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A New Starting-Point for Life | 21 Days of Practicing Self Equality

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Within looking at my process as well as the process of humanity as a whole, I am now making the decision to taking on the point of deliberately and specifically integrating the mental realizations into and as living application in my physical reality, with myself and everyone and everything in my world.

Today I had a day off and was sitting in my bed listening to an awesome interview series that kind of walked me through my own process again, and as I was allowing myself to simply be here and be comfortable with myself, stretching in my bed, I listened to the point elaborated on, which was about the initial equality and oneness of substance as existence as a whole, wherein the relationship of each point to everything else was that of unconditionalexpression of support - which would be the ultimate definition of LIFE as substance, as living expression, as ONE in equality.

Furthermore the interview elaborated on how this awareness of life / as life does exist, yet it has been overshadowed and suppressed by the consciousness of and as this world system resonating throughout everything, manifesting this existence and us human beings as what we have here today as 'humanity'.

And how the entire world system is like this one big mind structure, exactly the same as the structure existence within and as the human mind consciousness - the same hierarchies, the same interactions, the same polarity designs, the same friction, the same structured archi-texture.


What is interesting is that every human being is in a way 'aware' of this awareness as life, in a sense sensing that there is something more, something bigger, something real beyond this virtual reality where we exist like characters in a role play –

yet one attempts to get access to that 'awareness', to that ‘bigger’ or ‘deeper’ connection to everything that is here : through the mind.

When the mind is in fact the very veil through which we separate ourselves from the oneness and equality of substance as who we all really are as part of this physical existence - from the smallest particle to the biggest galaxy, universe, whole ...the words we've been conditioned to think with are probably failing to describe the eternity of existence...



So I looked at this point within and as myself and realized that this physical existence, to which my physical body is the closest to of myself – is like a physical womb; and that this womb, this origin, is always here – it is the core of me as who I am of life.

I realized this as I was making myself comfortable in my bed, allowing myself to be comfortable with me, with and as my physical body, breathing, for a moment simply only being here, in the moment, embracing me, embracing the moment as me, embracing the fact that I was giving myself the permission to 'accept' being here, accept being comfortable with myself, simply here, breathing.

This experience however came from me as an expression of myself - it wasn't necessarily about being in or on the bed. Yet I looked at this point in my life where I'll have periods of time where in the evenings and as the night comes I become restless and it's like I don't want to go to bed, there’s like this resistance as if the mind is still wanting something. And yet in the mornings, I experience my bed as the most comfortable thing in the world. I am realizing now that it's not about the bed - it's about me giving me the moment of deliberately 'getting down to the core' of me here, simply breathing, and within this applying the living-principle of equality with me, as myself – letting go of any ‘want’ that the mind holds onto, and get myself back here, to the breath of my physical body, realizing I am already here, I don’t need to ‘get somewhere’.

Obviously our spiritual problem as humanity is that we are in a constant pull of energy apparently ‘getting somewhere’, within this missing the point which is Here as ourselves – who ARE we here in every moment, and can we really BE here in every moment if we’re busy following the pull of the mind that is somehow always ‘getting somewhere’...

Stopping the mind, meaning: stopping the conditioned acting out of patterns is something to be applied in every moment, within re-aligning self with the starting point of life as equality and oneness, here;

however, establishing and integrating that starting-point in the actuality of one’s physical reality – is something that I find requires attention and deliberate action.

That’s why I decided to walk 21 days of daily giving myself the deliberate moment of re-tracing my starting point here as myself.



I realized that I am able to give this moment to myself anytime I start getting restless. Because anything I create or approach from a starting-point of restlessness cannot be a full expression of myself, and equally the experience of it as me cannot be to its best/fullest, as I am not standing in equilibrium with me but instead going into and following that restlessness - which, as I am realizing, is of the mind:

that consciousness that is trying to 'get somewhere', 'be something', 'be someone', 'accomplish things' etc. and, due to value-judgments of 'superiority'/'inferiority', 'success'/'failure', 'winning'/'losing', cannot just let go, but has to continue thinking, trying, designing its way into 'getting there', whatever it is that the individual consciousness is conditioned to believe it is lacking or must achieve / attain / get.

