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Day 140: Man as the Living Word | A new Starting-Point for Life

ART by Bastian Neumann

For context see my previous Blog posts

I have been in my previous blog posts looking at how we use words to DEFINE others and ourselves, and how our definitions are based on a POLARITY consciousness, thus we end-up existing in constant comparison / competition and in fear of 'not being good enough' and in desire to be 'more', and within this: never in fact accepting self here, never actually taking self-responsibility, never actually realizing our authority as life.

I looked at how much power we give the IMPRESSIONS we gather throughout our lives, and how parents IMPRESS upon their children from a very young age the expectations that will DEFINE them;

and how within that, the authentic self EXPRESSION of a child as an expression of LIFE gets ‘lost’, as it gets more and more influenced, defined and thus FORMED by the input a child receives.


The IMPRESSION the child is IMPRESSED by is like an imprint, a code, an equation, from which a consciousness is formed that drives and directs the child from within the unconscious, bringing to the conscious the thoughts and the ‘logic’ that will ‘justify’ the (self-)definitions that the child accepted in unawareness –

an acceptance which consequently allows for the (in-)FORMATION of the individual consciousness with which the child starts to identify, as an ‘individual’.

That ‘individual’ is in fact the core of self-interest, from the starting point of which the child will then begin to design its ‘evil ways’ in terms of how to manipulate its environment to get its way, to then triumphantly rub its hands together thinking “I did it MY way”.

That consciousness – EVERY consciousness, as well as the unified consciousness field as the ONE system this whole world and existence is enslaved by and as – knows fear, knows desire, knows comparison, knows to be ‘happy’ when it ‘wins’ and to be ‘sad’ when it ‘loses’, knows to judge between ‘superior’ and ‘inferior’ and exists in fact within a constant comparison / competition / RACE against everyone and everything.

It is that consciousness that will ‘grow-up’ existing in survival mode, in constant yet unconscious fear of death, fear of loss, fear of falling. And that fear will be like a pull, because it’s been the starting-point of everything, the starting-point of the beginning of consciousness, the core of the program. And the being will, as consciousness, try and try to pull against it, to the opposite direction, the opposite polarity, and will try and create illusions of happiness, delusions of grandeur, will try to find ‘meaning’ and gain ‘value’ and get ‘validation’ and ‘acceptance’ ...for what: for being a successful picture in a picture world, a great character in this role-play we call ‘life’.



Within this I realize that who we are / who we have become is a patch-work of impressions that we accepted and allowed in unawareness.

So the question is - what are we going to do once we start becoming aware of who we are /have become and how we function, how we exist and what defines us?



The 'evolution of consciousness', seen within the globalization of the world and the acceleration of time, is in a way presenting us with a one-time opportunity, because never before was man able to correlate so much information and SEE what is actually going on, what it is we are FACING as humanity, collectively and individually.

The question is: Will we move before it is too late? Will we stand-up within ourselves and take back the power and the responsibility we have abdicated to an automated system that we didn’t even instruct ourselves, in full awareness?


At Desteni we are exposing the different ways of how the SYSTEM within and without constantly pulls us back to the ‘known’, the ‘accepted’, the ‘habits’ that inhabit us, there where it feels ‘in control’, there where it has a sense of ‘power’, there where it can hide from its fear, there where it can be ‘something’, there where it gets ‘validation’ and ‘acceptance’, like a spoilt child that can get no satisfaction.

Therefore we train ourselves in strengthening our resolve; acknowledging the consequences of self-deception, self-interest, ego; and stopping the patterns of our individual limitation to realize ourselves as life: wherein we can walk in self-trust, self-worth, self-acceptance as life – within and as the living principle of ONENESS and EQUALITY.

We stop the abuse of the system within self. We stop the polarity, we stop the addiction to fear and desire, we stop the abdication of ourselves to the energetic executives of consciousness, we stop accepting less than who we can be, we stop limiting ourselves. We train ourselves in becoming accountable individuals that ‘know thy self’ and stand in integrity Here, in every moment of breath, making sure that one’s participation in every moment is self-directed in absolute dignity and responsibility from the starting-point of LIFE.


At Desteni we work together in practical common sense and towards tangible solutions based in the value of LIFE and the realization of self-responsibility.

We assist and support ourselves and each-other as ONE group, as all LIFE should and could and will do/live/be. We assist and support ourselves and each-other in applying self-honesty in every moment, walking in real-time, breathing through resistances, making deliberate decisions against our conditioned controls, facing ourselves and what is here as ourselves: our reality, our inner and outer existence, our relationships, the systems of our world.




