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Day 162: Living Words in Self Agreement as Life | ACCEPTANCE

I have started walking a particular Lesson within my desteni I process, wherein I will be specifically looking at the words I live and the energetic definitions I have accepted in unawareness throughout my life/preprogramming, and I will be re-defining words for myself to LIVE ... To have a context as to ‘Why’ this is important, I suggest reading Bernard’s blog post Re-defining Words to Living Words.


I am walking this process of Redefining Words within and as the starting-point of establishing an Agreement with myself in equality and oneness as Life to assist and support myself in Living in self-honesty and self-determination –

thus I am looking at this process within the context of my self-commitment to myself as Life, and thus my commitment to All Life as One.


... So, why are we walking the process of redefining words, and what is its relationship towards communication with self and others?
What we know about ourselves as human beings is that who we are, essentially, within the mind ... is that we are beings that consist of and exist as words; words that are currently lived within various contexts, or words in which we participate within in various contexts – where we participate in words within ourselves, in our minds, we participate in words in our actual verbal communication, and we participate in words within our physical-behavioural communication.
...So, within this process of how we had come to align ourselves with words in our minds, we had never really considered the extent to which miscommunication manifests within ourselves/ with others – simply due to words not having an equal and one definition ... We’ve come to exist in Miscommunication with ourselves within who we are in our relationship to words, as we’ve ‘missed’ the ‘communication’ with ourselves within who we are in self-aware living in and as our physical-bodies ... Words have become Energy-Experiences, instead of ACTUAL LIVING, because we have not been aware within our existence/relationship within and between the Mind and the Physical...”


I am in the process of deciding on words that I would like to live and to become, visibly, within myself and my living in this world / this reality.

And I will be sharing parts of this process within my daily Blog posts.


How have I lived Acceptance thus far?

I was looking for acceptance ‘from others’, within this implied is that I was not accepting myself, and within that is the equation that I would only accept myself once others/another accepts me.

Generally, we want to be accepted ‘the way we are’, and once we are accepted ‘the way we are’, the point of self-responsibility is in a way ‘taken away’, because I don’t require to change me or expand or grow or develop ‘who I am’, because ‘who I am’ is already ‘accepted’ and therefore I am ‘good’/’worthy’ etc.

Or there is the saying “I love you just the way you are”, or “you have to accept yourself the way you are” –

However, what I am seeing is that when we leave it at that, ‘love’ becomes a justification for abuse, and self-acceptance becomes an acceptance of one’s limitations, and the possibility or ability or willingness to change/expand/transform is ‘taken away’.


Seeing the limitation of the word ‘acceptance’ as I have lived it throughout my life as well as the way we generally ‘understand’ the word acceptance through ‘sayings’ in society –

What I see is required, is to remove the limitation that the generally accepted definition of the word implies;

and I would like to remove the polarity of ‘self and others’.


Therefore one point I’d like to add here is the realization that the point of acceptance is like a starting-point, is the basic-equality point of: ‘What is Here’.

Therefore, acceptance implies seeing What is Here, and accepting What is Here for what it is, this it also implies Seeing things for what they are. So acceptance is like the basic equality as starting-point, from which, once I stand equal to and one with What is Here, whether that is myself and/or another/others/situations/events, I am then, from that point of acceptance = equality and oneness Here, able to change it, form it, transform it.

Within this, I see that this definition of Acceptance also means: ‘No judgment’; which is common sense – because as long as I judge something / me / another, I am not equal and one, and thus I can also not form/transform/change/move the point.


Okay, so within finalizing the definition, the following points are important to check:

-          Does the definition of the word stand clear, where there is no polarity within the definition of the word?

-          Does the definition represent what the word means?

-          Can I stand before all life with the chosen definition?


So, thus far now – I have removed the limitation from the definition.

Now I will look into the polarity of ‘self and others’ –
because, as I realized, I had created this idea that I can accept myself only once others/another accepts me. Within this, there is a polarity, a separation of self from self and from others. So, to diffuse this polarity and stop the separation, it must be defined that acceptance begins with/within self. Which is also common sense because – how can I accept another/others, if I cannot accept myself?

Therefore ‘acceptance’ is then equal to and one with ‘self-acceptance’, meaning: accepting another is equal to ‘accepting another as self’. Here however, it is important to incorporate the definition/understanding of the word ‘acceptance’ as starting-point, as the point of ‘equality and oneness’, where No judgment exists.


From here, the consideration opens up: What can I / am I willing to accept for me/another as LIFE, and what not.

For instance, if the initial point that I see as What is Here is abusive or deceptive or serving only self-interest or self-delusion, then I first let go of all judgment, stand Here equal and one with What is Here to see it for what it is, accept that it is what it is;
and as I see that I cannot accept this/such point for LIFE because it is not supportive of LIFE, from here I have the possibility /ability /opportunity to look at How I can change /transform /inform the point that “there is another way”.


New definition of ACCEPTANCE as living word:

Acceptance is the point where no judgment exists. It is the application/living of standing equal to and one with What is Here, and this starting-point enables me to see things for what they are – which further enables me to, in case What is Here is not acceptable for LIFE, change/form/transform the point/things/myself into what is Best for Life.

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