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Day 137: Man as the Living Word | Where is the Sound of Life

ART by Sylvie Jacobs

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I commit myself to showing how we have manifested a world where we do not even agree on the meaning of the words we use – for instance the word LOVE.

I commit myself to living a re-definition of the world LOVE from the starting point of life as oneness and equality:

Love = I will not accept or allow anything less than who you are as one and equal with me as life. When I see that you are not honoring you as who you are as life - I will directly intervene and assist and support you, how necessary - so you in this moment may realize/see/understand what you are accepting/allowing within you that is not of who you really are.


I commit myself to living LOVE within and as myself, and treating myself as I would treat ‘the one I love’ – because if I love the one, which is life, then it is common sense that I practically love all of life equally.

I commit myself to being ‘the one’ for me, being who I want to be as best for life in spite of the limitations of this reality.

I commit myself to living the word LOVE through allowing myself to Live, MOVING myself to Live.

I commit myself to living the word LOVE in a way that does not accept limitation or belief and does not allow self-compromise, self-abuse, self-dishonesty, manipulation, power-games, deception, destruction.

I commit myself to live a new definition of the word LOVE such that it is equal to LIFE as a whole.

I commit myself to start my process of walking myself into loving myself – loving myself as life practically: assisting and supporting myself to grow, to expand, to stop my fears and limitations, stop being driven by preprogrammed desires, and free myself from definitions, as I realize that definitions limit who I am to only certain particular frequencies of sound as energy, instead of me standing here as one, sound, equal, stable: I am Here.


When energy is whole – it is SOUND.
When life is SOUND, energy is no longer in separation from life as a whole.

Abuse can only exist in separation.

Currently we exist in separation from sound, in an infinite conflict of energies in separation from each-other, in separation from the whole.

(I see that this point is worth looking into in more depth, in terms of further realizations / deconstruction, and especially obviously from a practical perspective of living application, which is in common sense what must come as an outflow of any realization.)


I commit myself to embracing myself as the starting point of my existence, my experience, my participation, my creation, taking responsibility for every moment I am faced with, as I realize that every moment is life communicating with me and asking me one question: Who are you?

I commit myself to sharing the common sense realization that I am Here, on this earth, and that this is who I am.

I commit myself to living the realization that who I am is Here.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense realization that it is in our hands whether humanity on earth will ‘make it’ through evolution.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense realization that we have had an extensive mental and technological acceleration – while our awareness of the physical as physical beings has been extremely slow and negligent.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense realization that we find ourselves in a spiral of an evolutionary process as MIND CONSCIOUSNESS SYSTEMS.
We may think that we are moving – but is the spiral really going anywhere or is it trapped within and as itself, spinning around itself, creating more and more layers of itself, manifesting a frenzy, an atrocious frequency.

The spiraling movement we perceive represents the friction of energies we are trapped within: the inner conflicts, the wars in the world – do they ever end?
No, because both within and without, due to the accepted separation and our alienation from life, everything we do is always about energy and the competition around / the fight for energy:
Within self: energy as ‘love’, ‘self-righteousness’, ‘winning’, ‘power’,
within the world: energy as money, oil, resources, competition, PROFIT.

This energy however exists only within and as polarity.

To ‘win’, to ‘have’, to ‘gain’, to make ‘profit’ and maintain ‘power’, to experience the ‘positive’- we suppress and deny the ‘negative’:
Within self: the ‘negative’ as fear, judgment, jealousy, greed, desire,
within the world: the ‘negative’ as the existential fear of survival, competition, poverty, starvation.

Both within self and in the world we can see: inequality, separation.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense realization that the solution to our existence is equality and oneness –
both our existence as the world, and within ourselves as individuals.

I commit myself to showing how it is only through and within oneness and equality – starting with/within self – that we are able to see things for what they are and piece ourselves back together in self-responsibility, getting to know every single aspect of ourselves, embracing it as ourselves, transforming it as ourselves.


There exist physical laws in our existence.

However, through the acceleration of our mental and technological (symbolic and structural) evolution, we are predisposed to seeing Polarity as morality, good and evil, higher and lower, God and the Devil, the Christ and the Satan, the Angel and the Demon.

Hence the various religion systems on earth, the cultural ritualistic systems, and belief-systems around views of the world, our origin, and human nature.

However – Where is the responsibility within that?

We can see that we have taken physical laws and have given them a definition – we mystified them and have charged them with emotional/feeling definitions of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’.

What creates the laws of nature to begin with?

Could it be that our existence – regardless where we come from and in what form we may have been before – is reflected in the laws of nature?

This is a chicken & egg question, what was first. There may be an answer to this that is not in terms of ‘either – or’…


We may have realized a morality of ‘good’ and ‘evil’, we have however refused to see that the ‘evil’, the ‘negative’ exists within and through ourselves, as greed, jealousy, spite, blame, and all the kinds of abuse that describe ‘human nature’.

