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158: 18 of 21 Days Practicing Self Equality | Stopping System Mutations – Self Commitment

ART by Damian Ledesma

In this Blog post I am continuing from
Day 157: 17 of 21 Days Practicing Self Equality | Investigating Personality Mutations

I realize that what we become throughout our process of ‘growing up’ in this world system is personalities / character roles / personas existent in survival-mode and thus always in competition, comparison, judgment, separation, whereby each personality / character / persona has its own agenda of wants, needs and desires through which it attempts to validate itself as ‘real’ –

and that this is the reason why and how each human being exists from a starting-point of self-interest, instead of self-realizing life and living in the interest of life, as what is best for all and thus also best for self.

Therefore I commit myself to investigating and deconstructing any and all personalities / character roles / personas that I have adopted or developed or accepted throughout my life, to stop self-interest and separation, and to take responsibility for all aspects of my existence in all ways; through walking my process of writing, self-honesty, self-forgiveness, self-corrective living, and aligning myself to the interest of life as who I really am.


I commit myself to investigating and stopping any and all controls existent within me as conditioned through the world consciousness system, so that I may be free to live and express and stand absolute in my commitment to life as what is best for all.


I realize that my experience of myself is a result of my accepted and allowed definitions based on which the patterns of my existence /experience /expression were formed.

Therefore I commit myself to investigating and purifying any and all definitions I have developed or adopted or accepted about myself throughout my life, peel off the masks of personalities and the layers of deception, so that I may live to my fullest potential and dis-cover who I really am as life.


I realize that the patterns of my experience only define ‘who I am’ through my own acceptance and allowance – and that it is thus in my power to stop such patterns and change through self directive will.

Therefore I commit myself to becoming the force within myself that determines and directs my existence and thus the experience of myself, as I realize that every experience is always self-created – either as a consequence of acceptances and allowance, or through self-directive will in self-honesty.


I realize that the patterns we become in time evolve their own consciousness, hence we end up existing as multiple personalities acting out different character-roles according to external situations/stimuli, each personality being like a separate entity within self with its own consciousness and its own agenda of wants, needs and desires –

and that within such existence as consciousness, we are not really evolving but rather mutating, as every personality is driven by self-interest and motives often ‘unknown’ to the conscious mind.

Therefore I commit myself to un-covering myself and realizing the unconscious motives that I’ve accepted and allowed to drive me from the inside out – to within that take absolute self-responsibility and stop myself from merely acting out conditioned patterns, the instructions to which I didn’t even instruct in awareness.


I realize that once I become aware of such personalities that I’ve accepted and allowed to exist within me as a mind, as thoughts, feelings and emotions; and once I start directing myself to no longer follow the self-interest of the mind and to no longer accept or allow such conditioned patterns to define and direct me: the pattern will mutate and will seek to exist and to satisfy its self-interest through and within another aspect of my life/my application.

Therefore I commit myself to investigating and directing the patterns I uncover through self-honesty and self-forgiveness, to within this see and recognize the various manifestations of a pattern throughout all possible aspects of my life/my application, so as to make sure that I stop a pattern in all its ways and that I am indeed no longer defined or directed by it, in any way whatsoever.


I realize that I cannot take change for granted, as there are many dimensions of change, just like there are many dimensions to a pattern.

Therefore I no longer accept or allow myself to feel ‘inferior’ to patterns, or to react in anger and frustration towards patterns – as I realize that through such application I am only giving away my power and directive principle, sabotaging myself.


I commit myself to stop existing in a reactive mode – and to instead walk absolute self-direction in self-honesty, investigating any reaction that comes-up within me;

to see, realize and understand what my conditioned reactions reveal to me about ‘who I am’ as what I’ve accepted and allowed myself to define myself as – so that I may see things for what they are, recognize cause and effect and thus understand consequence, and release myself from the controls of consciousness through self-will.


I commit myself to stop reacting to my own reactions – as I realize that within this I am giving my directive power away to the mind, creating inner conflict and bipolar experiences as polarity friction within myself.

I commit myself to stopping myself from existing within and as judgment.

I commit myself to stopping any and all self-judgment, as I realize that getting myself to a point of absolute self-direction in self-honesty practically implies walking every breath in self-honest self-direction, thus breath by breath accumulating ‘who I am’ within and as self-honesty and self-direction.


I realize that ‘we become who we are’ – which implies that what we accept and allow ourselves to BE in every moment is what we BECOME = obvious common sense based on the equality equation of 1+1.

Therefore I commit myself to slowing myself down and walking breath by breath HERE in every moment, to within that walk in self awareness as life, as I train myself to stand for life, AS life, to no longer be directed by conditioned consciousness patterns that only consider self-interest.

I align myself to the interest of LIFE as what is best for all, as I realize that what is best for all is also best for me.


I realize that ‘who we are’ is a product of the world system, and especially parenting – and that the system creates a human being to exist in self-interest, which results to us human beings re-creating the system and keeping history repeating.

We are the ones creating a system that exploits life for profit, the same way we exploit our physical existence for the wants, needs and desires of a mind consciousness that exists in a mode of self-preservation; within this manifesting a world where we exist in constant survival fear, competition and comparison, where we exist against each-other instead of WITH each-other, where we exploit life instead of supporting life.

Therefore I commit myself to supporting the implementation of a new system of actual life support – a system based on the actual value of life: LIFE itself, hence the principle of oneness and equality.


I commit myself to showing how EQUALITY is the key to end the current abuse within and without.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that Oneness without Equality is deception, because oneness by definitions implies equality;

and as the current world condition reveals, oneness in inequality results to abuse, deception, manipulation and exploitation, in a world where we hide from ourselves and each-other, refusing to take responsibility for ourselves, let alone for what is here as the manifested consequence of our existence.


I commit myself to sharing the common sense that with an equal money system replacing the current consumerism system, we can restore the value of life and stop our existence of CONsumption where we consume ourselves and each-other and not least our planet earth in the name of profit = self-interest;

and we can manifest an existence of equal life support for ALL, making sure that all living beings have equal rights, equal access, equal power, equal participation in life – and that ALL may equally have a life in dignity and freedom in a world where LIFE is realized as the highest value, the only value that is real.


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