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442 | Mind Control from the Inside Out - The Revenge of the Ego

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I have in the past couple of days been writing in the context of taking on the deliberate rumors spread by anonymous sources with false information and evidently bad intentions. I am thus writing also this post in that context, as I am currently busy deconstructing and walking through a point of mind control specifically related to conditioned beliefs and self-definitions. What I am clear about within this, which most people are not exactly aware of, is that mind control in essence functions from the inside out, and that no mind control is ever possible without a given gullibility of the recipient mind.

Thus the question would actually also be, how come human beings are so gullible to mind control, and what is it exactly that allows for such gullibility? What is it that creates a human without integrity and lacking the basic common sense to discern between reality and illusion?

Throughout the years of my research with the Desteni message and material available, I have come to answers on these questions, and many answers you are able to find in my blog posts as well as obviously within the Desteni research material which is, granted, vast.

Is Desteni Mind Control? 
Well, for those that have been researching the Desteni material this is an lol-question, lol. I have elaborated before on this, and what I share in my blogs and vlogs is also proof of that, namely: the case is in reverse, lol, being that Desteni shows and explains in detail how mind-control functions and why mind-control is possible at all, and why/how this entire world system and humanity's existence is basically rooted in a form of mind-control. 
So it's ironic that everyone fears mind-control more or less but all fail to see that we are already existing in a form of mind-control. A brainwashed existence, mankind, really. 

Obviously this is a vast subject to contextualize within just one paragraph.

But in this post I will be sharing an intimate Destonian chat as an example of how it is possible to see the mind-control, and how in fact mind-control works from the inside out - and that if/when Man Know Self, man is able to take self responsibility and be an actual creator, instead of being determined/directed/dictated by conditioned / preprogrammed constructs of the mind/consciousness, impulsed by systems of inequality where the value of life is not realized or acknowledged or established.

This also entails and shows that we as human beings and humanity require to re-evaluate and re-form our education systems, because the entire system including education has become a tool of mind-control that then becomes so ingrained, it becomes the actual veil within/of our perception, so that we miss reality completely and only ever see our mind/ego - thus each one stuck in ego, basically rooted in fear - never getting ourselves to LIVE -
hence a world that isn't changing and a system of corruption and inequality mutating and not evolving into something better yet - proving that all wisdom of the world was never applied in the interest of life, even the words of Jesus were abused - otherwise this world would already be a better place and life would exist in dignity and freedom - personal freedom and collective freedom simultaneously, without fear, without control, without masters and without slaves; Life lived and thus created by individuals that stand as equals of life.

I mean we are anyway collectively creating this world/system - and the F#$ckUp we are facing in the world should be concerning and should make us seriously question who/what we are and how we exist here.


The chat:

This part obviously is the 'ranting & raving' part so to speak, but because it is uncensored it delivers an actualized record from which one is able to 'see what is here'' and 'work with what is here' through self-forgiveness and self-corrective commitments in relation to the patterns that we have allowed to constitute our existence.

X: hi Y

Y: Hey X

Y: How have you been?

X: how have i been - quite some rides in quite some aspects, lol

X: and you?

Y: Riding a roller coaster

X: i have fallen in the relationship point and faced the revenge of my ego extensively -- still facing

X: whats your roller coaster?

Y: Interesting - in a way I might be able to describe my roller coaster as the revenge of my ego

Y: lots of point are coming back that I never dealt with fully

Y: weed smoking, depression, lonesomeness

Y: like a while back I did not feel any of this - I was direct, just recently its started to build

X: so when was the decision and how did you make it?

Y: the decision was built up over time

Y: its always been here lol

X: because you could have smoked weed once and left it at that - but that's not how it went, it continued into depression and the related feelings/emotions

Y: I think depression was first

X: interesting –I was chatting with Z and he'd realized that he stopped smoking weed but he hadn't stopped the pattern yet


< I think depression was first>

interesting point - with Z similar - a form of constant dissatisfaction

and frustration - and looking for happiness/satisfaction

Y: lol yes

Y: its annoying really

X: hm, so what are you gonna do?

Y: I know that strictness works with me

Y: in regards to anything - if I am strict with myself I am able to move through much

Y: like I am still taking good care of diabetes, I am volunteering with the Canadian Diabetes association and in those things I am strict with myself

X: what i saw is that i became all those things that i feared, all those things that i wanted to avoid or teach others to stop/change, all those things i judged or had an opinion about, all the points where i wanted to 'test' another -- i was tested -- and saw the whole thing was actually in reverse and i faced my ego and was becoming this nasty, spiteful person that i couldn't stand myself.

