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410 | Planet Earth: Who Keeps the System Running? The Devil May Care?

ART by Anna Brix Thomsen

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This point now is really fascinating: if you discuss the Equal Money proposal or even the Basic Income which already is a model tested in the world and placed into the agenda of some political parties in some countries –
one of the objections or fears is that: “But if you give everyone a basic income, who will want to work?”

What is ‘fascinating’ or should we say concerning within this is the actual statement implied within this objections, which is: Who will keep the system running; in other words who will do all the work that YOU wouldn’t want to do.
How would your toilet look like if there was no underground infrastructure ensuring that all the shit is appropriately taken care of? And here at this point we don’t want to look at the fact that Millions, many Millions of people in this world do not even have a flushing toilet, which in fact makes everyone with a flushing toilet part of the elite.

So what that objection – they call it ‘fear’ or ‘concern’ – in fact reveals is that what the elite fear is the moment where the billions of slaves will suddenly no longer do all the ‘dirty work’  that keeps the system running.

What this implies and shows is in fact how everyone is equally needed and required for the system to work. I mean if you would compare this to a family, say the family is the system and there is certain stuff that requires to be done for the family and the family’s schedule to function effectively and everyone can be happy. If just one member of the family disregards this fact and starts only caring for what THEY want/need/desire, suddenly all members of the family will be out of balance and the functionality and thus happiness of the family is no longer guaranteed.

Again, we have examples here that even a child can give to you, yet as humanity, as society, as a group, we fail to consider and regard the most simplistic of points. We like to have our ass wiped and someone to clean the shit after us. Hardly ever questioning whether we’d be willing to swop places with another being in this world. 

I mean the very fact that everybody looks at the problems that exists in our world and the first thing that comes up (and if you ARE aware of such thoughts you may consider yourself fortunate because then you are now able to do something about it!) – the first thing that comes up is in fact anxiety and the fear of being in such position oneself. So what one then will do is quickly suppress the point, “not gonna go there, not gonna look at that…” and in the more serious cases of paranoia one will even create in one’s mind the ‘justification’ of why that is “okay”, because “after all I worked hard for my money” and “they just didn’t do what it takes to be successful in this world…” and so on – while disregarding one crucial point, namely that you didn’t choose where you get born into; but you do not consider to truly place yourself in the shoes of another and see that you, born in their place, and given the circumstances and influences they were exposed, would become and do exactly the same.

So, bottom line is: 

We are all in this together. Remove the people doing the ‘dirty work’ and indeed the whole system will crush, the infrastructure will no longer function, and those that profit from all the capital will be facing some serious trouble. Granted. Obviously, that is not the way to go. It would be stupid to destroy what is here. Instead, we can use what is here, and use it like a big family, I mean we are ONE human race, one humanity, one life on this common ground called earth, which – the Earth – by the way provides everything unconditionally for all, like a loving mother. So, if we wanna be worthy of life, and worth being called HUMANITY, shouldn’t we honor our mother the Earth and our Father the Sun that shines for all equally, and make sure that the systems we establish to manage our One family as Life do function as what’s Best for All?

If WE don’t care for Our World, no god and no devil will. If we don’t sort out the shit we’ve created, accepted, or allowed in OUR name, we’re gonna all end-up swimming in it, and it’s not gonna be fun.

There is still time to change the course of the history of mankind and get ourselves to a real solution for our co-existence, ensuring Freedom, Dignity, and FUN – for ALL!

To overcome objections or fears or ‘justifications’  you may have with regards to a Basic Income and the Equality of Life, please do read the following and consider why Your Right to Life should be more valuable than everybody else’s!

"Capitalism is a Solution Driven approach – BIG [Basic Income Grant] is the Biggest Opportunity Capitalism face since its inception – BIG is the Best Way to Ensure the Consumers Have Money to Buy the Products and Services the Capitalists provide" 

- Bernard Poolman

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Check out the Bill of Rights @ the Equal Life Foundation - a comprehensive approach to our Co-existence to ensure the Right to Life, Freedom and Dignity for All. 

Check out the Equal Money System –  a solution that can be established in this lifetime to end the disaster of a profit driven system.

Check out the Desteni I Process Lite – FREE course that will assist humanity to end the disaster of a dysfunctional consciousness.


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