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395 | Human Paranoia Keeps History Repeating – How to Stop

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So what has become clear thus far is how paranoia is created in the Mind through Thought participation and how even the ‘smallest’, seemingly ‘unimportant’ Thought or Judgment or Emotional Reaction can grow to a point of obsession/possession and thus paranoia if it is not immediately directed by Self, in self-honesty and self-responsibility, and re-aligned in the context of what is best for All Life in practical common sense.

“Paranoia particularly Induced through Thought and thus through Memory and thus through Vision – Television, Stories, Conspiracies, Education – that is all Paranoia, that is all Parapsychology because You Can’t Really Touch it. When that Paranoia becomes Physical, it becomes Psychological because it then would Become a Possession for Real, where the Person for instance Believes ‘They Speak to Angels’ or ‘They Speak to their Loved Ones’ or ‘They Speak to JF Kennedy’, whatever!
(…) The Self Honesty part is the Big Problem because without Self Honesty = You’re Never Going to Stop Paranoia, it’ll simply Grow to a point where it is a Psychological Condition and You become a Psychopath or a Sociopath and so Convinced of your Righteousness that ‘you Feel Nothing, you have Overcome All Your fears’ so-called because the Fears are Initially Used to Try and Control you because The Mind is Not Understood, and then you would just Act out on your Particular Belief that you have Made Flesh.

Now – let’s place this understanding into the context of Humanity and Human Existence on Earth, especially in the last 100 years or so, more specifically since the 1970s and the evolution of developments like advertising, public relations, human resources. What can be seen, is how Human Nature was manipulated and formed into something that exists only in Fear (whether one is aware of the fear or not is irrelevant) and in a constant search for the next Quick-Fix. 

What this kind of ‘human nature’ does is – it serves the System. It makes sure the System keeps running, it makes sure that human beings blame each-other, that nations and races and groupings in general exist in competition, and that the interest of LIFE which would be the Common Sense we should all have as a ‘measurement’ of what is actually right and what is wrong is no-where to be found and thus Common Sense is not the principle that direct and manages Life on Earth.
What has become that principle that direct and manages Life on Earth: is Profit.

And Profit thrives on the Paranoia the human being as system-slave exists in, and obviously: Profit thrives on ‘History Repeating’ because all that’s happening within that, is positions are changing, the pictures are changing, yes the essence of the System remains the same. And so what prevails within it all is the System – at the Cost of Life.

“If you Look at our Society as it Exists Now and we Claim to base it on our ‘Great Thinkers’ of the Past, the Devastation of our Environment, our Animal Kingdom and also the Massive Numbers of the Poor that Now Exist on Earth are the Result, and are Based on ‘the Wisdom of our Philosophers’ and we call them ‘Great Thinkers’ – we Only Do That because We Do Not Understand What Thought Really is as a Mechanism Within the Mind and How it Actually Functions and How Easy it is to Control and Mutate and Change your Memories so that it can Change Your Thinking and Without You even Ever Knowing: You are Always Brainwashed.
The Only way to Stop Brainwashing is to Be Able to Understand How Thought Functions and to Not Exist as Thinking and to Not USE Thinking, that is what Parents were Supposed to Teach Children and Why the First 7 Years of a Child’s Life are So Important and Why it will take you 7 Years to Solve the Problem and to Prevent Brainwashing. But obviously, Those that are Losers, that are Thinkers, Do Not have the Discipline to Do that because You Cannot Even Hold One Thought in Consistency, You can’t Even Remember What you Were Thinking Yesterday because You Don’t Understand Memory and therefore You Cannot Trust Yourself and because You Can’t Trust yourself you know One Thing: You Can’t Trust Any Other Human Being and therefore No Trust Exists on Earth and Everyone is Always Paranoid about ‘What Others Are Thinking’ because: You Know What You Are Thinking about Others!
And that’s Why You’re a Loser and you Believe Everyone else is a Loser and the Few Types of Activities on Earth that are all about ‘Winning and Losing’ is Your Entertainment where you end up Experiencing for a little moment that you are ‘Better than Others’ but Essentially: When you’re Second = You’re a Loser. And therefore, Many has Justified that “It is Okay to be part of the 1% that Controls Everything, because You Would’ve Done it As Well if You Were in Their Position” all Paranoid Justifications that are Manufactured through the Thinking that you are Believing You Are – this is a Vast Topic and it requires Massive Discipline to be able to Break the Control that Manufactures the Thoughts you end up Believing ‘You Are.’

Let’s have a look at what it is we are actually dealing with when we say “History Keeps Repeating” and how that is at all possible.

