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451 | Ego Consciousness & the Desteni Solution Tools

Continuing from Day 450 | Self Abusive Consciousness Designs & The Revenge of the Ego where it could be seen that jealousy – as an example of ego consciousness – is something that one creates in/through one’s mind, based on one’s own fears, insecurities, comparison, projections of worst case scenarios and other paranoia points which already exist within oneself as the nature of self that one has formed / accepted / allowed – 
a nature that is formed not only in accordance to one's beingness but mainly on the basis of this world’s and society’s systems, beginning from childhood, where children are ‘educated’ through systems of ‘reward’ and ‘punishment’, a polarity design that is not capable of cultivating the value of life, not capable of teaching a child to value themselves as life and others equally.

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In the vlogs I feature in my previous post which I also elaborated on, it could be seen that self is able to bring any point of one’s experience ‘back to self’ and investigate / introspect / see what one’s own role is in creating this/such experience, and most importantly: what such experience reveals about oneself.
In the vlogs it was for instance explained how the whole jealousy point emerged from an acceptance of ‘inferiority’ and a fear of being inadequate as well as insecurities within self – in other words, a lack of self-trust and self-worth.

Now you may say we all know this... but – has any science or group ever gone to the nitty-gritty details of How self-trust and self-worth is undermined and Why it comes to this, as well as How to assist and support oneself to fundamentally establish a sound foundation of/as self-trust and self-worth as life!?

Desteni is the first and thus far the only group/school I have found that provides solid understanding and practical tools applicable by anyone – and that is an important point: practically livable and applicable by anyone! – for the human psyche/ego/consciousness to ‘Know Thy Self’ and get to an actual Self Realization that does not require belief but is instead grounded soundly within the actuality of reality in all its dimensions!

If we look at the systems that ‘educate’ us in this world – and this really includes all systems of this world – we will find that they function on the basis of one main polarity construct: ‘superiority & inferiority’.

And as I elaborated within the previous posts, superiority and inferiority are the two sides of the same coin, that coin being the CON of consciousness as Ego:

...Ego does not only manifest as ‘superiority’. Also those that see/accept themselves as ‘inferior’, as ‘inadequate’, as ‘victims’ exist within/as Ego. The Ego always makes everything about ‘ME’. The Ego is always the super-hero in the mind’s movie, the Ego is always that self-righteous consciousness that seeks to ‘validate’ itself at all cost. The cost is not only our relationships and the people we hurt in the course of such self-absorbed obsessive/possessive states of mind, the cost is also our physical health and our dignity and self-respect as living beings. In fact this whole point of ‘superiority’/’inferiority’ is the main polarity-construct on which our entire world system is based – in our image and likeness, as that is also the main polarity-construct we educate our children with, thus this has been the starting-point of our creation.

It is paramount to include such educational points in our educational curricula, because currently in this world we do not learn to know ourselves, we do not learn how the mind works and how to use it constructively, we are not even taught the value of life which is equal in all living beings, we are not taught to value ourselves and each-other as life. It is not a wonder that our world is the way it is with the extent of abuse and exploitation that is going on and is being accepted and allowed.

We are only facing ourselves, thus the only solution is to SEE and realize what we have created and to understand How, so as to take responsibility for our creation that is ourselves and this world.

This point of responsibility is what we are walking with/as Desteni, so I’d suggest to dare investigate and stand-up for-real.

The Desteni Work shows the way to transcend this polarity construct and to get ourselves, individually and collectively as humanity, to a point of integrity, by taking responsibility, for ourselves and our world that is our creation.

The Desteni Work has addressed all levels of this world system and has published research questioning the currently available research in many fields, including psychology, science, economics, education, leadership, and more.

