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Day 139: Man as the Living Word | The Desteni of Life

ART by Anna Brix Thomsen

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I am committed to showing that there is a problem with our Word, and thus a problem with our World -
because our Word creates the World, and our World reveals who we Are.

Do we exist in awareness of who we are in every moment we participate in our reality? Is our participation in the interest of LIFE? Or is our participation only in self-interest, greed, fear, inequality...

What Fate will Man meet?
Or will Man create a new Desteni?
Who decides?

Follow the Journey to Life blogs written daily around the globe, wherein we investigate, expose, reveal and elaborate on the accepted nature of self, humanity, and the world --

Our WORDS are our SWORDS with which we oepen up the illusionary veils we hide behind -

so that as we SEE what we have accepted and allowed to be/become of self, humanity, and the world, our existence, we REALIZE our responsibility for all that is here, and UNDERSTAND that unless WE/I stand-up and transform the Self that speaks the Words that create the World into a living expression that HONOR LIFE in all possible ways - the world, our existence has no way of becoming a place where life is honored.

Investigate Desteni and the principle of Equality and Oneness - and dare to acknowledge that without equality, oneness is deception. Dare to see that we as human beings may be one/individuals, yet within ourselves we are divided, we are not equal as one.

There is so much taken for granted in this existence.
How do we stop the separation?
How do we stop the patterns of abuse?
How do we change the system?

Get informed, get involved - Be a voice for Life, let your Word be your Sword.

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