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405 | Self-Movement - How to Move Self into Fulfillment

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

I am continuing with Living Words, and within my previous blog post I concluded on the point of Fulfillment / Self-Fulfillment, which I will now be placing in combination/context to Self-Movement.

Within this post you will see why.

What IS Self-Movement?

Usually – through our education and how we grow and develop ourselves to become adults in this world – we learn to and get used to move upon/on the basis of: energetic reactions. 
What does that mean?

When something moves within us – a thought, an emotion/feeling, a mood, a judgment, a fear, a desire/want – that ‘thing’ then moves us to react. Fascinatingly enough these ‘things’ we learn from a very young age simply by observing our environment and making associations and assumptions, which would mean that all these ‘things’ are not really who we are, they are what we are taught by our parents and through the influences of our environment, whether our parents/environment are aware of what it is they are teaching us or not.

So – 
these/such reactions are part of pre-programmed response patterns – it’s like a rifle that shoots when the trigger is pulled. So what we do as consciousness personalities is react to triggers, such triggers being words, tonalities, images, people, situations; all based on the memories from our formative years and the associations and assumptions we made.

There is no self-movement within that, no self-willed action/movement/expression. There is no understanding of the entirety of a situation, let alone an understanding of ourselves in the context of consciousness and how consciousness functions.

We take our reactions for granted, we believe they are who/what we are, as if that is all that we are. And within that we limit ourselves to be only what/who we were programmed/conditioned to be

A further point to consider here is what a reaction / what reacting implies:
It is an expression of ‘taking things personally’ – and in the moment of reaction everything becomes about ‘ME’.
Thus within existing as and acting-out reaction-patterns, we develop definitions of ourselves as EGO. That is the nature of consciousness as it has evolved in this world – with no consideration for consequence, with no regard for what is best for all; but only self-interest.

So –
How to move from Ego to Life – from reacting to acting, from merely responding to triggers to actually LIVING and EXPRESSING:

We start with/within ourselves.

Here the free online course DIP Lite offers the basics of self-honesty in the process of ‘Man Know Thyself’ as well as the basic tools of self-support and introspection with which to get to know oneself and with which to find/use the keys to unlock the doors that lock us into the preprogrammed consciousness as the conditioned reaction- and response-patterns that we become and act-out automatically.
Through such understanding we enable ourselves to not only see ‘ME’, myself and I, within self-interest – but to actually see, understand and consider the entirety of a situation / a moment / another being, and realize the CHOICE to MOVE ourselves in common sense, in consideration of All that is involved in the moment/situation, and from here to express, interact and participate as Best for All. 

Then our participation / expression / interaction will no longer support the System and everyone as consciousness systems, keeping history repeating and locking everyone in into self-interest, which is in essence based in fear, competition, survival; but instead we will support Life, we will support the birthing of ourselves as Life.

So – what is Self-Movement then practically?

If we have a look at the sounding of the word Movement:
It sounds like move-meant … or move-mind. And here the systematic nature of how we’ve been living ‘self-movement’ reveals, as what I have demonstrated in this post thus far:

we move as we are meant to move, as preprogrammed; as we are conditioned to move, based on the reaction- and response patterns we learn/adopt/copy as coping-mechanisms to survive in this world as consciousness/ego in self-interest.

we move through/as the mind, based on the associations and assumptions we have formed. Often much of the movement we ‘intend’ in this world remains in the mind, where we can project change or project development, without ever breaking through the patterns of consciousness that lock us into certain behavior and expression patterns. Often also we interpret ‘movement’ as “doing things” wherein we get the impression/feeling that we are moving, without however moving beyond the limited patterns that define us.

So, having said that, and having seen the systematic definition of the words Movement / Self-Movement and the limitation that goes with how ‘movement’ is being lived and has been lived in this world/system – we are now in a position to re-define Movement / Self-Movement as a Living Word that no longer imposes a limitation and that in fact expresses actual movement of self, a movement that brings forth real growth/progress/expansion, as real, unlimited, self-willed self-expression.

So, to define/re-define Self-Movement in this context, one would have to investigate and deconstruct that which keeps us from truly moving and expressing ourselves in our best interest as life and thus in the interest of life as a whole. And that, as we have seen, are the conditioned reaction- and response-patterns we become and act-out automatically.

Self-Movement thus – to begin with – would be to will oneself to Move through a reaction that comes-up automatically in a moment; to take a breath and stop oneself from automatically following and acting-out a reaction. 

Already within that awareness of self – where self becomes aware that: there is something moving within me and I did not initiate/direct it to move, it ‘comes-up’ automatically, something triggers it, so let me explore/investigate... – already within this self-awareness is a window of opportunity, of actual choice, for Self to Move Self. To say No, I will not follow/act-out on that reaction, I know where it leads me, I’ve seen the consequences in my life before, I’ve done the writing, I’ve seen the mind construct, I see/realize what I am defining myself as/what I am accepting within/as myself if I follow/act-out on such reaction; thus I stop, I breathe, I move myself to express/act in a way that is supportive for me and equally supportive for everyone else involved.

Within such application/living, one is in fact changing one’s starting-point, one’s origin, one’s ‘who I am’ – from being a follower that simply follows/acts-out as programmed like an organic robot, to being a living-being that expresses through self-will and is not bound to the limitations of consciousness programming. One becomes self-directive, and learns to move oneself, and one moves oneself, instead of being moved by the automatic reactions of the mind consciousness.

Such living-application / self-application / self-movement is then in fact self-fulfilling – because self is the one that moves, that expresses. One becomes the directive principle within and as oneself. And fascinatingly enough that self-directive principle is only practically possible when self stands within and as equality and oneness = where there is no ‘superiority’ or ‘inferiority’ within/as self (both of which are EGO), thus no reaction(s). Self stands as one, in equality. Then whatever one do, express and participate-in at any given moment is a genuine self-expression in self-honesty, which fulfills oneself, one’s life, and everyone else involved.

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