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450 | Self Abusive Consciousness Designs & The Revenge of the Ego


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In this post I am sharing a Vlog by Gian Robberts, whom I met and got to know during my stay on the Desteni farm. In this Vlog he is sharing his experience of Ego, particularly with the point of jealousy, and how we as consciousness look for points to confirm one’s jealousy, confirm one’s interpretations of reality, confirm one’s fear, to be ‘right’ – and how we push the people we care about away through such behavior, by creating delusions in our minds which we then impose on the physical reality trying to ‘prove’ that the ‘reality’ we made-up in our mind is ‘real’ and we are ‘right’. Gian shares how he almost gave himself a heart-attack by going into such thoughts, interpretations, projections and feeding the fears within his mind with a distorted interpretation of reality, making assumptions based on the own fears – and how to support oneself when jealousy is experienced, instead of ‘feeding the monster’ that is the ego our consciousness becomes in this world where the value of life as ourselves and each-other is not cultivated, and we instead learn to measure value based on comparison, competition, and ego.

I have faced similar points, as you will be aware of if you have been reading my Blog, and I can only confirm this presentation, where Gian deconstructs his experience and explains how it all happened, in fact how he himself had created everything within and through his consciousness, in the mind, yet with actual physical consequences in reality.
Being able to share these/such points from a starting-point of taking responsibility and investigating one’s own role in the creation of such experiences shows great courage and self-honesty, and places an example for others to stop hiding within the ‘secret mind’, to stop blaming “others” for their own experience and instead face self and take self-responsibility for who we are and what we create.

 Part 1

 Part 2

What is interesting to see and realize is that, Ego does not only manifest as ‘superiority’. Also those that see/accept themselves as ‘inferior’, as ‘inadequate’, as ‘victims’ exist within/as Ego. The Ego always makes everything about ‘ME’. 

The Ego is always the dramatic hero in the mind’s movie, the Ego is always that self-righteous consciousness that seeks to ‘validate’ itself at all cost. The cost is not only our relationships and the people we hurt in the course of such self-absorbed obsessive/possessive states of mind, the cost is also our physical health and our dignity and self-respect as living beings.
In fact this whole point of ‘superiority’/’inferiority’ is the main polarity-construct on which our entire world system is based – in our image and likeness, as that is also the main polarity-construct we educate our children with, thus this has been the starting-point of our creation. No wonder this existence is completely screwed up, to a sickening extent.
There is no words really to describe the disgrace we as humanity and the human race have placed upon ourselves. But – we are only facing ourselves, thus the only solution is to SEE and realize what we have created and How, and to take responsibility for our creation that is ourselves and our world.

This point of Responsibility as well as the process of understanding Creation as ourselves is what we are walking with/as Desteni, so I’d suggest to dare investigate and stand-up for-real.


It is paramount to include such educational points in our educational curricula, because currently in this world we do not learn to know ourselves, we do not learn how the mind works and how to use it constructively, we are not even taught the value of life which is equal in all living beings, we are not taught to value ourselves and each-other as life. It is not a wonder that our world is the way it is with the great extent of abuse and exploitation that is going on and is being accepted and allowed.

There are those that would consider it a threat to educate humanity about how these things work, because these very things (the mind, the thought processes, feelings and emotions) are used and abused within and by the consumerism system and those in power to manipulate and control humanity into submission to preserve a system of profit at the cost of life – a system where very few benefit at the cost of the many; a system where we even the natural resources of the earth are mined in self-interest, in spite of the earth unconditionally providing for all; yet the human ego consciousness prevents all from having access to the earth’s wealth and abundance.

This is a huge problem we are facing, within and without, a problem that confronts us with the accepted nature of human consciousness and the abusive control mechanisms this/such consciousness has established to maintain and ‘validate’ its existence while depleting life – a problem thus that confronts us with ourselves: who we are, how we co-exist, what we accept and allow.


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