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155: Day 15 of 21 Practicing Self Equality | Feelings & Emotions Inequality –part2

ART by Terhas White

I am continuing from my previous Blog post:
I realize that emotions and feelings are conditioned response-patterns to external stimuli, and that these patterns are preprogrammed throughout our formative years through the polarity of fear and love / reward and punishment –
therefore I commit myself to investigating and freeing myself from any and all patterns I have accepted and allowed to define me, so that I may stand as life, as directive-principle, in self-honesty and common sense as best for all.
Within this I commit myself to investigate and recognize any and all personality suits that I may have adopted / applied / accepted myself to exist in – so that I may step by step, breath by breath, un-cover myself by destroying the fake masks and fake values, and stand-up within myself as LIFE, as equal, as one, to dis-cover myself as LIVING, in fact.
I commit myself to stop taking feelings or emotions for granted – as I realize that feelings and emotions indicate the activation of a pattern / a personality / a character role, which is not real, but only a system through which we conditioned ourselves to ‘function’ within what we call ‘life’.
I commit myself to assist and support myself in getting to know myself for real, beyond the control of feelings and emotions and the energetics of the mind consciousness that keep us limited, in fear, in a pursuit of ‘personal happiness’ only, as I realize that who we are as LIFE is a common sense beyond personal judgment, personal preference, or personal interest, let alone the personal consciousness we come to identify with.
I commit myself to sharing the common sense that a new born child has NO emotions or feelings – it communicates with its environment equal and one and expresses itself directly, without value judgment;
and that feelings and emotions emerge once the child starts adopting / forming / developing personalities / character roles, which are like masks with which to ´cope´ in this fake world –
thus slowly but surely the child covers itself up with layers of personality traits and suppresses itself as life, because in the accepted consciousness system of the world, LIFE is not given equal opportunity to express and expand, it is only given a box to exist in, with the result that life gets suppressed and what is formed are personality systems as coping mechanisms: organic robots to fit into the system.
I commit myself to stopping myself from being a slave to feelings and emotions, as I realize that feelings and emotions are preprogrammed responses based on conditioned equations in the mind, based in self-interest and self-definitions that have nothing to do with who we are as LIFE.
I commit myself to stop abdicating my directive-power to the conditioned mind as thoughts, feelings and emotions, and to instead practice directing myself in self-honesty in every moment – no polarity, no inequality, no submission.
I realize that emotions and feelings imply value-judgment – where ´positive´ judgment as attributed value will charge the energy of a feeling, while ´negative´ judgment as attributed value will charge the energy of an emotion;
and that these value judgments are mental equations of Inequality, conditioned through the world consciousness system wherein self-honesty and common sense are suppressed.
Therefore I commit myself to will myself in every moment to stop following feelings and emotions, and to instead live and apply self-honesty and practical common sense as what is Best for Life in oneness and equality.
I commit myself to no longer accept /allow feelings and emotions to define me, as I realize that within that, I am giving up the point of self-determination away to the system.
I commit myself to investigate and see all ways in which I submit to the system – the SYSTEM being the accepted and conditioned ways of the world consciousness throughout our existence –
so that I may stop the submission of myself, and instead stand-up in self equality and oneness and take absolute self-responsibility.
I realize that within following feelings and emotions, we in fact follow a preordained system and allow the rules of that system to define self – instead of self realizing life.
Therefore I commit myself to sharing and living the realization that through our acceptance and allowance of an energetic polarity system as feelings/emotions: we abdicate our directive authority to the system to define us and to determine the experience of ourselves – instead of us being the directive principle of ourselves in self-realization as life.
I commit myself to sharing the common sense that in a world where each only seek out the ´positive´ for themselves, we are bound to manifest and have an existence of conflict, war, abuse, exploitation of life – we thus through our personal pursuit of the ‘positive’ in self-interest in fact manifest the ‘negative’ in the world as we know it, because we fail to consider what would as a matter of fact be positive for ALL LIFE EQUALLY here in the physical.
I commit myself to sharing and living the realization that the pursuit of self-interest is not in the interest of LIFE, it is not even in the interest of the individual even though this illusion may exist in the mind; because the pursuit of self-interest is only in the interest of the system, aimed at keeping people distracted, ‘happy’ or ‘wanting’, so that people keep serving the system so that the system can preserve itself and ‘make the world go round’ –
in spite of the fact that the world goes round in cycles of abuse as we see within history repeating, where we fight against each-other in the name of profit and personal/national/religious/etc. INTEREST in separation from LIFE AS A WHOLE.
I commit myself to sharing and living the simplicity of common sense as What is Best for All;
as we are all beings of the earth that share the same requirements for our survival on this earth, where the physical experiences of comfort/discomfort, pleasure/pain, fulfilment/lack are the same for all as Earthlings –
and yet we create mental concepts of ´comfort´, ´pleasure´, and ´fulfilment´ that only regard our OWN self-interest, in spite of the obvious fact that the pursuit of a CAUSE such as ´personal happiness´ has an EFFECT of actual discomfort, pain and lack for others in the world.