To not have to face and take responsibility for the ‘evil’, the ‘negative’ within and as ourselves, we want to create the ‘positive’.

However, we create the ‘positive’ as a polarity of the ‘negative’, we create the ‘positive’ in the mental plane only – we are not in fact creating a positive experience of life in the world, lived in all possible ways and within all systems, equally for all.

The ‘negative’ however, does not remain in the mental plane only. Through our suppression and denial of it, it manifests itself as consequence of our human nature in all aspects of our world: violence, crime, war, starvation, inequality.


I commit myself to sharing the realization that we limit ourselves within ourselves by submitting to the consciousness of this world, and then we blame the world, others, our relationships, for ‘who we are’ and the experience of ourselves.

And because we do not allow ourselves to grow in self-trust, self-worth, self-respect, self-dignity; and because we blame ‘others’: we develop jealousy, greed, ego – and end up existing as mind consciousness systems in self-interest, separated from LIFE that is the only holy spirit that could in fact exist.


I commit myself to allowing myself to see me.

I commit myself to allowing myself to see who and what I have become.

I commit myself to investigating How I have become; what acceptances and allowances gave permission for the creation of ‘me’ as who and what I am today, what defines my experience of myself, what defines my limitations, how and why do I justify my limitations, how and why do I justify clinging on to ‘what I know’ about ‘who I am’ and who others are.

Instead of using the mind to get to know ourselves, the fear of our own fear within ourselves has been so extensive, that we (ab)used the mental to deceive ourselves – to hide from ourselves.

We have separated ourselves into frequencies, all kinds of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ frequencies designed through mental definitions;

This creates friction. Friction creates energy. And so we exist within a recycling system of energy, while history is repeating. Both within, and without.

It’s like we exist in fragments of time, in pockets of codes as memories, definitions, experiences that define us – and which get triggered through external stimuli the definition of which we ourselves have created or accepted or allowed.

We find ourselves in our own made bed, trapped in our own definition of reality…


I commit myself to sharing the common sense that it is not possible to get to any actual positive or higher experience of self without giving / allowing / ensuring an equal quality of positive experience for all life.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that it is not possible to get to any actual positive or higher experience of self without FACING the negative, suppressed and denied aspects of our existence within and without.


I commit myself to sharing the common sense realization of what it means to FACE:

It is to allow ourselves to see the true nature of our individual existence to begin with, with everything that it consists of, to embrace all of it, even the most ‘evil’, most ‘negative’, to investigate and understand its origin, seeing and recognizing within this the power-games and polarity constructs we exist through, as if we were merely characters in a play. To allow ourselves to face the ‘lowest part’ of ourselves; to then forgive all judgment, all fear, all separation, and stand-up from within the core of our beingness, to change any and all ‘evil’ as our beingness – we are then changing ourselves, human nature, and consequently the world.

To FACE something is to stop denying it, stop suppressing it, stop judging it, stop fearing it – and realizing: it is SELF.

Thus to embrace all of self and take absolute self-responsibility.


To suppress and deny the ‘evil’, the ‘negative’ of and within ourselves, we project it in separation from ourselves. We blame others, we demonize the world, we create the idea of the devil. And at the same time we seek out for the positive, we search and search, and try and try;

we charge ourselves through the mental with delusions of ego, we create a self-image, we charge ourselves with ‘positive feelings’ to ‘feel good’, a sense of power. Or we are a ‘good person’ and ‘humble’ ourselves sin the service of a ‘god’ or the ‘good’ of charity and other delusions of the ‘positive’, each one designed by the individual imagery and a preprogrammed feeling/emotional experience of for instance a ‘higher purpose’, a ‘hidden meaning’, ‘enlightenment’, ‘ascension’, etc. etc.


I commit myself to sharing the obvious common sense that in a world that is Best for ALL in all ways: charity would not exist.

I commit myself to showing how human nature exists as characters in a play, pretending to be ‘good’, while no actual good comes out of our existence.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense of how important it is to take responsibility for everything that exists in our existence.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense of how important it is to – regardless what one is facing – BRING IT BACK TO SELF
= turning the judgments and the fears and the separation into gifts, opportunities to embrace a point and take responsibility for its existence.

I commit myself to walk my process of life from the starting-point of self as life.

I commit myself to showing how we exist in mental delusions and only create illusionary ‘positive’ experiences that only exist in our minds, but are never in fact a sustainable and reliable experience.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that real positive would be a positive experience for all life that is sustainable and reliable for all equally.

I commit myself to sharing the urgency of taking self-responsibility for who we are and how we exist in this world – because who we are and how we coexist in this world is what creates the world in the first place.



To be continued.

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo
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