“…It is necessary to Investigate What the Consequences of Thinking Produced Here on Earth. If we have to Look at our Society Built on the Wisdom of Our Philosophers, we have to Ask some Questions:
A Philosopher’s Purpose was to Fill you with Reasons Why ‘You Should Lose,’ Why ‘You Should Accept your Fate’ and Philosophers traditionally throughout History were Funded by the
Elite, because the Philosopher would Refine Knowledge and Information to a way where it Sounds Plausible and thus Becomes an Acceptable Way of Reason through which Control could be Affected. This has grown into the Curriculum that would be Taught eventually at School, it has Formed the Foundation of Religions, it Has Formed the Foundation on How Thought and Reason would be Manipulated. Here you can for instance look at What Specifically was Done since the Second World War by watching the documentaries like The Century of The Self.
(…) Fascinatingly enough, Ideologies like ‘Think and Grow Rich’ were Deliberately Promoted as That would Give ‘the Poor Losers’ – which is the Majority 99% and more of the World – a way to Justify their Condition. Obviously the Elite realized that Controlling Resources on Earth means that ‘A Few Must Control it’ because then They have All the Power. This particular approach was then Ensured to Continue by Keeping the Property, the Ownership in the Bloodline/in the Family. And so if you Study History You’ll Notice that the Same Families have been Owning the same Resources – it’s just Common Sense it’s like How you would Play Monopoly: You’ll Ensure you Own Everything because then You Have All the Money, if you Have All the Money = You Have All the Power and then Everyone Else would be in a Form of Thought Paranoia trying to Survive and in their Own Paranoid Thinking they Will Ensure that they will Submit to the System otherwise Themselves and their Families Will Starve. And the Same Elite Ensured that Every Revolution that’s Ever been on Earth Was Manipulated to Always Result in a Change that Does Not Change the Ownership of the Resources. So No Matter ‘What Revolution’ Exists on Earth: it Doesn’t Change Anything – the Same Elite ensured that ‘The Losers’ – which are the Populous – will Always end up Accepting that They’re Losing.”

Interestingly enough, what can be observed in this world, this reality, is that HISTORY KEEPS REPEATING both on a collective AND on an individual level.

And despite all revolution and rebellion, we end-up playing the same Games, re-creating the same characters, with slight variation just to give ourselves the impression of evolution, when, come to look at it, we are actually dealing with a devolution, a mutation of Humanity, Human Consciousness and what we call Human Nature.

I am certain everyone by now has heard the saying IF WE DON’T STOP HISTORY, HISTORY WILL STOP US – so the question Should arise, HOW do we stop history?

To answer that question, one must go one step back and Look at How we created this History to manifest this world as we know it.

What can be seen and realized without doubt is that the System, the world as we know it, is the result of what the Human being is. Each one of us and all of us together, who we are and how we co-exist, what we accept and allow within and without, manifests our reality.
Take the human factor out of the equation, and the system is no more. The System is manifested and exists in the image and likeness of its creator – the human.
What would that imply? That in order to change the System – which is the outcome, the result, the outflow – the Human must change – which is the origin, the starting-point, the creator.

From this one can deduce that to STOP HISTORY FROM REPEATING we must start with ourselves.

You can have a look at my previous blog post where I looked into the fascinating fact that despite most people’s intention to Not become like their parents, we mostly end-up embodying the traits we had judged as ‘negative’ within our parents, and that is because we never actually made the effort to understand how such traits and human nature and behavior in its entirety is created.

Plus, the System is set up in such a way, that all the knowledge and skills required to understand human nature and empower oneself in terms of self-creation and actual evolution is being withheld, is not being shared, is not included in the educational curricula of our world.

On the contrary, it is used and abused by the few that control the System and hold the power to maintain the brainwashing and keep the human enslaves and inferior while the human itself buys into delusions of grandeur and dreams of superiority, without ever questioning the system and its entirety, without questioning the role and part each one individually plays in manifesting such a system, where self-interest is placed before the interest of life and life is exploited in the name of profit. I mean, whether you do it on the bigger scale like the corporations do, or whether you do it on the smaller scale within how you ‘live your life’ – it is the same point and it results to the world as we know it.

We are all equally responsible for What is Here within and as our existence, and no Change can ever be established without the realization of responsibility and the decision to will oneself to educate oneself, to break through one’s comfort zone, to lift the veils of brainwashing, and to stand in the interest of LIFE.

So –
How can we then assist and support ourselves to STOP HISTORY FROM REPEATING –
not out of judgment or blame or fear, but out of understanding; seeing that in this world we lack the skills and understanding required to break through the veils of brainwashing and control and create ourselves and our world in Integrity, Freedom, and Dignity!

The System is the externalization of the Mind. Just like the physical world is infused with systems and structures that bind it and manage its relationships on the basis of Profit, the physical body is infused with systems and structures of consciousness (which is what the Mind becomes under the influence of Brainwashing and mind control, instead of the Mind becoming a tool for Common Sense) that bind it and manage its relationships on the basis of Self-Interest.