Within this, I commit myself to showing and recognizing the extent of our separation from life, where we exist in disregard of the discomfort, lack and suffering that OUR self-interest and pursuit of ‘happiness’ has on our world –
as within self-interest, our participation in the world will be that of acceptance and allowance, because through our mere participation in the pursuit of ‘personal happiness’ in this world, we are tacitly implying our acceptance and allowance of the entire world system – and that includes the abuse, the deception, the exploitation of life that we all are aware of is taking place day in day out, in this world where a child dies every couple of seconds from preventable causes.
I commit myself to showing how the world system supports and perpetuates self-interest only, and exploits life in the name of profit;
and that in fact the world system reflects our own nature, as we literally exploit ourselves and each-other, our physical bodies and the body of the earth, in the name of PROFIT = SELF-INTEREST.
I commit myself to showing that the nature of emotions and feelings is reflected in the world system of CONSUMERISM;
and that the SYSTEM controls us through emotions and feelings – a fact that is understood by those that govern the world in the name of ‘personal power’/profit.
I commit myself to sharing and living the common sense realization that as long as I accept myself to place my faith and the definition of myself on emotions and feelings: the SYSTEM can control me.
Within this I commit myself to sharing the common sense that MIND CONTROL works from the inside out: through what we accept and allow within ourselves – thus we are always self responsible based on our OWN acceptances and allowances.
I commit myself to showing how within our acceptance and allowance of this bipolar system as feelings/emotions we abdicate our directive-power and give the SYSTEM the authority to define and determine us and our experience –
and that within that, the system can control us because we have per implication accepted that we are powerless towards the inner system of feelings and emotions.
I commit myself to showing how we implicate ourselves in our own doom by giving our power away to feelings and emotions –  
instead of realizing the common sense that when we experience feelings and emotions, we are in fact experiencing the conditioned patterns of the past, through the mind, and not the actuality of reality.
I commit myself to sharing and living the common sense realization that life is not memory, and living is not in the mind.
I commit myself to showing that our existence as ‘human race’ is so DUMB, that in spite of the obvious common sense that feelings and emotions function through preprogrammed patterns of stimuli-response, we do not even for a moment STOP to look at what it is we are doing / following / pursuing and the consequences thereof;
and we use ´justifications´ such as that everybody is doing this, this is just human nature, that´s how this reality functions, it´s the world we live in etc.,
refusing however to consider that this reality is what it is because we are what we are – because of what we accept and allow ourselves to be.
I commit myself to showing how history keeps repeating with wars and bloodshed and a RACE for survival in the SAME way our emotional/feeling patterns keep repeating within ourselves through our submission, acceptance, and allowance, while we exist in constant inner conflict and struggle, racing after self-interest;
and all we do is blame ´others´, or seek revenge, or seek justice – refusing however to see, realize and understand that in a system of inequality and separation there can be no justice; and that blame and revenge lead no-where but into the patterns repeating and life being abused, exploited and CONSUMED in the name of profit = self-interest.
I commit myself to sharing and living the common sense realization that feelings and emotions are an indication of self-interest, because feelings and emotions are the ´expressions´ of the personalities we have created ourselves as, in separation from LIFE.
I commit myself to showing how personalities develop and follow certain wants, needs and desires, and are ready to literally FIGHT for their wants, needs and desires regardless at what cost, regardless whether others will suffer for one to have one´s OWN wants, needs and desires met, regardless the fact that these wants, needs and desires are products of the world CONSUMERISM system within which we are all but organic robots programmed to keep the system running.
Within this I commit myself to recognizing and stopping within myself the control of the mind consciousness system through personalities – which practically implies to in fact stop myself from existing as personalities and following the conditioned wants, needs and desires that come-up within me as the mind consciousness system.
I commit myself to continue walking my process of getting to know, see and understand the detail of How I created myself through acceptance and allowance to be what I am today – in the realization that who each one is accumulates into and manifests what this world is;
therefore it is our responsibility to sort out ourselves into and as oneness and equality of life, to within that transform our existence in this world from inequality and abuse to Life in equality and oneness.
I commit myself to stop self-interest, and to align myself with the interest of LIFE, as what is best for all, which includes me;
as I realize that within self-interest we only limit ourselves and keep ourselves within our ‘comfort zones’, seemingly ‘in control’ yet in fact in-fear/’inferior’, never really expanding, never really discovering ourselves as life to our fullest potential.
I commit myself to bringing forth a new system of actual life support, based on the actual value of life as LIFE, as oneness and equality – so that the world becomes a place that in fact supports our process of self-realizing life as oneness and equality, stopping the accepted limitations, and expanding to our fullest potentials, in self-dignity and mutual respect, within the context of What’s Best for All as LIFE.
ART by Arvydas Platakis
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