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426 | Self Awareness & Consciousness – The Secret about Automation

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To give a simplistic context for ‘automation’, let’s look at the example of Driving a Car:

You learn driving in awareness; you integrate what you learn physically; and once you get into the car and decide to drive you don’t think about driving anymore; it’s automated.

Now this would be an example of PHYSICAL automation, which is also how the natural learning ability of the child works, at that stage however without self-awareness, which is how the problems that we are facing in this world as humanity are created. (I mean, if we were self-aware in the context of life as a whole, we would have no place to hide from our shame...)

Let’s look at automation in the context of CONSCIOUSNESS –

which is for instance how what we call ‘human nature’ is formed, and here again you can have a look at how a child slowly but surely forms its character:

it mostly learns in unawareness; in a process of stimuli-response pattern-creation; and we end-up interacting with our world in action-reaction mechanisms (everyone reacts to everyone else); 

and this becomes automated as our behavior and character which is based on the energetically charged definitions (‘positive’ and ‘negative’) of emotional states which –because they are not understood, the child has no vocabulary to express itself, and the parents themselves have no practical understanding of the mechanisms of consciousness or tools to assist and support the child effectively- form the thoughts, conclusions and beliefs that ‘explain’ and ‘justify’ within one’s mind the existence of those emotional states which one ends-up believing is ‘who we are’, while this is in fact merely the consciousness-system self becomes. And there we have it, the creation of Ego.

In fact thus one could say, human nature exists as ego. (I will do further blogs on this particular point to show exactly/practically how.)

So –

All this becomes automated as consciousness, without actual self-awareness of how this is taking place, and there you have it:

It just takes something or someone pushing your buttons, and you’ll react with an emotional (‘negative’) or feeling (‘positive’) response, and you think you are experiencing something ‘towards’ another, all the while all you’re experiencing is your own preprogrammed definitions, from your own point of view only.

Have a look at how automatically thoughts, internal conversations, imaginations, emotional- and feeling-reactions come up; and how automatically words will come out of your mouth, especially in moments of ‘emotional distress’ (which is in essence an energetic charge), it’ll spew out of you in an instance and regret always comes ‘too late’. And it’s always either regret and ‘inferiority’, or self-righteousness and ‘superiority’ that comes as a consequence of such automated existence (and I will do further blogs on the Polarity design to show how ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ exist as One.)

And, it’s fascinating that  all these automated patterns of consciousness: self has no control over. 
In fact, these patterns control You, they drive your decisions and dictate the paths you’ll take and the paths you won’t take, based on your preprogrammed fears and desires. be continued. 
Stay tuned for solutions to this phenomenon.

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