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416 | Planet Earth: Feeding a System of ProFit - Where's the BeneFit?

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The problem with Profit is not Profit as such – it is that Profit has become the Alpha and Omega of the System, in it has become what everything is about.

The problem with Profit is that is being placed before Life, and life is being exploited in the name of Profit.

The problem with Profit is that it is available only to those that are born PRO FIT, born to ‘fit’ the ‘pro’ – meaning that those born into conditions / circumstances / areas that provide a socio-economic environment and framework where all basic needs are met, health care and education is provided, and there is provision and consideration for one’s future development: will be able to ‘FIT into’ the System and ‘make a living’;
while those born into conditions / circumstances / areas that do NOT provide the socio-economic environment and framework that would ensure all basic needs are met, health care and education is provided, and there is provision and consideration for one’s future development: will Not be able to ‘FIT in’ and will not be able to ‘make a living’ – and what’s worse they are left to starve, suffer, struggle for survival, and die.

The problem with Profit is the parasitic nature of its maker – the Human. This System of Profit being but a reflection of what we have accepted as ‘human nature’, a reflection of our ‘way of life’ which again we simply accept and ‘BUY into’, as if there were no other way.
Despite all technological advancement, mankind does not (yet?) deserve to be called HUMANITY.

The problem with Profit is that everybody wants it but nobody wants to GIVE it.
Jesus’ words are long forgotten and they’ve always been misused/abused. Not that I am in any way religious, but it is worth studying the common sense and practical implications of that man – and it’s also ‘fascinating’ to observe that not unlike Jesus, anyone coming into this world promoting practical EQUALITY and Oneness was crucified in one way or another... It appears that equality and oneness in practical application is a threat to the status quo. you hear?

The problem with Profit is the GREED of Having and the FEAR of Not-Having that goes with it. Throughout the desteni research the mechanisms of polarity are shown and explained very clearly, and it is worth investigating this ‘law of the system’ to understand how everything works and how we keep ourselves trapped and keep ourselves from breaking through the vicious cycles...
In the example of GREED it’s easy to see that the more you have the more you want; the more you have the more you FEAR losing what you have. And ironically enough it is only those that DO have that are able to Think Thoughts of Greed, Thoughts of Having More, Thoughts of Fear of Loss. A starving child has no such ‘awareness’ – it does not exist in the System, it does not exist for the System, it exists but as a number for the statistics that by the way let us know that 20,000 children DIE DAILY from preventable causes, while we sit on our profits and fail to distribute Earth’s Wealth equally for ALL.

The problem with Profit lies within its exclusivity, and this should be enough to make us see and understand that Profit is not equal to Life – it is/has become equal to Death.
Life is all-inclusive.
Profit is exclusive. And causes the death of not only innocent children, but of uncountable living organisms and species, in fact of the very substance that sustains us.

I’ll say it again. It’s not that profit is bad. If Profit was used in a way that makes everybody profit and thus everybody FIT, something that keeps everybody healthy and wealthy, something that allows and ensures that everybody BeneFIT –
then we would have capitalism as it should be:

“a Functional System that Benefits Everyone with this Necessary Support when needed and the Necessary Responsibility when your Basic Income is No Longer Required. This also places one within the Self-Development mindset that Capitalism represents, where you specifically acquire Skills to eventually Free Yourself from the Needed Support because you have been Able to Create for yourself a Self-Support System. And that within your Hierarchy of Needs would mean that you have Achieved a Level of Self-Fulfillment and thus a ‘Higher Level of Being’ within Responsibility.”

What I am thus saying is that: 
it is possible to re-define how Profit functions, how Profit is distributed, how Profit is used – then we can make out of this capitalism system a New system that in fact supports LIFE and benefits ALL.

Study the following Blogs to have a look at how the BIG [Basic Income Grant] concept can be implemented most effectively and how that will in fact benefit all, including our Planet! 

Those of you that are politically involved - use these proposals to introduce these practical ways to fund the Basic Income Grant, and make Life equal to Dignity, for ALL.

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