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161: 21 of 21 Days Practicing Self Equality | Life is Here in Every Breath – Where am I?

ART by Kelly Posey

Since I started walking the 21 days of practicing self equality, I looked particularly into the following:
What IS my equality?
Who am I as my Thoughts?
Stopping the Ups & Downs
Feelings & Emotions Inequality
WHO is it that Wakes Up every day?
Investigating Personality Mutations
The Laws of My Being Rule Over Me?

What I am realizing is that self equality is not really something to ‘practice’, rather it is a point of self awareness.
Self awareness on the other hand, is something we can practice and train ourselves in.
Self equality is determined by whatever we stand equal to, at any given moment. Are we equal to judgment, inequality, comparison, competition, power-games, abuse? Are we equal to Life, as Life, or not?

In every moment, the question exists: Who am I?
It is Life, as all as one as equal, that asks the question.
Until a moment is suddenly the last, and then it is death, asking the same question.
And the answer is within our participation in every moment of breath, whether in awareness or unawareness.
Who am I in the face of existence?

This implies that the question "Who am I?" is actually the question "What am I equal to?" - And this is the point of self equality. We ARE always whatever we accept/allow ourselves to be equal to, in every moment.

Self equality is a result of either acceptance and allowance, wherein self simply follows the preprogrammed nature of one’s consciousness, identifying with whatever comes up in the mind –
OR self equality can be the result of self-honest self-directive living, wherein self is Here in self awareness as life, living every moment in a way that is Best for Life, thus Best for All, thus self is equal to/as life.


Currently humanity is existing within and as the manifested consequences of our ‘unawareness’, wherein we are not in fact aware of our oneness and equality as life, as flesh and bones, as Earthlings that share the same air on the same ground under the same sun; instead we are only aware of our "individual" self-interest in separation from life as a whole.
This point of unawareness is a tricky one, because it can be used as 'justification' - when clearly, there is NO WAY we can justify the abuse, the inequality, the exploitation we accept and allow.
We got so used to hiding behind our finger, pretending to not see, to not know, to not realize what it is we are accepting and allowing; we got so used to abdicating our responsibility – to the world, the system, other people, you name it - we blame everything and everyone else, but refuse to acknowledge our own responsibility within it all, specifically our responsibility for who we are and how we exist in the actuality of our reality which we share with others in our world.


What should be obvious by now, considering the repeating history of mankind, is that, as long as we blame, we have no power.
As long as we blame, we are projecting responsibility and thus we give away our power, while we expect everything and everyone else to change, before we change ourselves.

Hence – we manifest a world where nothing ever really changes, but only mutates into further dimensions of lies, deception, manipulation and exploitation, everyone refusing to take responsibility and stand-up for LIFE.


So here, on this last day of my 21 days of ‘practicing self equality’, I commit myself to continue my training of remaining Here in self awareness in every moment, making sure that I am the one determining who I am, i.e. what I stand equal to in every moment, through walking in self-honesty and continuing the deconstruction of my conditioned patterns, so that I may be/become the directive principle of me/my existence, no longer accepting or allowing the preprogrammed nature of self-interest to determine my words, thoughts and deeds.

21 of 21 is 100%. And this process of birthing ourselves as LIFE in oneness and equality implies that we have to give our all – 100%. There is no middle road, it is all or nothing.

It takes guts to let go of everything you think you know, everything you believe you have, everything you wish to possess or attain, everything you assume you must prove, and realize that everything we’ve placed VALUE into within this world consciousness system is a lie.

This lie is not difficult to see, yet to acknowledge that one is equally part of the lie, and to then start letting go of everything that defines ‘who’ one is, is a challenge. Who would you be if everything else would suddenly fall away? This is in essence the question one face at death – the moment you realize that you leave everything behind: your possessions, your definitions, your personalities, your ‘status’, your ideas, your dreams and desires, everything you’ve placed VALUE into is suddenly worth nothing.

So who are you without everything that you’ve accepted to define you?

Imagine a new born baby in its first months in this world. It has no concept of polarity, of good and evil, of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’; it has no concept of fear, no concept of power, no concept of status; it possesses not, nor does it desire to possess; it is simply HERE, communicating to everything that surrounds it with equal regard. It has no masks behind which to hide, it does not need to hide, it does not need to wear personality suits, it does not need to dream of some ‘good life’, it simply LIVES.

What would this world be like, if we would recognize the VALUE of LIFE? What would this world be like, if LIFE were the only value in the actuality of our existence, in fact? Who would we be if we could value ourselves and each-other as LIFE, as equals, acknowledging the Oneness of our existence as interconnectedness and interdependence?

Oneness by definition implies equality.
Without equality, oneness is deception – it is but a concept used to paint a beautiful picture while we allow our world to deteriorate, while we allow life to be abused in the name of profit, which is self-interest, which is in essence the law of our being – the law that determines the nature of this world.

It is time we question and re-evaluate the ‘laws’ and ‘equations’ that we accept and allow our existence to be based on.


I commit myself to live so, that the ‘law of my being’ can be applied for all life ensuring dignity and freedom for all.

I commit myself to dare my world to question and consider our accepted ‘way of life’.


If we were equal to LIFE, we would live so that no abuse, deception or manipulation is allowed; we would live so that no part of our oneness need to suffer.


I commit myself to align the law of my being to LIFE – to align my self equality to life and the support of life in oneness and equality, as opposed to self-interest in separation.

Therefore I commit myself to walk in self awareness as life in every moment, making in every moment a self-willed decision of ‘who I am’ and what it is I stand equal to, what it is I accept and allow for life and what not, because I realize:
every moment of breath defines me – and I am either defined through/as the conditioned consciousness I have become as a self-interested product of this world system, or I determine myself as life through considering ALL LIFE EQUALLY in every moment of my participation, in all possible ways.

We’ve got a tough road ahead, as we have accepted the laws of this world consciousness system to take control over life; we have accepted consciousness to determine ‘value’ and within that we have allowed the exploitation of life in the name of profit, we have allowed the exploitation of life in the name of self-interest.

We all do it – we simply have to self-honestly look and see how. Seeing how we do it will show us the laws of our being, the nature of our beingness, and that is where we are faced with a decision:
Will we accept and allow the preprogrammed, conditioned 'ways of life' to dictate life with the atrocious result we see all around us?
Or will we take self-responsibility and transform the laws of our being into the LAW of LIFE, thus oneness and equality, which is the only law that equates to what is Best for All, ensuring for ALL LIFE equal power, equal rights, equal participation, and the end of all abuse!


I commit myself to walking and sharing my process of Stopping the abdication of life to a system of inequality, starting within/with myself.

I commit myself to walking and sharing my process of deconstructing the constructs of deception and manipulation that we have become as consciousness.

I commit myself to exposing the CON of consciousness and showing how polarity is a trap within which we are like puppets on strings, driven by an automated pilot, refusing to take responsibility for life.

I commit myself to standing-up for life, starting with/within myself as an equal of life.

I commit myself to taking responsibility for LIFE, until ALL life is free, as one, as equals.


Join the process of stopping the system and transcending our existence into freedom and dignity for ALL!

Join the development of an equal money system as a first step into an actual life-support system for our Earth that will stop abuse, exploitation and deception, and will support all life equally.

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