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Day 163: Why EQUALITY & Oneness?

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Equality must be seen within the context of VALUE. If we look at this world, but also at the human psyche/mind – we see that VALUE is un-equal as it is based on polarity (‘superiority’/’inferiority’), and this leads to inner friction and outer war, in a world where profit and fake “values” (‘power’, ‘status’, ‘personal happiness’, ‘success’, etc.) are placed before LIFE.

The point of investigating the Mind as what we currently exist as, which consist of mainly thought and value-judgment/polarity – is because the Mind has come to define and determine all expression from within the unconscious which is conditioned through the world system / past generations / history repeating / fake values / fears of the forefathers etc.  Therefore no human expression is currently actually FREE and no actual individuality exists; only systems, as patterns of polarity, within and without.

In the process of getting ourselves to the point of seeing, realizing and understanding ourselves in self awareness as what we've become as the human psyche/ Mind: it is to come to the point of standing One and Equal within and as ourselves.  This is perhaps the first point of actual freedom.

The ultimate point of freedom would obviously be that of an equally free existence, where our freedom is not undermined through systems of abuse, and at the same time our freedom does not compromise the freedom of other parts of LIFE.


Let’s come back to the point of ‘standing One and Equal’ – what does that mean?

Interestingly enough, we human beings, just like our world: are ONE (one human being / one world / one earth) but not equal (within ourselves or the world). Hence the friction and conflict within and without.

So we have oneness, but we have no equality.

‘Man Know Thyself’ does not in fact exist as a living expression of who we are.

This missing point of EQUALITY would imply to see, realize and understand ALL of self and also ALL of the world, so that there is nothing that can control / define / bind us – nothing that has power over us or power over this world, like currently the mind-system within and the money-system without, both of which are systems based in self-interest/profit in disregard of life / dignity / freedom.

Equality and Oneness is the point where we may, individually and collectively, be the directive authority of Self / the World. Any other form of power is on the one hand the abuse of power as it in fact leads to exploitation and inequality, even if on the other hand such ‘power’ it is but an illusion of power, merely a concept, a definition, an accepted idea defined within the world consciousness system of polarity and separation.

How can Oneness be valid without Equality? Oneness by definition implies Equality.

Interestingly enough the history of mankind has brought about many examples of abuse that cause Equality to be feared. But there has never been actual, real Equality on Earth. There has always been abuse of power.

At Desteni we investigate how to End the abuse of power in our world and take back the directive authority we abdicate to systems of polarity –
In this process of restoring the VALUE of LIFE, we start with/within ourselves: which is the point of self-responsibility.

Self-responsibility is in fact power – and in the realization that self = life = all = equal we are able to manifest a world where LIFE IS the POWER, an existence where All Life can be FREE to live in Dignity and discover what it really means to LIVE, EXPRESS, and EXPAND, in self-realization as Life.
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  1. I had a major realisation recently about this. My cognition was that the oneness we experience is in space and time. We are all eternal in time and infinite in space. We are SpaceTime fundamentally. The moment we start experiencing anything, which is in the physical universe and our own universe (antimatter) at the same time, then we become individuated from our common denominator SpaceTime.

    I hope it makes sense. At least it does to me.