the purpose of validating/’justifying’ an emotional/feeling experience, so that one then can say/think “I feel this way because of this/them” and within that one misses the chance to a) take responsibility for one’s own experience and b) direct oneself in that moment to not give-in to the emotional/feeling experience which, if accepted and allowed, will slowly but surely grow bigger in intensity, to the extent that one’s entire life can be dominated by one energetic experience, within that limiting not only one’s experience of oneself but also who one is and can be.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that by allowing myself to be preoccupied and taken-over by a thought/emotional/feeling reaction/experience, I am in fact implying that I am less than that thought/emotional/feeling reaction/experience, and that would be equal to committing ‘suicide’ because within such submission one is in fact abdicating one’s self-directive authority in life and thus also all opportunity to create oneself as something/someone that is worthy of life in fact = caring, considering and regarding LIFE, thus oneself AND others in equality and oneness, instead of being preoccupied by and literally buried within one’s own thoughts and emotional-/feeling reactions/experiences.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to meticulously apply the common sense application of ‘ investigating all things and keeping what is good’, what is ‘good’ meaning what supports LIFE, and to do that also with every single thought and emotional-/feeling reaction/experience that comes-up within me seemingly out of no-where – and yet I see and realize that upon investigating and tracing back any thought or emotional-/feeling reaction/experience one is able to find what it is that such ‘thing’ stands-for and represents as well as what that ‘thing’ would make one into if one would accept and allow its existence through further thinking, ‘validation’ and ‘justification’ in the mind.

Therefore I commit myself to assist and support myself to no longer accept myself to simply submit to a thought or an emotional/feeling reaction/experience – and to no longer accept or allow myself to think and believe that a thought or an emotional/feeling reaction/experience is ‘more than’ me.

I commit myself to make sure that I inspect every single thought or emotional/feeling reaction/experience that presents itself within me, no matter how ‘small’ or seemingly ‘ insignificant’, to make sure that what exists in my mind is simply a replica of my physical world and reality – 
which means that I allow no judgment, positive or negative, to exist within me about something or someone, and that I make sure that my reality approach in every moment is based on common sense reality assessment and not on judgments, opinions, assumptions, fears or desires; as I realize that such ‘things’ are preprogrammed filters through which I would be looking at my world based on my conditioned consciousness design and within that I would not be allowing myself to see things for what they are.

I commit myself to, when and as a thought or an emotional/feeling reaction/experience comes-up within me ‘forcibly’, overwhelming me and seeking to occupy my awareness – stop and breathe, and remind myself that by submitting to such ‘experience’ I would not only be abdicating my directive authority but I would be in fact abdicating my right to life.

I see, realize and understand that the ‘ intensity’ of a thought or an emotional/feeling reaction/experience is related to how much/how often I have already in the past fed such ‘thing’ by giving it attention, thinking about it or imagining stuff in my mind that would ‘validate’ or ‘justify’ the thoughts and/or emotional/feeling reactions/experiences. 

Therefore I no longer accept or allow myself to fall in the trap of “it’s so overwhelming”, and I instead will myself to Breathe and ‘bring myself back here’, to be the directive authority of me and my awareness, making sure that I determine in self-honesty what I accept and allow within me and what I do not accept or allow within me, in other words that I in fact determine what I will be/live/experience and what I will not accept myself to be/live/experience.

I commit myself to assist and support myself in my process of moving myself beyond my conditioned consciousness design, beyond the fears and desires of the consciousness programs that I had accepted to be ‘who I am’, and to live/walk every moment with every breath in such a way that I no longer accept anything less than who I know I am and can be.

To assist and support myself in the practical living application of this process, I use the tools of slowing-down and walking in awareness as breath; making sure that what ‘occupies’ me is who I really am: a physical living being, breathing and participating in this physical reality, seeing things for what they are based on practical common sense assessment in self-honesty.

Thus, anything that comes-up within me that is ‘more than’ the physical reality of myself and my world – eg. judgments, assumptions, fears, desires, any reactions whatsoever – I make sure to accordingly direct and correct, aligning my inner reality to life as oneness and equality, which in time will equally align my outer reality to be what is Best for All: supporting, considering and caring for LIFE as who we all really are beyond the paranoia of the mental realms that separate us from ourselves and each-other.

I see and realize that when I align my self-interest to be the interest of life, I will WILL myself to move beyond the limitations of self-interest that is conditioned through the fears & desires I have systematically adopted throughout my life, and I will WILL myself to in every moment with every breath make sure that my every thought, word and deed is always in the interest of life. 
I see and realize that this would in time result to a self-expression that is beyond the codes of the matrix, no longer bound to things like ‘being liked’ or ‘accepted’; and therefore I commit myself to assist and support myself in the process of letting go of any and all points of paranoia in my mind, and accordingly let go of my conditioned self-definitions of ‘superiority’ and ‘ inferiority’ so that I may live and expand myself in self-expression as life towards what I know is/can be my fullest potential – within this I’d be supporting not only myself but everyone that crosses my way.

I commit myself to reinforce my dedication to self-honesty and thus to assist and support myself to live and be what is Best for Me, as who I really am as life, as I realize that within that I’d be living and doing what is Best for All.

Your Existence is Breath by Breath and within that, Every Thought You Have is a choice, Every Word You Speak is a Choice, Every Word You Write is a Choice, Every Point You Act On is a Choice. It Reflects Who You Are.

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