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413 | Planet Earth: The Highest Capital, the Highest Value is LIFE – Why do we allow a System of Profit to Corrupt Life?

ART by Matti Freeman

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Everyone, and especially parents, can agree that: the Highest Capital, the Highest Value is LIFE. 
So why do we accept a system and a ‘way of life’ that places Profit before Life?

What’s fascinating is that we’ll blame those that do it on the bigger scale (where it’s obvious), but we hardly ever see that the exact same system/pattern of self-interest (which is the principle of Profit on the small/individual scale) exists within everyone of us, as what we have accepted as ‘human nature’.

(Read previous blog posts on the argument that ‘human nature cannot change’ and how that is merely part of the brainwashing and part of the cognitive disinformation served specifically to feed the acceptance and allowance of the system ‘as is’, so that those that already profit may keep on profiting while the majority of the world’s population is exploited fact LIFE as a whole is exploited in the name of profit.)

The levels of corruption existent... we cannot even begin to imagine... Yes, we all are ‘aware of’ corruption existing, but we hardly ever really do the math – 
plus, the cognitive disinformation is quite effective at presenting what ‘must be presented’ to give the impressions that ‘must be given’, because it’s all about the show.
And we do love a good show, don’t we?

Another problem with how we deal with corruption is... well that we in fact do not deal with it. We simply accept it part of ‘the way things are’, we’ll even enjoy discussing corruption and being informed about who’s done what and how much money who has wasted, but we somehow miss the entire point – being that: corruption exists because we allow it, and because we’ve somehow accepted that we are powerless towards the System, within this in fact placing the system into a position of something like a God and giving permission for the continuation of the atrocious conditions we all more or less suffer under. 

And somehow we manage to be so preoccupied with and paranoid about our ‘differences’, that we forget that we, the people, are in fact the majority. And the power we have is BIG, it is in fact so big that it can predictably sustain a system and keep it running without much effort from the system/those in power. See the results of brainwashing?

But what do we want, really?

Do we want Capitalism without the Corruption? Socialism without the Control?
Well then - Vote BIG and let’s get the Best of Both Worlds into a sustainable solution to our existence that will be a WIN-WIN situation for ALL.

Yes, it’s possible. We simply have to do the math. And expose the existent corruption, organize ourselves and stand up in political groups and parties committing ourselves to no longer allow this.

Let's Transform Capitalism to what it Should be: 

"a Functional System that Benefits Everyone with this Necessary Support when needed and the Necessary Responsibility when your Basic Income is No Longer Required. This also places one within the Self-Development mindset that Capitalism represents, where you specifically acquire Skills to eventually Free Yourself from the Needed Support because you have been Able to Create for yourself a Self-Support System. And that within your Hierarchy of Needs would mean that you have Achieved a Level of Self-Fulfillment and thus a ‘Higher Level of Being’ within Responsibility." 

Obviously, the Highest Capital and thus the Highest Value must be LIFE, and therefore we require a system that Ensures All Life exists in Dignity and that No Harm is allowed – that would be a System where Human Rights is not just empty words, but Living Words – as who WE are and thus as what our World in Fact Is. 

...I mean, we Do All want to Live in Dignity, Freedom, Peace and Harmony, and have some Real Fun, isn't it?!

As you may have noticed, the discussion on BIG [Basic Income Grant] is becoming BIGGER, especially in Europe. 
Study the following Blogs to have a look at how the BIG concept can be implemented most effectively and how that will in fact benefit all, including our Planet! 
Yes, I repeat, there can in fact exist a WIN-WIN scenario for our Planet, for ALL of us, our existence, our Home here on Earth. 
In fact we have no choice. There is no Plan(et)B.

Those of you that are politically involved - use these proposals to introduce these practical ways to fund the Basic Income Grant, and make Life equal to Dignity, for ALL.


Basic Income can Save Capitalism

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