I commit myself to setting myself free from the definitions that define me, as I realize that it is only through my acceptance and allowance of impressions from my environment (=the accepted system that is reflected in the world’s inequality and abuse) that I came to define myself in terms of 'superiority'/'inferiority', 'more than'/'less than', 'winning'/'losing'.


I commit myself to stop seeing myself as a picture, an image, a definition and to stop all comparison and competition within myself - as I realize that I’d be within that only limiting myself and in essence judging myself, because every definition that is based in polarity consciousness carries a judgment, a “value”.


I realize that such definitions of polarity are the mental concepts through and as which we separate ourselves from life as ourselves and each-other, ending up in a HUMAN RACE where we exist in fear of survival against each-other, in competition, greed, jealousy, conflict, constantly manipulating our reality to 'win' - which is the starting-point for all WAR on earth.


Therefore I commit myself to stopping all conflict within myself, as I realize that the external conflicts we face, see, and witness in our world: are the manifestation and externalization of the inner conflicts we keep ourselves trapped within – because we never learned to accept ourselves as life, in self equality, we never learned to trust ourselves as life, and instead we allowed our self-worth to be defined by the “values” of this world consciousness.


I commit myself to ‘take ME by the hand’ and dis-cover who I am as life, as I walk through the layers of the consciousness I have become – yet I stand as the starting-point, the directive principle, the authority, the author of my Journey to Life which I script for me to LIVE, and therefore through/as this self authority that I decide to take responsibility for as myself, I embrace and amalgamate every layer of myself that I see is in separation as reflected to me through my mind, aligning ‘it’ as myself to the principle of equality and oneness;

thus correcting my mind as myself, WITHOUT JUDGMENT, WITHOUT FEAR, simply by looking at things for what they are, in self-honesty and common sense, and making the decision of what it is I will accept and allow within me and my world AS LIFE and what I will not accept or allow – what is acceptable for life and what not, what is supportive of life and what not, what honors life and what not.




I commit myself to participating in my world from the starting-point of life as equality and oneness, Me being the starting-point, thus within this and through taking that point of self-responsibility ABSOLUTE: establishing self-acceptance, self-trust, self-worth AS LIFE, as who I really am as a living being –

not a picture, not an image, not a definition, not a character in a role play.


I commit myself to standing for LIFE, as LIFE; and participating in my world in every moment as a representative of life - thus doing and living What is Best for All with every breath in every moment.


I no longer accept or allow myself to be defined, impressed and influenced by the mental concepts of consciousness or to be defined by perception, impression, judgment;

Instead, I assist and support myself to stand in self-awareness as life, to walk in self-acceptance, self-worth, self-trust, and live the principle of equality and oneness within and as myself.


I commit myself to living the realization that I am the starting-point of my existence, the origin of any experience that comes up within me, the cause of any effect I face within my life –

and therefore within that, I take absolute self-responsibility for who I am, what I experience, and how I participate in my world.


I commit myself to assisting and supporting myself in equalizing all my relationships to be as Best for Life;

as I realize that selective participation/interaction is based on judgment – and thus said Jesus “judge not lest you be judged”.


I will myself in every moment to let go of any judgment and to treat each being equally, just like I would like to be treated as life.


I stop defining myself through my relationships, and instead: I define my relationships based on who I am as life –

therefore not accepting or allowing myself to be changed according to where I am or who I am with, as I realize that it is up to me to make the decision to be the directive-principle of me and live the self-responsibility of who I am in every moment.


I make the decision to within self-equality and oneness be the directive-principle of me and LIVE the self-responsibility of who I am in every moment.


I make the decision to LIVE the realization that I decide who I am – and therefore it is either that I decide who I am in self-equality, self-acceptance, self-trust, self-worth, self-honesty as life; or that I decide who I am by following the impressions / feedback / judgments of the system/world/mind, thus in self-dishonesty.


See – the point is that once we SEE we cannot un-see.

Once we realize the difference between self-honesty and self-dishonesty, and that THAT is the actual choice in life, in every moment, we can no longer close our eyes and pretend we are blind.

The question is, do we manage to push through the resistances and actually LIVE the realizations into our physical reality – THAT is the actuality of reality and not the mental where the decision is made.


THAT is why we are here on earth, THAT is the challenge we are all facing:

are we gonna allow the apparently invisible and intangible  controls of the system to determine who we are in the actual visible and tangible reality we all share?

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