In spite of this consciousness experience, I am making the decision to deliberately give myself a moment during every day to simply be here, breathe, embrace myself, without expectations, value-judgments, restlessness or rush, and acknowledge that I am a physical being walking this earth in a process of removing the veils that separate the self from the actuality of the physical existence that is Here.

These veils obviously exist within and as the mind and consist of the equations, codes and definitions that make up the individual consciousness in the HUMAN RACE –

and restlessness as an experience is one result of accepting and allowing the codes of the world system to define self, because self then exists within having to ‘be something’, ‘get somewhere’, ‘achieve’ this or that, instead of simply being here and facing what is here in the actuality of reality, as who one is AS LIFE, in the context of life as a WHOLE, as existence equal and one.



In the past I used to meditate and spend quite some time ‘with self’ – however I was back then attempting to create (I am now able to see this) alternate reality as ‘happy bubbles’ that would separate me from the actuality of my reality, where I would hide from what it is I face daily.

Now - this application of allowing myself to slow down and simply be here, breathing, that I decided to apply for 21 days, is not about creating an alternate reality or a bubble of separation wherein I'd for instance attempt to hide from the actuality of reality or to protect myself from seeing and experiencing the consequences of my creation. No. It is a moment I deliberately give to myself to 'get back' to my starting-point, which is here as self within and as physical oneness, 'get back' to the womb of the physical equality within and as existence, and embrace myself in acceptance and acknowledgement of this physical reality that sustains me, of which I am substantially part of.

I am seeing that I am able to establish this point as a starting-point, as my stability point, my origin, my ground – as myself. To then practice and explore the expression of myself from this starting-point of self equality and oneness, allowing myself to remain Here in self-stability and walk as a representative of Life, facing every point that comes my way during my day as an equal with me and one as life.


I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to follow the experience of 'restlessness' and thus to exist within and as 'restlessness'.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that this was the reason I was looking for a 'home' - yet I was projecting a ‘feeling’-experience of 'home' ‘out there’, and believed that I would ‘find home’ through another, a relationship or an accomplishment in the world, when in fact that HOME is and has always been Here as ME.

I commit myself to giving to myself that HOME as myself.

This is like an embracing expression of me inviting me to BE HERE, giving myself that HOME, as myself, my physical body, me breathing, moving, relaxing my physical from the claws of the mind that are always trying to in-FORM the body of what it's supposed to be, do, experience, ‘achieve’.

I commit myself to training the practical application of self-equality, wherein I deliberately embrace myself and acknowledge self-worth as life;

within this establishing self-acceptance and self-trust, and within this expanding the realization of self-honesty into and as my physical relationship to myself and equally to my mind as everything I have become.



I lately wrote about how I realized that the more I let go of what I think I want (which anyway only exists in the mind based on value-judgments) - the more I start realizing what it is I actually want and have always wanted: to simply be here, to know who I am and to be one with and equal to this existence.

Within this obviously comes the insight of our individual responsibility in the context of existence as a whole.

Visit the Desteni website and Eqafe for further inspiration on and understanding of how much we have taken for granted and how much we have missed from the actuality of reality, of ourselves, of what life is and can be.

I will daily share one point from my experience of deliberately walking the practical application of equality and oneness beginning with myself, integrating this living-principle into and as my beingness in practical application, in my relationship with myself to begin with.

This 21 Days is a decision I made to assist and support myself in establishing and integrating myself as a new starting-point for life/living, practically exploring what opens up once I let go of the mind's wants, needs, desires, expectations and moods completely for a moment and simply allow myself to be here, breathing, embracing myself, accepting myself here.

Within this also assisting and supporting myself to literally establish an actual foundation as myself, stand my ground, walk in self-trust and self-determination, to ensure that whatever I ‘create’ as myself, my relationships, my world, my creation: comes from this starting of self as life, in equality and oneness –

the substantial core we all share, which is where that point of CARE/CARING exists;

because how can we ever really CARE for another / the world / existence, when we have not learned to IN FACT care for ourselves, in taking responsibility for the mind-physical-relationship of who we are and how we exist/participate in every moment of breath.

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