Y: !!!

Y: That is spot on - hypocrisy essentially

X: and then in the relationship there was a snap, a mutual explosion, and then i was left alone because obviously i was unacceptable, and so i faced not only the pain i caused to another but also the pain of self-realization as f#ckedness/ego and the pain of regret and the pain of omg what have i become -- so that got me really really back to the ground, the bottom rock, and i am like: f#ck. stop. i cannot incorporate this/such character/behavior any longer.


<That is spot on - hypocrisy essentially>

well there were points were i was fearing dishonesty from another -- when it was i that was in fact dishonest because i was making it about the other, and completely forgot to check who i am, where i stand, and what i am standing as, thus what i am creating.

X: so there i have it now,i created a f#ck-up because i was standing in a f#ck-up, in total separation from myself and another/reality

X: and i was trying to create/fix a construct instead of fixing/correcting myself.


<and i was trying to create/fix a construct instead of fixing/correcting myself.>


It sounds like I am in a similar position. I mean all that I've created upon this roller coaster has been my own doing through separation as well

X: it is frustrating that there has to be such consequence before i 'woke up'. what's worse i found myself at similar/point before, so i did have a chance to change me, but what did i do, i stepped into the same construct trap again and lost myself -- basically gave up self-responsibility and shifted it into the relationship construct, looking to fix/correct another/the relationship. it's actually humiliating.

X: and all the while i had the impression/belief/idea that i was 'doing the right thing'

Y:  Shit....

Y: Yup - I am actually walking the same point

Y: In the past few days I looked at where my start towards my falling started - and it was when I returned from south Africa and I started to desire a relationship

X: interesting

Y: ...So all this while there has been a thought about needing a girlfriend as that will be my catalyst for change, and I see that this is a bullshit thought

Y: So why do we think that being in a relationship means that we are changing? or are going to?

Y: or that it is going to better us in some way...

X: because we 'alone' are per-accepted-definition 'not enough' - we have not 'found'/developed/established that basic connection with/as self yet --


X: we define ourselves and our self worth through others.

Y: well yes

X: ding-dong-ding-dong alarm alarm

X: that basically makes self-honesty impossible

Y: what I see within myself is that without a relationship I see no reason to `live` like live within the point of constant expansion and improvement of myself

X: exactly

X: so self is looking at 'doing it' but not for self -- instead: for another

Y: yes

X: that is seemingly worth 'more' / worth anything at all

Y: lolol is it the idea of `love`

X: so that says much about self worth - and even about who self is and whether there exists any actual self at all

Y: yes I agree

X: yes the idea of 'love' and the stupidity of thinking one can have it / get it / create it 'out there' while one hasn't given it / established it / lived it 'in here'.

Y: within and without and in this love being equal consideration of others

Y: maybe consideration is an improper word

X: so then within such separation the relationship would be the "motivation" of such consciousness-self -- because self has not established self drive / self motivation / self as such.

Y: absolutely

Y: that drive only comes from the want

Y: not from self in breath

Y: or self for self as self

X: yes like a perceived 'gained value' = want

X: as if self is 'more' valuable with the relationship - thus self gives the responsibility for self's value away into the relationship -- instead of taking self- responsibility

X: ...and still it's possible to be 'more' with a relationship, in terms of both then becoming stronger

X: as both can support each other within that/such self-standing

Y: Wouldn't it be a point to stand for self first then expand within a relationship?

X: yes exactly

Y: is the possibility of a relationship expanding self an excuse to hold onto the want/desire of a relationship//agreement/partnership?

Y: like I've said that before and I have not stopped

X: it is the 'justification' for not doing it oneself, for self. and for not accepting self here as one/whole / 'enough' and thus equal.

Y: Cool!

X: the problem is not the desire as such.

X: i mean if i look at it:

one is able to desire a relationship for instance to enjoy things together and establish a space for sexual expression - then one do exactly that and it's cool, no need to think about it or make it a mental issue.

X: so if there are mental/emotional issues,

X: then the desire was not about the relationship as such,

X: it was about what one has defined relationship as = what value one has given it,

X: and one should question why one does not give that value / live that value for/as oneself.

Y: yes

X: so basically one has defined self as 'less than' if not in relationship, desiring a relationship would then be trying to get a 'more'-value.

