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446 | The Bipolar Happy-go-Lucky Nature of Consumerism Consciousness & Pseudo-Science

Today I read the following article. Have a look a the Bipolar Happy-go-Lucky Nature of Consumerism Consciousness & Pseudo-Science:

Anyone who has ever had their heart broken will agree with the old saying that ‘love hurts’.
Even if your first love doesn’t break your heart, the anxious ‘do they like me back’ early stages of any relationship can be deeply unsettling.
Now new research has backed up the theory, finding that the ‘love hormone’ which induces feelings of romantic attachment to your partner, also increases fear and anxiety.
Oxytocin, popularly known as the ‘love hormone’ is largely responsible for feeling ‘connected’ to other people, as well as our feeling of self well-being.
It is the chemical reason behind your feeling of social bonds, and ultimately – love.
However new research by Northwestern Medicine® published in Nature Neuroscience has shown that this happy hormone is also responsible for some of our most long lasting pain.
The research showed that one function of the hormone is to strengthen social memory in one specific region of the brain, and, if an experience is painful or distressing, Oxytocin will activate a part of the brain that intensifies the memory.
So the same hormone that brings you the joy of love is also behind the painful embarrassment of a social faux pas lasting for years, not seeming to fade.
Oxytocin also increases your susceptibility to fear and anxiety when you’re in stressful situations, and can increase anxiety and fear in response to future stress.
So it seems that, like love, Oxytocin can bring us extreme highs, but also extreme lows in our emotions, and while it is behind the best parts of a relationship, it is likely also behind those gut-wrenching feelings of sorrow and heart-break.
Jelena Radulovic, the senior author of the study said: ‘By understanding the Oxytocin system's dual role in triggering or reducing anxiety, depending on the social context, we can optimize Oxytocin treatments that improve well-being instead of triggering negative reactions.’

 This is proof of how science and research is used and abused within the consumerism profit-before-life system for the mere sake of being able to serve what people are brainwashed to BUY into, undermining at the same time any self-responsibility and self-empowerment, a point which would in fact require real education and self-realization.
I mean, if we do not understand How the ‘highs’ and the ‘lows’ within our mind and within our experience are created as well as how the mind system as such works and functions in its totality, we will forever be dependent on ‘experts’ and ‘medication’ to tell us who we are / who we-re supposed to be and what to do.
Unfortunately though, if you look at it in self-honesty, you will find that all ‘experts’ are equally products of the System like everyone else, meaning also equally brainwashed and equally dependent on money.
Money in fact dictates not only what research gets funded but also what results a research will produce. Because the answers one gets are always according to the questions one asks.

In the above research, the approach taken is only perpetuating the human nature of suppression and denial and, as I’ve said above, also of self-abdication: because instead of moving towards getting an understanding about the dual or bipolar nature of our systems, we continue with our method of suppressing/denying the negative by enhancing the positive, not considering that suppression and denial are not making the negative go away and so we will inevitably have to face the negative side of our existence which usually happens then through traumatic events. Fascinatingly enough though, when such traumatic events take place, one looks back and is able to see that the trauma could have been prevented as one had in fact seen indications of the problem/solution but had chosen to ignore them and continue with the ‘happy-go-lucky’ ride that we call our ‘way of life’.
Well if you ask me, this is not life, this is not living – it is mere survival, we just ‘live’ to make it to the next day, to maintain the lie, the illusion, our delusion.
Living would imply understanding, would imply exploring, would imply truth, and not delusion.

Unfortunately all science in this world is dedicated to enhancing the delusion as well as enhancing the budgets of those big brothers that fund the research and thus dictate the objectives and, consequently, the results.
Throughout my years as a truth seeker there is only one research group I found that is not making itself dependent on the big brothers and whose objective is focused on truth and not delusion, on actuality and not on presenting the ‘positive’ just to keep people hoping while abdicating self-responsibility for a ‘quick fix’ as the consumerism profit-before-life system does.

This research group is Desteni, leader in many fields, including psychology, sociology and economics – I suggest checking out the link I provide at the bottom and also have a look at the economic models proposed as a way to move from a profit-before-life system to an actual life-support system without exploitation and deception, for a life of excellence, without fear. 

The Desteni research has taken on various research point in various fields and has asked the questions left unanswered, demonstrating that science in this world does not support our evolution or the realization of our existence, but only the solidification of the existent brainwashing as a means to preserve the system and maintain a status quo that serves only a select few while sucking the life out of everyone and everything else.

Research and Science should have as purpose to explain and demonstrate how things work – from beginning to end – to empower society and the individual with actual knowledge that has actual application in the real world.
Instead, the only application of knowledge that seems valid in the current system is how to ‘feel good’ and make profit out of it. The entire psychology field is unfortunately one of the many where this is happening extensively – no self-empowerment for real, just feel-good delusions and band-aid solutions.

It is time we move beyond band-aid solution and get to Real Solutions that are sustainable and life-empowering.
It’s time we Wake Up and do something about it all – for real.
Investigate the Desteni research and dare to study what is being presented in terms of problems and solutions. 

Check out the Bill of Rights @ the Equal Life Foundation - a comprehensive approach to our Co-existence to ensure the Right to Life, Freedom and Dignity for All.

Check out the Basic Income Guaranteed with solutions that can be established in this lifetime to end the disaster of a profit driven system.

Check out the Desteni I Process Lite – FREE course that will assist humanity to end the disaster of a dysfunctional consciousness.

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