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440 | Desteni I Witness – Debunking the Cult / Scam Rumors

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As many of you know I have been involved with the Desteni group since 2007 and have also visited the Desteni farm where the ‘founders’ of the movement live, albeit the Desteni movement is an international internet community that mainly work as internet activists.

I have seen that several fellow ‘Destonians’ – which by the way means nothing more and nothing less than the people embracing the principle of equality and oneness and introspecting in a process of ‘man know thyself’ to investigate where this principle which, when lived/applied would support life as a whole and thus all of us as life, where within oneself and one's life this principle is not being lived/applied and where and how we separate ourselves into concepts of inferiority and superiority, aka Ego, with the consequence that self-interest is placed before the interest of life, hence the current world system as a direct outflow/result of who we all are / who each individual is and how we co-exist – I’ve seen that many fellow Destonians have recently published blogs and vlogs responding to (mainly) anonymous rumors about Desteni and the equal money movement being a cult or a scam and they shared their personal perspectives in terms of how they got to know the Desteni group, how they got involved in the various projects, how they started working on themselves, and what results they have achieved within themselves and their world. 

I will be writing my own Desteni I Witness Report because not only have I been involved in various projects (such as the Desteni Forums, the Equal Money System, the Shave Your Head for World Equality campaign, the Desteni I Process courses) but I have also visited the farm myself, thus I have a first hand experience and have literally been an Eye-Witness to what the Desteni group is and what Desteni presents and represents.

I will also be looking into the ‘hater’ phenomenon and the methods/tactics used by such (mostly anonymous) haters that cultivate cognitive disinformation and fear.
Here you can also have a look at my Anti-Hate Youtube channel, where I have uploaded some responses to such hater-posts and debunked the misleading words they present.

In this blog post I would like to summarize the main points that I have shared on this throughout the past 4-5 years, just to give an overview, a contextualized introduction. I will also share the links to the recent witness reports at the bottom of this blog post.

The main reason I embraced the Desteni message was the principle of equality and oneness as well as the premise that knowledge and information alone is useless – therefore this principle must be lived and applied within everything we do/participate-in/create as human beings, including the world system that is in fact our (all of us) creation. This practical approach that emphasizes the practical aspect of self-responsibility was something new, I had never throughout my truth-seeker years encountered any similar approach or wake-up call whatsoever;
which is also what got me interested to visit the farm and meet the people whom, until that point, I was only communicating with on the internet forums.

Fascinatingly enough, the Desteni message evolved in front of my eyes and during my involvement from a self-realization process that was focused more on individual awareness/awakening to a collective awareness process, hence for instance also the design of an equal money system (and no – despite the nasty remarks in the nature of “oh no, this is communism, run for your lives!” by people that never did their research or studied the model of equal money – equal money is not communism, in fact communism as such was just another power-abuse system with no actual, sustainable equality or quality for that matter), the design of self-awareness and relationship courses, the design of educational books and interview series including parenting support (visit the eqafe store and make sure to check out the free downloads as well!) and now the Basic Income Guaranteed proposal with practical solutions as to how we are able to adjust the capitalistic system in a way that it can not only ‘produce’ a living income for all but at the same time also allow the entire economy to flourish – for real, and without abuse, without exploitation.

By the way, apart from the educational courses and the products at eqafe (of which there is even a free online lite course that includes buddy-support as well as free products on eqafe!), no money or financial contribution is or has ever been asked by the Desteni group for one's participation in projects, forums, or even for visiting the farm. And I mean I have visited the farm so I know first hand, and I would like to stress this financial point because some anonymous trolls even went as far as saying we have now 'highjacked' the BIG (Basic Income Grant) idea and are trying to make money out of it - wow! What I can say to that is:

Basic Income has quite a history already, and what can be seen thus far is that we’ve been missing the Know-How to make it possible in the long-run, integrate it into the economy, make it sustainable and able to be implemented in any country. Therefore we at the Equal Life Foundation dedicate our contribution to showing the practical ways of implementing Basic Income, showing that it Can work and How it can work practically, as well as discussing how the systems of our world must be adjusted in order to facilitate Basic Income and also in order to allow the economy to flourish for real. Which is why we call our proposal Basic Income Guaranteed – because we show the way that, if incorporated and applied, will easily enable Basic Income, guaranteed, and will also guarantee a sustainable win-win outcome.

The practical steps shared within the Basic Income Guaranteed proposal: offer a way to a solution for our world system, a way to changing the 'rules of the game' into a win-win situation. Just do the math. Visit and study this BIG solution that will not only allow the ECOnomy to flourish but will also ensure that every child born into this world has an equal right to a life of dignity, freedom, opportunity – for real.

So, ‘the process’ is evolving, is becoming bigger, BIG enough to include ALL – as that is the whole point of the ‘oneness and equality’ principle.