That is why we say – Stop the Mind.
Obviously that does not mean to stop using critical thinking, however everyone’s  ability for critical thinking is impaired through Brainwashing, and thus to Stop the Mind is to Stop the Mind Control and the Brainwashing through which we have become inferior to our own potential as life, limited to be system slaves, and that is regardless whether one is rich or poor.

So, in the process of Stopping the Mind Control, Stopping the Brainwashing to STOP HISTORY FROM REPEATING, one must consider the following:

“Stopping the Mind is a Process that is Breath by Breath, you have to Not Participate in Whatever the Mind Show you, You have to Only Participate in What Exists Directly as the Physical – Anything that Does Not Exist Directly as the Physical is the Mind. So the Mechanism is the Physical reality as it exists, obviously also the Words of Others because the Words in Writing or in Speaking of others and their Behavior is their Physical Presence. According to that, you can Assess ‘What you’re Dealing-with’ and that’s Why it is So Important to Redefine your Words to what is Best to Remove all the Paranoia that you’ve Linked to Words.

So Stopping the Mind then Breath to Breath is to Not Participate In the Thoughts that arise or the Visions or the Energies or the Feelings that come up – None of them are Real because You are Creating it Yourself, they’re the Result of What you’ve Accepted and allowed as Your Programming; and because your Parents, Teachers , Educators and your Leaders were Not Able to Direct you Properly = They’ve Allowed you to Become this. So there is a Measure of Responsibility – But: They Can’t Help you Now, Only You Can Help YOU.

So – during the Process of Stopping, what is Going to Happen is obviously Your Protection Mechanism as the Mind which is the Memory you have Evolved and Characterized in Particular Types of ‘Early Warning Systems’ and ‘Protection Alarms’ Will become WORSE because it will be an Alarm that says: “Oh my God you’re Stupid! Look what you’re Doing! You are Negating, you’re Ignoring All the Hard Work you’ve done to Make Sure that you are Protected from all this Terrible Humans and this Terrible World that is around you”. In the Mean time You are the One that’s Creating this ‘Terrible World’ and the ‘Terrible Humans’ as Your Children and as the People Around. So you are Not Going to be Protected, they’re Going to Abuse You! Obviously That is Going to Happen. But in a way they are to Your Benefit because they are the ‘Triggers’ you need that While you are Stopping the Mind will Produce within you the Thoughts that you need to Investigate to Find the Memories, so that you can Take Them Out and Remove them and Forgive Yourself – and Here the Only Mechanism, the Only Power you have If you are Ever going to be Free from this: is your Self-Honesty.

You have to be Absolutely Free at All Levels of Reaction, at All Levels of Energy – You are Not Special, you have to Realize that, you are Life, and Life is NORMAL and therefore You want to Be Normal –anything that You Allow to Influence you is Abnormal and therefore a Problem and that will Create your Paranoia. So All Thought is Always Paranoia, because all it’s busy doing is Warning you about Everybody Around you and Setting you up so that You can Win and Abuse and Whatever the Pattern is that you are Living at this stage; the More Isolated you become obviously = the More you are in trouble because the More you have In Fact Accepted your State of Paranoia and You have Not Confronted it by Facing the World in All Its Measure – positive and negative, No Matter What it Is because at the end of the day the only Purpose you have is to Find Within You the Programs that is Causing you to Have these Thoughts and these Thoughts will be Nasty stuff.

So you Breathe and as each point comes up you’ll do it one at a time, you have to confront it. Look at the memory, See if you can Find it, Write it out, Do Forgiveness Until You Have Got the Self Forgiveness statements Spoken aloud, Written out, One and Equal where You can Feel the Physical Release from the point and where the Thought No Longer ‘Demand’ and ‘Command’ How You feel. And this Process obviously takes Many years because, one need to understand that at the end of the day: You’re the Only one Responsible for you – so If you don’t Do This for You, all that’s going to Happen is that your Whole life is going to be Governed and Controlled by the Mechanisms that you’ve Placed into you to try and Fit Into this World…”

“…Look at and Investigate Why a Word [like for instance Love & Light] would Exist Within you that would Result in you becoming Possessed and/or having Memories come up and/or Having an Effect on How you View Someone or Something… Why there Exists within you a Point that can be called ‘Brainwashing’ and for the Purposes of the Process into the Unconscious Mind and the Secret Mind, we are going to call All these conditions ‘Paranoia’ because when you Investigate it, you’ll Notice that there are Automated Functionings within you as the Self as the Flesh as the Mind that Controls your Point of View and Pushes it into a Judgment, a Blame or some form of Nasty Reaction or some form of Obsessive-Compulsive Response that could be for instance ‘Love and Lust’ which is Just as Nasty as for instance the Direct Representation of Nastiness in Words or Actions or Points of View or Your View about someone – these things Should Not Exist In You.”