Y: what a shameful point:

<and one should question why one does not give that value / live that value for/as oneself.>

X: and because it's about value within/as polarity (more/less, superior/inferior) this is an indicator that Ego is at play, and not self as life.

Y: it is an indicator yes

X: Ego: the desire is value -- while Life: the desire is Life, and then one Live

X: and then there's no desire

Y: yes replacement of desire with life

Y: so then how is this desire for life lived out?

X: simply live = give what you would like to receive -- give it to yourself, then expand to others = be the life-giver - through living - then one is equal to life, and is one as life.

Y: give it to yourself and stand as an example

X: yes!

X: then self is not wanting. self is living. self IS.

Y: Yes!

X: reminds me again of the words of jesus on 'judgment day' or 'endtimes' (and we know judgment day is every day, every moment, lol) : "if you are found wanting..."

X: are fucked -- you have not been life/have not lived.

Y: right

Y: wanting that which is not here in a given breath

X: hat's the painful realization i experienced: i was found wanting - and i faced the shit head-on - and i was left in regret for not living.. all of this f#ck-up = my own creation as ego. wow.

X: yes - missing here completely.

Y: Wow

Y: I think I have yet to hit that point == the painful realization

Y: I mean it is here now and I have a choice - I am saying that the physical playout of the ego has not manifested

X: f#@ck man - i mean it's really not recommended to disregard the experience of shame or humility -- or to take change for granted - because i had thought i had come to shame and was humbled enough to change - but then i allowed my ego to possess me again / i went into ego and became it.

X: now the shame feels stronger and i could pull my hair out and it's like wtfwtfwtf and the regret feels more painful --

X: but it's exactly the same point

X: and what i see is that it takes a real decision and areal commitment and real discipline and breathing -- because those patterns/habits/emotions/thoughts are gonna come up again -- and i must grant them no faith, no belief, no regard whatsoever, and simply breathe and move myself through it in awareness of: i do not want to be this person. i do not want to submit to this design. i do not accept such existence within and as me.


<because those patterns/habits/emotions/thoughts are gonna come up again -- and i must grant them no faith, no belief, no regard whatsoever, and simply breathe and move myself through it in awareness of: i do not want to be this person. i do not want to submit to this design. i do not accept such existence within and as me>


X: What i've actually done is, i wrote pages and pages (pen and paper) of corrective measures -- like looking at every little trigger point and reactions of mine - seeing the 'equation'/beliefs/judgments/fears/desires behind it - realizing the ego at work - and writing how i will behave/move myself in such situations / when such trigger points arise, to no longer fall into the same reaction-patterns.

X: Plus:

X: i gave myself two basic rules:

X: keep your mouth shut. walk your self-honesty 'alone'.

X: and

X: what I find myself wanting/expecting/wishing for: I give it / live it.

Y: Very Cool

Y: Actually I've been writing with pen and paper through shame as well

X: for the relationship it may be too late. but it's not too late for me.

Y: no, it is not too late

X: i must do this regardless. i do this regardless.

X: well, i do not know how my partner will direct his reaction/experience and whether he will be willing to continue walking with me.

Y: What do you decide?

Y: do you think you can walk with him?

X: i decide to correct myself and allow myself to walk with him, not for him; getting to know me, getting to know him, getting to self-honesty in communication, walking in realization that we each walk our processes and that I am not in any way ‘better’/’righter’ and that the relationship cannot be more than who each of us is, and that i must walk/work with what is here, and live, and allow another to walk their process and live.

X: in a way i was trying to create/fix the relationship to be 'right' - instead of creating myself to be real.

X: wtf total separation / projection / non-hereness / dishonesty.

X: ego trying to do the right thing to feel good.

Y: absolutely

X: i want to be a person that stands in integrity in all aspects, in real equality with self and with what is here. a person that is trustworthy in all aspects and can be trusted with life.

Y: trust myself with my own life and trust myself then with others

X: within such context/principle i realize/see that i cannot place 'special' value into a relationship, as that is what creates separation and control and does not allow for equality and life/living.

Y: exactly, nothing special about it - 2 people walking their own processes within a close proximity to each other

X: yes

X: so what are you gonna do?

