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Day 134: "Here"&"There" - How Definitions Define Us | Man as the Living Word

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Before continuing with further looking into the dimensions of definitions that opened up when I looked into the words WANT and HOME - I am taking a look at the ´living word´ and opening up some questions.

We are the Words we live, meaning that the definitions we give to words define us, define our experience of ourselves, define what we fear and what we desire, define who we can be and who we cannot be, define the boundaries of our individual existence, and consequently the world as our shared existence here on this earth.
How did it come to this?

What have we made of the living word?
Who are we as living words?
What defines our words?

When a child is taught how to speak, the child is presented with a picture, a word, and an energetic association as the ´feeling´ or ´emotion´ that the parent or whoever is teaching the child holds of that word/picture.
Within this, the child is in fact presented with the value-judgments of this world, and will start to not only develop judgments about things around it, but also about itself. It will start looking at things from a polarity perspective and it will learn that life is a power-game the point of which is ´winning´.

Within the Journey to Life blogs the point of ´reward´ and ´punishment´ was elaborated on extensively, especially in the context of parenting and character building.
(See also my blog posts of Day 81, 105, 106, 107, 109)


Just like we do with thoughts, we also charge our words with energetic “values” of consciousness as polarity based on mental concepts of ‘superiority’/’inferiority’, ‘more than’/’less than’, ‘winning’/’losing’.

The way we live words in fact reveals our existing within and as individual attempts to manipulate our way into ‘winning’- while we fail to communicate in a direct, straight-forward, sound manner.

Our word is not sound.

What is sound?
Sound is something that is whole, solid, valid, something that has integrity, that has impact, something that resonates in clarity and unison.

Our word is not sound. Because we do not stand in integrity as who we are, we do not stand within and as self equality and oneness as life.


If we look at our participation with words /speaking /communicating from the perspective of ‘motive’/´motivation´:
What drives us to speak/communicate? It is self-interest. We want something. Or we react to something. Then what we say is in essence about “me”(self-interest) rather than about the common good (common sense) of a context/situation/the reality we share.

Why do we misunderstand each other so often? Because our words send out multiple messages that often are congruent. We say one thing but mean another, or we have one experience/reaction within self but outwards we present something different.

There is this ´secret mind´ existent within each one, a place where we hide, from each-other, and mostly also from ourselves.

How can our word be sound when it is resonantly colored with all kinds of reactions that we innerly hold on to?
How can our word be direct when we innerly hide our actual experience / thoughts / opinions?
How can our word be sound when we resonate the inner conflicts we mostly exist within?
How can we resonate clarity when we innerly exist in utmost confusion?

How can we communicate effectively when each one of us have different associations and definitions of a word?
How can we agree on anything if we do not even refer to the same thing in spite of using the same words?
Why is it that we have different associations to and definitions of words?
How do we create our individual definitions of words in the first place?
And how do we make ourselves subject to our own definitions to such an extent, that we fail to find common ground based on common sense as what is best for LIFE, that we all in essence are?
What is it that we have consciously or unconsciously placed before life, given more value to than life?

It is the ENERGY we have given to words, things and in essence ourselves - Energy being the whole range of mental value-judgments from ´positive´ to ´negative´ which create our ´feelings´ and ´emotions´ = our energetic experiences, resulting to an existence where we constantly compare and compete, manifesting a human RACE that turns out to be extensively inhumane.

Our existence, this hell on earth, reveals that we give more value to our mental concepts of ‘superiority’/’inferiority’, ‘more than’/’less than’, ‘winning’/’losing’ - than we acknowledge the value of life, which is the equality of our oneness as life on earth.
We place more value into consciousness and the mental dimension of our existence than we value the physical reality of/as ourselves and our earth/nature, which is that which sustains our consciousness in the first place, because without the physical body, the individual consciousness as thoughts, feelings and emotions: does not exist.

So obviously something has gone terribly wrong with this existence, with what we have become - what we have allowed ourselves to make out of life.
And it is imperative that we understand how we came to be what we are today, individually and collectively, to understand how we create ourselves and consequently our world, this reality, as that is the only way to be the change we want to see in the world: Man Know Thyself.


To Be Continued.

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