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438 | Planet Earth: Basic Income Guaranteed by the Equal Life Foundation - My Take on it

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I find the proposals simplistic and realistic. I am delighted that this win-win solution is now being not only proposed, but also practically elaborated, wherein it is demonstrated how it can be done and how all 'sides' (meaning all levels and aspects of partaking in the system, for example also business and corporations) will benefit - and it makes sense! 

In fact I ask myself why we haven't come up with these/such solutions long time ago already - the common sense within it is crystal clear.

You wouldn't have thought, but implementing Basic Income as proposed by the Equal Life Foundation would in fact for the first time allow the Economy to flourish - for real.

From what I see, from studying the history of the concept of Basic Income, what has been preventing the implementation of a basic income was mostly the fear of compromising the economy. And there haven't been many solution proposals in terms of how to fund a basic income, other than through tax, which would work like a 'charity' while keeping the essence of the system (inequality) as is.

See a Brief History of Basic Income.

I love the fact that, within the Basic Income Guaranteed proposal, LIFE is placed as the basic principle, the actual value, and that the proposals on all points are drafted from the starting-point of ensuring Human Rights / the Right to Life, thus formulating a life-support system to replace the current life-draining system that places profit before life.

I mean, should the Economy be in service of Human Rights or should human livelihoods adapt to the Economy? 

Well, in the current system human livelihood is forced to adapt to the economy and if you are not able to, you are left to struggle. This is far from human rights. On the contrary, we have an economic system where profit is placed before life.
Therefore I support that the economy must be in service of Human Rights, and that life must be placed before profit.

What's fascinating within the BIGuaranteed proposal is that it will even restore capitalism to what it should be, and will allow for profits in a way that does not compromise life. Capitalism does not have to mean abuse, does not have to be based on exploitation. 
Remember, the system is man-made, and therefore it is only up to the human, to change the system. The only thing that keeps us from changing this world into a place that is Best for All is the ill will of man. 

So – let’s find it within ourselves to apply our free will not in self-interest, but in the interest of life. 

Let us find the will within ourselves to will a change in the world that is visible, with tangible results that are sustainable and that serve all. 

Let us stop following the fears that have been indoctrinated into us by the system, and let’s change the system to create without fear!

I support a Basic Income because without one's basic needs met, one cannot be an effective human being in this world and participate in society in a way that will also support society. So, given the fact that in our current system money determines the quality of life and the opportunities one has in life, I support a Basic Income as a way towards equal opportunity and quality of life for All. 

In fact, a basic income should be a human right – because without income you cannot participate in this reality and sustain yourself and your family, and unfortunately the current system does not make the basics available to all, thus not everyone can give themselves a foundation for a life in dignity. A Basic Income would be that foundation – an equal life foundation.

Basic Income has quite a history already, and what can be seen thus far is that we’ve been missing the Know-How to make it possible in the long-run, integrate it into the economy, make it sustainable and able to be implemented in any country. Therefore we at the Equal Life Foundation dedicate our contribution to showing the practical ways of implementing Basic Income, showing that it Can work and How it can work practically, as well as discussing how the systems of our world must be adjusted in order to facilitate Basic Income and also in order to allow the economy to flourish for real.

Which is why we call our proposal Basic Income Guaranteed – because we show the way that, if incorporated and applied, will easily enable Basic Income, guaranteed, and will also guarantee a sustainable win-win outcome.

The practical steps shared within the Basic Income Guaranteed proposal: offer a way to a solution for our world system, a way to changing the 'rules of the game' into a win-win situation. Just do the math. Visit and study this BIG solution that will not only allow the ECOnomy to flourish but will also ensure that every child born into this world has an equal right to a life of dignity, freedom, opportunity – for real.

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