The Desteni solution tools are focused on empowering life and stopping the accepted and allowed abuse and exploitation that became ‘normalcy’ through the brainwashing and mind control indoctrinated by those that do understand how things work and can be manipulated in this reality.
Yes, there are those that would consider it a threat to educate humanity about how these things work, because these very things (the mind, the thought processes, feelings and emotions) are used and abused within and by the consumerism system and those in power to manipulate and control humanity into submission to preserve a system of profit at the cost of life – a system where very few benefit at the cost of the many; a system where we even the natural resources of the earth are mined in self-interest and where, in spite of the earth unconditionally providing for all, the human ego consciousness manifests a system that prevents all from having access to the earth’s wealth and abundance.

The Desteni solution tools cover the main aspects of life in the world system:

The free Desteni I Process lite course for instance is an online course which alone provides the basics of how to see through the veils of ego consciousness and get to self-honesty. This online course, together with the freely available material as articles, documents, interviews, the daily blogs published by people young and old from all the world that are walking this Journey to Life, as well as the numerous educational products at eqafe that can be downloaded for free: already provide a priceless support and sufficient insights, realizations and tools for anyone to break through the main brainwashing of the systems.

There is the Equal Life Foundation, a non-profit organization, where Human Rights have been re-written to provide a ‘bill of rights’ that ensures a life in dignity and freedom for all. This being focused on the practical application of the Right to Life – because although we already have ‘human rights’ this is a point that is evidently being violated in all possible ways while most of the world sits back and believes there’s nothing we can do about it. Would that be another form/manifestation of ego consciousness? Because, I mean, the only way one is able to sit back and think there’s nothing I can do about it is if one has one’s needs met and thus one’s human rights fulfilled, isn’t it?

From within the Equal Life Foundation emerged several economic models for the world, such as the equal money system, though granted, humanity is not ready for such radical change that implies that money as we know it would no longer exist. Hence the recent proposal for a Living Income Guaranteed, and there have been Blogs as well as Vlogs and Google Hangout sessions that walk all dimensions of the system as it currently and within that demonstrate what requires correction and how the system can be adjusted to not only easily facilitate and guarantee a living basic income for all but also to improve capitalism and allow the economy to flourish, for real.

So, Desteni has been the one group – the only group I have found throughout my years of exploration and research – that not only has exposed and demonstrated the ego consciousness that our world and our systems are based on (both within, and without) and (vital point:) how it functions; but has also brought forth simplistic universal solutions that place the Value of Life as paramount and that can be practically applied by anyone and all of us together, in a process of redefining what life is, what the value in life is, and who we are as mankind, as humanity, as living beings on this living planet.


The Revenge of the Ego is what each one is and/or will be facing individually within one’s life and all one’s relationships.

The Revenge of the Ego is also what we All as Humanity in this World are facing – as all the dysfunctional systems and all atrocities on Planet Earth.

Equality is in common sense the Universal Solution, for Equality within living-application will restore the Value of Life, both within/as self and each one’s interpersonal relationships AND within/as our world and all the relationships/systems that constitute our existence as All as One on this One Planet.
There is no plan B, we only have this One planet, and we each only have this One life – so let’s get over our egos and let’s work together to make this world work for ALL.

This is the solution of Equality – 

it’s always been Here, it’s time we ground ourselves Here as well, and get to Common Sense, on this planet Earth as our Common Ground, with a Common Interest: LIFE.

We are equal at birth. 
We are equal at death. 
We all breathe the same air and share the same requirements for a life of dignity free from fear in the time between life and death.
Shouldn’t it be our propriety to ensure on this planet – for ourselves and the children to come – the dignity and freedom of all life equally, at least for the time ‘between life and death’?

Check out the Bill of Rights @ the Equal Life Foundation - a comprehensive approach to our Co-existence to ensure the Right to Life, Freedom and Dignity for All.

Check out the Basic Income Guaranteed with solutions that can be established in this lifetime to end the disaster of a profit driven system.

Check out the Desteni I Process Lite – FREE course that will assist humanity to end the disaster of a dysfunctional consciousness.

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