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147: Day 7 of 21 Practicing Self Equality | Equalizing Communication in the Inner and the Outer

ART by Matti Freeman



Within the world, within the system, through ´education´, parenting, media, etc., it is obvious that we do not learn to communicate ourselves directly, in clarity and in mutual understanding. This leads to a lot of miscommunication, within ourselves, with each-other, and in the world as a whole.


In the process of practicing self equality, I am seeing that a lot of the judgments we have of self and others, as well as our hidden fears and desires, stand in the way of clear and direct communication –

which also implies that our communication is then in fact a manipulation, as we try to get our intentions realized indirectly, which is then only the realization of self-interest, the interest of a persona, of a character role, without actual regard for life; because through our ‘evolution’ of consciousness we ended up each in their own movie, in the mind, and in total separation from each-other, even from ourselves as who we really are as life.



What we have established as ‘communication’ in this world does not serve the interest of life in any way whatsoever.


So it is imperative that we start developing real, actual communication – within and for ourselves to begin with, which is done through writing, self-honesty, self-forgiveness and self-directive change in the actuality of our physical reality, as we walk and breathe in every moment.


A ´tool´ that can be used in our relationships to support the development of communication is for one the exercise of redefining words.

What can also be applied is the clear description of patterns, because within this, we can assist and support ourselves and each-other to not identify with the patterns as if that´s who we really are, to not take the clashing of patterns personally, but to instead see the patterns for what they are, and within that assist and support self and each-other to stop the control a pattern has onto self and self´s experience and behaviour, so that self can take self-responsibility and change the pattern through self-directive power, making an actual decision of ´who I am´, which then obviously must be lived into beingness through practical application in fact.



Ultimately, who one is should be the same within and without, one should have no separate compartments within self, no hidden fears or desires that drive one from within the unconscious. Because as long as we have hidden agendas within ourselves, we in fact exist in separation even from ourselves, perpetuating value-judgments and polarity systems within and without – instead of participating in our reality directly, in clarity, self-honesty, common sense.


It is imperative that we understand the ‘unconscious’ control patterns of self-interest, which is always based in fear and its polarity-opposite as ‘desire’ – that we bring everything that is ‘hidden’ to the surface so that we can face ourselves in self-honesty, realize how we have accepted and allowed ourselves to give the directive-principle of ourselves away to patterns of consciousness to drive us from the dark corners of our minds, and take self-responsibility to piece ourselves back together as ONE, in self equality, as life, in the interest of LIFE.



This brings me once again to the point of parenting – because here in essence we´re looking at re-educating ourselves and assisting and supporting ourselves to in fact ‘grow up’, to be/become accountable individuals that realize responsibility for life and do not hide behind the mind of fears, desires, secrets, inferiority and superiority concepts and other bipolar designs.
Self-forgiveness and self-corrective statements to follow

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