Interestingly enough, even though the models we design and propose ‘evolve’, the message remains the same: Oneness and Equality.
The point is to not have that principle be just another concept or ideology – thus the question is how to practically get there, how to live it / apply it within and as oneself individually, as well as how to get there as humanity the quickest so as to stop the atrocious conditions of starvation, poverty, hunger, war, exploitation, financial deception and abuse etc., and how to make the practical proposals such that they can be understood and embraced by all/the majority of humanity.

Why is this relevant? 

Because most paths of self-realization and awareness, as most well know especially in the new age era, are focused on personal enlightenment and on creating mental bubbles that keep one from facing reality while ignoring the actual suffering and the practical problems we are facing HERE on earth, individually and as humanity collectively; while ignoring the fact that we are All responsible for What Is Here, because What Is Here is the direct outflow of all our relationships, from the bigger to the smaller. Every breath each one takes and who/what one exists as within every breath: counts, and accumulates into what and how the System is today. It is OUR creation.

So here the point of Self-Responsibility and the point of Facing and Sorting-Out OUR HERE – our creation, ourselves, our relationships, our systems, our future, our home planet Earth, our humanity as Mankind.

Now there comes one group (Desteni) that says Humanity is One Group and Life Here is the Highest Value and we must see to it that the Value of Life is practically honoured and supported for all, to stop abuse once and for all and restore the value of life by manifesting ourselves and our world into a functional coexistence in dignity, in oneness and equality as life –
and we are a cult? Wow, how brainwashed must one be to react to a message that is Best for All with so much fear?

The question is:

Why do we, why do the cultures and systems of our world cultivate separation, instead of cultivating a culture of life that is in fact best for ALL as life?

Is it because we are brainwashed into separatism? Is it because we merely follow belief systems? Is it because we insist on holding on to (each their OWN) different ‘gods’ and ‘religions’ and ‘values’ and ‘nations’ and ‘traditions’ and ignore the fact that what we do ‘in the name of god’ is often against life?

Is it because we are brainwashed into fear? Is it because we are brainwashed into ‘justifying’ the existence of fear and separation, as if there were no other way to LIVE and co-exist here?
As long as fear governs our world – no one is free.

And no one is really free until ALL life is free.

Because Life is interdependent, interconnected, One.

And unless all parts of Life self-realize their interconnectedness which implies their EQUALITY AS LIFE, there can be no peace, no freedom, no life in fact – as there will be conflict, competition, abuse, struggle for survival, war.

In a world of such separatism, where every grouping is in fact a cult, exclusive to its 'own', and never all-inclusive as LIFE, as a whole – to call the Desteni movement a cult can only come from people that have not looked into what it is we are actually presenting and representing.
I implore the reader to make sure one investigate what Desteni stands for before making assumptions that only reflect one’s own fears and limitations of mind.

The fact the many people exist in fear of being brainwashed indicates one thing: that one is not aware of the fact that one is already brainwashed into a consumer, a willing servant of money as profit, a fearful subordinate of the system – a system that dictates survival and makes a struggle out of life/living.

Haven’t you ever wondered how come there are so many groups, so many religions, so many groupings talking bad about each-other in this world, the ones blaming the others, pointing fingers, hating, fearing – where did this all start? And why do we believe we have to keep accepting it?

When I was a child, I remember having these questions, and not understand why such fear and hatred was ruling the hearts of me.
When I grew up, I was attracted to spirituality because I existed in the hope that there must be something ‘good’ somewhere, so I believed in waking the ‘good’ in the human, so that the human may awaken to a better existence on earth.

What I had not considered is that the bad I was witnessing, as for instance fear, control, manipulation, abuse, could only exist through the human. Take the human out of the equation, and the system of abuse stops.
What I had further not considered is how it is vital to understand Why and How the bad exists, to understand its creation and functioning in all its mechanisms, as that is the only way to stop it – taking responsibility for Who we are and How we are. After all, that IS what creates the world, the system, our existence.

When I came across the Desteni forums and discussions I was quick to realize that I had missed a point – the point of responsibility, which cannot be taken on without first stopping the denial and suppression one had allowed in one’s hope for something good 'out there somewhere', something better coming from 'outside'; which is where I was at, at that point.

So I do understand why people can’t hear the Desteni message – You can’t, if you are so desperately busy denying your responsibility, denying the fact that you, just like everyone else, are brainwashed into acceptance and allowance, brainwashed into dreaming, wanting, needing, desiring, fearing, and making THAT more important and more valuable than Life itself.
Unless we STOP our DENIAL - we cannot really move, evolve, and change this world, that is our creation, through responsibility and self-realization as life, as creators.

It's time we Realize the collective responsibility we all equally share for What Is Here within and as our existence.
It's time we Realize that What Is Here is here through our acceptance and allowance, through the permission we give by submitting to the system without questioning the system in all possible ways.

It's time we see and realize that unless LIFE stands as one group, on this one planet we share, and bring forth an existence where all life is equally supported, we cannot stop this profit-driven, life-exploiting system and put an end to the atrocious abuse that's being allowed.
It's time to Stop and re-evaluate everything we have accepted in this world.


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