“So it’s Important that One Takes Each Thought that Arise, Each Feeling and you Look at the Association and How you have ‘Branded’ Everyone Around You according to Your Protection Mechanism. And therefore you must be Grateful for the People that Trigger within you all kinds of Feelings and Reactions because They are the Key to Your Freedom, Without them: You’re Never Going to be Free. You Want Someone in your life that Can Help you Activate all the Hidden Secret Stuff because we’re Now Entering the Secret mind, That which is Automated Within, the Secrets you Never Tell Anyone How you Come to Your Reason, How you Come to Your Decisions is Always a Secret, you don’t Share with people the Real Stuff going on in the Mind, because that’s really like Nasty stuff – You don’t want People to See that! – So understand: Now with Paranoia We’re Entering the Secret Mind.”

“So – Any Point that Arises, If You Do Not Act on it in terms of your Correction immediately obviously Very Soon you’re going to Forget it; and Then you have to Wait for another Activation, in Another Event in your world or Another Word before you can Correct it – or you may Justify it and Try and Explain and Reason ‘Why’ the Way you Reacted to the Word is ‘Valid’ because of this Reason and that Reason and ‘This happened’ and ‘That happened’ –All of that is Utter Bullshit, it is Part of your Paranoia and your Design of Paranoia will Always look at the One Critical Word that You Have to Realize and All Times are a Key that You are Paranoid: it’s the word Justification. The Structural Design of Any Point is Explained Directly the Way It Is, there is No Justification Necessary.

So – in This Case for instance it is important that one Realize that whether the Reaction to a Word in a Paranoid-Form as a Thought or a Memory or a Feeling or an
Emotion or Imagining or a Fear that arises = it Doesn’t Matter How Big it is, Small or Big is the Same Thing it’s Paranoia – BE CLEAR on this, Make it Clear to Yourself so You Do Not Allow Yourself to Have ‘the Small things’ Pass-by while you Only deal with the Big things, because the more you Deal with the Big Things = the Bigger ‘the Small things’ are going to Grow because You have created Space Within Your Flesh for them to Grow, and it will become a New Possession that will be More Serious because you would have Justified it and Allowed it. And it will be More Difficult to Take it out because you will not be able to See ‘How’ and ‘Where’ and ‘When’ you did it with Clarity because “It all Sounds So Possible!.” That’s Why Ignorance is so Plausible it Sounds ‘Okay,’ it Sounds ‘Acceptable’ – “I Should Allow it because It Could Be True!” You Cannot Allow Paranoia, you have to be Without Mercy in Tackling the Illusion or the Illusion will take you Away and Destroy your World and those Around You and Will Destroy Life on Earth.”

“Start your Journey to Life, Learn from others that have Already Proven through Time and Application and Discipline how Thought is the Mechanism of Paranoia through which one Ensures that You Remain a Loser, you will actually End up Losing your Life at Death – as Jesus warned: “If you are Not the Living Word, You will Not Have Eternal Life” that means: You will Not be able to Transcend Death. And that is Why something that Should be studied Extensively like ‘What is Happening After Death’ which should be one of the Primary Research Points of Our Science because there are so many Paranoid-Claims around it, there is No Research – the Only Research is How to Embalm a body and How to put it Six feet Under or How to Make More Money out of Insurance or How to Ensure there is More Money in Funeral Homes or all kinds of stuff… How to Prevent Death? Ensure that everybody’s Savings end up with the Corporations by letting them Live Longer because: if they Die Quicker, their Money will go to their Family and then the Family will Not Need to Work and then the Elite won’t have Enough Slaves because the Slaves have got Too Much Money. So the Slaves in the World Need to Remain Poor so that there is a Labor Force! Fascinating but Thinkers could Never Consider this because: Thinkers are Already Losers.

It is Important to Study the
Equal Life Foundation and the Equal Money System, they are Concepts that are Beyond Thought. If You’re a Thinker = You’re Not going to Get it because You’re Still a Loser, you need to Become Able to Break the Brainwashing of Thinking and that You can Only Do if you Understand the Mechanism that is Used in Thinking. If one does not Understand the Mechanism, you will End Up Believing Your Own Thoughts and thus, you will Create that as your Justification and your Ego and you will be Unable to Break the Chains of Brainwashing. It is Unfortunate because: unless one becomes Absolutely Self-Honest so that you can Determine when you are Thinking and when you are In Fact Alive = There is simply No Way Out.”

If you see the necessity to take this Matter seriously and get to actual Solutions that will allow for LIFE to emerge Here as a Physical Living Expression of who we really are and can be, so that each child born into this world is assured a life in Freedom, Dignity, Joy and Respect as well as the Equal Opportunity to Express, Expand and Explore one's Utmost Potential as Life -

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