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429 | Solutions Integrated as Self Living in Awareness – The Secret about Automation (part 4)

405 | Self-Movement: How to Move Self into Fulfillment

From my previous post:

...In fact, these patterns control one, they drive one´s decisions and dictate the paths one will take and the paths one won’t take, the options one will see and the options one will not see or consider, based on one´s preprogrammed fears and desires, as well as self-definitions, accepted limitations, belief-systems, value-judgments etc. = all equations of consciousness formed through acceptance and allowance, without awareness.
...I deliberately write “it seems”, because if one will slow down and have a look in self-honesty, one will see that it is SELF that accepts and allows what comes-up automatically in one´s mind/consciousness to be `valid´, to have `power´, to have a `weight´; it is SELF that follows the thoughts and internal conversations, it is SELF that acts-out on emotional- and feeling-reactions –
Which means that SELF is responsible.
...SELF is the one that is making a decision the moment a program/response is triggered within one´s mind-consciousness-system, regardless whether that decision is in awareness of the implications and consequences, or in unawareness – it is SELF that decides, in every moment, who self is.

When and as I realize that: 
I am Here, a physical being breathing, walking, interacting in this one reality we share, and that every moment is a new moment and a new opportunity that can be assessed in its own context and directed/participated-in in ways that are ‘best for all’ – 
then I do not require to measure every moment against the past, I do not require to see the present through the lens of my patterns; I no longer paint the present with the colors of my past and therefore I am able to see things for what they are and ACT accordingly, instead of merely re-acting.

THIS is only possible when I walk breath by breath, no longer accumulating energetic reactions, judgments and opinions, but living every new moment ‘fresh’ like a breath. 
And so, step by step, one breath at a time, I disengage from the attributes of mind-consciousness, and begin the process of birthing myself as life, as a living, breathing being that walks in real-time the actuality of reality.

The Mind can be soooo fast, there’s so many thoughts, pictures, imaginations that stream one’s mind in every moment, preventing one from being fully here, in awareness. 

One is trapped in consciousness, and that is a place that is always in the past, as preprogrammed, thus creating a future out of the past, thus in essence re-creating the past in different variations – hence history repeating and humanity not really evolving but rather mutating and devolving.

Therefore – by slowing down to the real-time of breath, one is not only able to SEE the mind move, but one is also able to ‘interfere’ with the automation of one’s conditioned programming and re-direct oneself, make one’s own decisions, instead of blindly and automatically following whatever comes-up in one’s mind/consciousness per design.

Obviously, for this, the necessary preparation is required, and that: one does through writing, self-forgiveness, self-corrective statements and commitments that one writes to script one’s ‘new instructions’ in self-honesty. 

After all, the instructions existent within one’s mind/consciousness were not inserted by oneself, though – granted: they have been accepted and allowed and thus given permission for by oneself.

Therefore one is able to take self-responsibility, re-evaluate all programs that exist within and run one’s existence automatically through permission; and change the script, change the equations, the program, the instructions – to be something that truly supports one as life, and thus equally supports others as life and life as a whole.

Through this ‘preparation process’ one is able to walk one point at a time, deconstructing it, looking at how it works and functions, what acceptances are in place, what controls are in place, how one compromises oneself, and how to correct that. And so you now go and Live the correction in the actuality of reality.

At this point one is able to start with automating the correction.

I mean, imagine being aware of every breath as the very breath you take, being aware every moment of the entirety of yourself. 

That awareness is not something that one can ‘switch on’ in a moment. It is like a birth that takes place, it's a birth process; and the more one practice being here as breath and stopping/not participating in the automatic programs and patterns of consciousness, the more natural it becomes.

Just like driving a car: you simply drive, naturally, no effort, no thoughts about driving, you simply drive.

The same should be with living: no thoughts about living, but simply living, being present, here, in every moment, aware of every breath, of every movement within self and one’s world.

Self Awareness as Life, as Directive Authority, as Self Drive – what an expansion, compared to the limitation of self-awareness as consciousness only...

The KEY to the Solution, the KEY to breaking the bounds of Consciousness, the KEY to stepping out of the prison of the Mind and out of our separation – is Self Awareness as Oneness and Equality.

What does that practically mean?

Self as One and Equal –

in the inner: a SELF undivided, a SELF that is whole, a SELF that is not judging or suppressing or denying parts of self, a SELF that takes full self-responsibility for Who one is, and thus a Self that is the Self-Directive authority of and as oneself;

and in the outer: a SELF in Awareness of the context of Life, of the interconnectedness of Life, and thus a Self that co-exists within every other Self in Equality, realizing that we are sharing the same Oneness here on Earth, and thus any harm done or allowed always affects All.

So how do we do that?
- Self-Honesty
- Common Sense
- Stopping the automation of Consciousness in every moment
- Automating a living-application that is self-directed, self-willed, in consideration, care and respect

Within this, what does 'automating'/'automation' actually mean?

It means that which you apply becomes natural. You no longer 'think about it'.

Just like now all our reactions and thoughts and emotional responses ‘come natural’ and we’ve come to define ourselves by such, calling it 'human nature' - forgetting that 'human nature' is engineered by a system of profit, of abuse, of exploitation, of 'survival of the fittest', when we are at a point in our evolution where it is clear: it does not have to be that way, we do not have to base our existence on fear and separation, on constructs and systems.

I mean - systems should be here at the service of man, of humanity, of life; they should not control and dictate existence.
And have a look (and I've done many blogs on this) how the systems you face in the outer are the same/parallel to the systems we individually face in the inner: the same mechanisms, the same polarity designs, the same power-games, the same concepts of 'superiority'/'inferiority', all the while we are all made of life, and all life should, in common sense, have the same value. 
We should be able to be here and co-exist as equals of life. The fact that we are finding it hard to do so, indicates a great problem.

Do you follow Thoughts, or do you think? And is your thinking critical and reasonable based on practical common sense, or is your thinking automatic and based on the fuzzy ‘logic’ of self-interest?

Do you actually Feel the reality of your world, or do you only experience the emotions and feelings that automatically come-up within your system when triggered?

Changing that systematic existence into a self-directive living application, and Stopping / Changing / Re-directing oneself as consciousness: will at first not come easy, it will take effort, one will have to walk through resistances; 

But the more one will oneself, the easier it becomes – until no effort is required. You simply live, walk, participate, here in every moment, in self-honesty and common sense consideration – free of all the judgments and patterns of the past, free to actually choose and decide who you are and how you co-exist in this reality.

What I have described here is basically the Journey to Life. It is a unique, individual journey for each one, yet the process is the same for all.
And there is support for this, there is a forum for exchange, there are practical tools/methods for self-writing that are shared, there are various courses, even a free lite course offering the basics for self-support in self-honesty. 

Check out the Desteni I Process Lite – FREE course that will assist humanity to end the disaster of a dysfunctional consciousness.

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