Y: I am going to figure myself out via writing out these processes and allow myself to stop looking for. wanting, attempting to create a relationship and be patient as one will flourish - in regards to addictions to energy - to be strict with myself, to not allow my stance to waver within my mind when/as a thought/want/judgment/desire/belief comes up - and stand in strictness to/as/within that thought

Y: I realize that what and how I am directing my life at this moment is not going to bring me where I need to be, it will bring me in a life of dissatisfaction a life in which I am not happy with ME, I cannot stand my own skin - thus I make the choice to walk life in the way in which I can stand here with myself in my own skin and be whole

X: to become the one that directs the thoughts and not the other way around -- directing the thoughts based on the equality & oneness principle within/as self.

Y: yes to direct the thoughts = tell them where to go

Y: in all moments

Y: instead of them telling me what to do


< I realize that what and how I am directing my life at this moment is not going to bring me where I need to be, it will bring me in a life of dissatisfaction a life in which I am not happy with ME, I cannot stand my own skin - thus I make the choice to walk life in the way in which I can stand here with myself in my own skin and be wholeyes that's it. I was like, i want to determine who I am and want to be able to stand by/with who I am.>



<yes to direct the thoughts = tell them where to go - instead of them telling me what to do>

cool. being the author/director of self -- self-responsibility -- towards self-dignity / self-equality / self-acceptance / self-worth as life.

X: cool to have this chat man

Y: Yes It was certainly needed

X: i hadn't yet discussed this with a Destonian

X: so that was really cool

X: for me - facing failure / admitting failure

Y: for myself as well

Y: but not failure just `following a false shepherd (the mind)`

X: yes

X: well, becoming the ego i see as actual/real failure

Y: lol yeah I can see that now

X: if one continues one is abdicating one's right to life

Y: yes

X: and one is not life because one is not giving life - neither to self nor to others

X: so how do we 'birth ourselves as life from the physical': we live the correction of the ego which is the transformation of self as ego/separation/self-interest into a self as life/one/equal/all - living practically in the interest of life/self/all - real freedom is in equality, what a simple key.


Some awesome Destonian support in this context:

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Process Support - The Depression Scam

...the Process of Self-Flagellation Starts in Thought and from Thought you take it to Talk and if you Talk a Lot about things, the claim exists that ‘You’re going to Feel Better’ = that’s Not really so because When you Talk a Lot about something, you’re just Discharging the inner Energy Build-up and therefore the Stress that has been placed on the body is Released for a Moment until you Build it up Again and then you Repeat the Same Pattern – rather Stupid because to Stop the Actual Tension and Stress on the Body means to just Stop; and the Ideology that you Stop by Talking About it over and over again is Not a Solution, it’s just an Outlet and inevitably if one does not Realize that you have to Stop when You Decide to Stop, you’ll End-up in a scenario where you will Talk a Lot and then Need some Medicine to Help you Stop or place you in another ‘Zone.’ That’s why your Psychotropic Medicine places you in Another Dimension, you Zone into Another Dimension, it creates a Chemical Dimension within which you will Presumably ‘Be Better,’ but it is in fact a form of Suppression because it takes you from One Dimension to the other and Eventually the Condition May Disappear – yes because if you look at How it Functions within your life, normally Something that you Haven’t Done for a day or two = you Forget, so you Didn’t Really Cure it, you just Forgot about it and it Ended-up as some form of Disease later in the future.

So, when you Walk your Process and you Talk about something: Forgive it and Stop it, if you don’t Stop it you know one thing: You Haven’t Really Made the
Decision – that’s why it’s back, no other reason. There is Still Another Reason Why you want to Keep Talking About it and One of the Reasons is that You Get Attention when you talk about it Or that You Know fundamentally in your Design that by Talking About it You can ‘Keep it Alive’ – so you Don’t really want to Give it up, that’s just a Scam.

Remember: there’s going to be Many Scams that Exist, None of them Leading fundamentally structurally to What is Best for All Life. And because you fundamentally Believe that the Human Race is unable to be What is Best for All Life, you’ll even Call What is Best for All Life a ‘Scam’ – fascinating! It’s like a Catch-22 and then You can Never have a Better World and you are in fact Doomed. It is the same as the Doomsday Message just more ‘Psychologically Structured.’
So careful for Talk-a-lot, it’s the same as Thought-a-lot – therefore the
Sound Structure it’s the same in its Design.

Mind must be Darkness, Nothing Moving, any Light in the Mind means You Cannot See the Darkness Within You – unless there is No Thought Moving and Complete Darkness, Silence = You have Not gotten the Structure of Mastery of Self in the Physical Yet.

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