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448 | The Revenge of the Ego – and Why Equality is a Universal Solution (part 1)

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What’s fascinating is that anyone is able to understand this point by simply having a look at how for instance parents ‘manage’ their children or how the system manages its citizens: parents fear for their children or fear being unable to effectively teach, lead and direct their children and thus utilize control, just like the system – which is those that are in elite positions of power and dictate the system – fear loss of privilege or loss of power and thus utilize control to dictate the preservation of the power positions and the world system ‘as is’.

The problem is the following, and if one would look in self-honesty at one’s relationships, all relationships one has, one would find a very interesting point: 
every relationship has certain points that give one a sensation of for instance identity or safety or gain or completion, and one will use various different methods of control to keep each relationship within the structures that form the definition one has accepted of the relationship, out of fear of loss – and loss being not only the loss of the relationship as such but also the loss of all the definitions one has attached onto the relationship or even onto oneself through the relationship, be it a form of identity, meaning, purpose, safety, gain, completion, anything is possible.

A simple example here would be how a parent will experience a loss when the child is old enough to enter the world by themselves and start creating their own life. The loss the parent experiences is not only about the child not being there anymore, it’s also – and in fact to a great degree – about who the parent is and will be without having the child in their presence thus without having anyone to fulfill the role of a parent for. And suddenly, after all those years of being a parent and identifying oneself as a parent, the child is no longer present and there is a void in the life (and self-definition) of the person that spent most of their focus on being a parent.

Or, another example, how we use relationships to fulfill and complete ourselves, without ever getting to actually know ourselves, the patterns of our minds, what makes us tick, how we function as consciousness, how our buttons are pushed, and, most importantly, what we are buying into – meaning, how we are able to be manipulated.

Because, if we look at this world, our existence, in self-honesty we will see that all relationships are relationships of manipulation, and that is something even the smallest child will learn and will integrate into who they are and how they participate in their reality.

This is a huge problem, because it means that no actual ‘equal and one’ relationships exist, we do not value each other as life but only as profit, in self-interest; and the consequences of this are seen in/as the world system we have manifested in our image and likeness.

So, while the above mentioned examples may sound ‘normal’ – they should in fact ring some bells and raise the question: Who are we without all our relationships? How do our relationships define us? How do we define ourselves through our relationships? And furthermore: How do we try and control our relationships in order to control our reality / our experience and definition of ourselves, our definition of life/living even? 

Do we really give LIFE within our relationships or do we merely fulfill silent agreements that keep each in certain positions or give each a certain value or meaning or purpose? 
And who would we be and how would our relationships be if we would dare let go of all the control we try and impose? 
What and how would our world be if our image and likeness was one of equality as life, rather than one of manipulation as ego?

Fascinatingly enough, the more intimate a relationship, the more we tend to want to control, and the more we experience fear. I mean, if you meet a person at a random location or on the street or at an event, you will be able to have a conversation with them, often a real deep one even, without there being an issue of control or fear for that matter. Why then are intimate relationships rather connected to fear and control? And what does this polarity relationship of fear and control reveal about human nature – the nature of human consciousness, which is the nature of ego?

And also, what does the fact that bloodlines control the world tell us about human nature / the human consciousness?

Would control be ‘necessary’ if there was no fear?

And perhaps the one question that many ask – How can we have intimate relationships without fear and without control issues? What is the key to real intimacy?

I will look into these questions in the next posts, but here I’d like to share some questions that we as humanity apparently haven’t yet considered:

Did Jesus have intimate connections with the people he met?

What was the nature of such connections?

Why did Jesus say “Give as you would like to Receive” and “Do unto another as You would have done unto You”?

What does it mean that Jesus died on the Cross for the sins of Mankind? 
And here perhaps the most important question: 
Why did then Mankind not stop its existence of Sin (sin being harming life in self-interest/ego) and is instead crucifying life day in day out in a world system that places profit/self-interest/ego before life?

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