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436 | Planet Earth: Stopping the Blame-Game with Basic Income Guaranteed - Forgiving All Debt

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Forgiving all debt is a really cool point - because our money system thus far has been a fraud money system: No one knows how much money is in circulation, and the system is such that unless you are able to give to the system you do not receive from the system, hence the atrocious conditions of poverty, hunger, illiteracy, starvation, not to mention war - all wars are fought for money nowadays. Money is printed out of thin air, and yet your life depends on it. Just to mention a few points.
Forgiving all debt would give us a clean slate for a fresh start.

Fact is, all Money in the current system is equal to debt. All ‘sides’ point finger at ‘the others’, and everyone wants to have their way.

Everybody wants to live by their OWN rules – That we call 'freedom'.

Unfortunately, we fail to notice that only those with money can live by their OWN rules – which is exactly what is happening and why so much suffering, poverty, starvation, war, abuse, exploitation exists: because a select few live by their OWN rules and be 'happy', be 'lucky', and fuck the rest.

And so we play the ‘blame game’ – I mean, that’s just so lame. It leads us no-where, it just keeps history repeating, same story, new players – no actual evolution in the history of mankind. The system prevails: in self-interest, we place profit before life.

Forgiving all debt would mean in fact stopping the ‘blame game’. It would in fact mean to stop playing games altogether, and get real with the practical matters at hand. That being that we are all here together on this one planet, and unless we find a way to co-exist that causes no harm to life, we will ALL end up going down and vanishing from the face of the Earth. No big loss for the universe, but this life would have been in vain and we would be gone before we could ever really Life, before we could ever have some Fun, for real.

Forgiving all debt is a statement of peace. 

It is saying ‘good bye’ to the old system, which –if it remains – will lead us to the oh so feared ‘new world order’ that is in fact the old world order of war lords and kings and blood lines, saying thus ‘good bye’ in the realization that it hasn’t been a good buy at all, we just bought into it out of ignorance, out of fear, in submission, and in the hope of somehow someday also hitting the ‘jackpot’ and getting the picture of life we are presented with by the media, which has devolved into corporate propaganda protecting corporate power against democracy.

Let’s establish a real new world order, with a real new system where the value is in life and the power is with the people.

I support a Basic Income because without one's basic needs met, one cannot be an effective human being in this world and participate in society in a way that will also support society. So, given the fact that in our current system money determines the quality of life and the opportunities one has in life, I support a Basic Income as a way towards equal opportunity and quality of life for All. 

In fact, a basic income should be a human right – because without income you cannot participate in this reality and sustain yourself and your family, and unfortunately the current system does not make the basics available to all, thus not everyone can give themselves a foundation for a life in dignity. A Basic Income would be that foundation – an equal life foundation.

Basic Income has quite a history already, and what can be seen thus far is that we’ve been missing the Know-How to make it possible in the long-run, integrate it into the economy, make it sustainable and able to be implemented in any country. Therefore we at the Equal Life Foundation dedicate our contribution to showing the practical ways of implementing Basic Income, showing that it Can work and How it can work practically, as well as discussing how the systems of our world must be adjusted in order to facilitate Basic Income and also in order to allow the economy to flourish for real.

Which is why we call our proposal Basic Income Guaranteed – because we show the way that, if incorporated and applied, will easily enable Basic Income, guaranteed, and will also guarantee a sustainable win-win outcome.

The practical steps shared within the Basic Income Guaranteed proposal: offer a way to a solution for our world system, a way to changing the 'rules of the game' into a win-win situation. Just do the math. Visit and study this BIG solution that will not only allow the ECOnomy to flourish but will also ensure that every child born into this world has an equal right to a life of dignity, freedom, opportunity – for real.

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