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443 | Desteni I Witness – Is Desteni a Threat to the World?

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I wanted to give this Blog post the title “Self Response Ability & Life as InterConnectedness” ...but I choose to utilize words that would push the fear-buttons and make people react, and interestingly enough these are also the words used by those (mostly anonymous) attacking Desteni, throwing around the words that people are trained to fear: threat, dangerous, cult, scam, to name the most profound.

So in this post I will elaborate on the points of RESPONSIBILITY and INTERCONNECTEDNESS as well as answer the question whether Desteni is a threat to the world.

As I've demonstrated in the previous posts, the main point that gave me a wake-up call when I came across the message presented at Desteni was the point of Self-Responsibility.
In researching the material I came to realize that we as humanity have constructed the systems of our existence in a way that has caused and perpetuated our separation, this separation being a fundamental one in terms of who we all are and each one is as LIFE.

This can be directly seen and witnessed in our world, throughout all our systems, as well as throughout all our relationships –
wherein what is evident is that we enclose ourselves in groups/groupings and relationships with different interests, conflicting interests, to such an extent that not only conflict but also war becomes inevitable, at the same time leaving much of the world to exist in atrocious and undignified conditions, while completely disregarding our common interest as LIFE, our common ground as this Earth that is our home planet, and our common sense as sentient beings that are subjected to the same/equal requirements for a life in ease, which would include food, water, shelter, care, warmth, to name but the basics, as well as the absence of harm, abuse, suffering, fear.

Instead however, we have managed to establish an existence where we exist in fear of each-other, and where we wait for `others´ to `fix it´ - those `others´ being parents, education systems, politicians, gurus, religious and other leaders, we even go as far as believing in UFOs and aliens that are coming to `save us´ - but never has humanity collectively or even a single human being considered the point of Taking Responsibility for Life, as Life, practically and for real.
Until Desteni.

Which is why I was astounded to come across such profoundly simplistic message and it was clear to me immediately that this message is not what I was used to in the context of new-age and spirituality. That was by the way also the end of my `spiritual trip´ and the beginning of me questioning the belief-systems I had accepted as well as my motives for `positive thinking´ and for seeking for answers `out there´ in gods and goddesses and `higher beings´… (I have written about my spiritual delusion before and there are more people that have walked years as `light-workers´, following gurus and trying to get to `enlightenment´ or `ascension´ that now document how they faced their wake-up call when coming across the Desteni material).

Fascinatingly enough we are even educated to fear responsibility, to consider responsibility as a burden or as something that would put a weight unto our existence – and we tend to want the benefits or the power that comes with greater responsibility without having to in fact be responsible / response-able and able to stand accountable for all our thoughts, words and deeds.
This can clearly be seen within how our ´leaders´ govern our world, political as well as religious/spiritual, where in spite of the positions of power they hold (where you would expect a greater responsibility for life) there is No responsibility for Life as a Whole to be seen.
Not only is the majority of the world population being exploited, even the very planet that sustains us all is being depleted, and there is no consideration for life whatsoever, because PROFIT is placed before life, for as I´ve said: we have constructed the systems of our world in our image and likeness, in total separation from ourselves and each-other as life, and founded them instead of on the value of life and in the interest of life, rather on the value of profit and in the interest of profit / self-interest / ego.

We have thus a world in pieces unable to find real peace, and all the gurus and so-called masters have exposed themselves to be nothing but new-age consumerism lobbyists, as there has never been a pragmatic solution-oriented approach coming from those ‘higher realms’, a solution that would put an end to the abuse, exploitation and atrocity that reigns on earth.

One of the main educational points that come along with the message of Desteni, which is the message of oneness and equality –or should I say for the sake of clarity oneness AS equality–, is the point of life´s interconnectedness, which implies that whatever harm is done to a part of life always affects life as a whole.
Why do I say oneness as equality is because there is so much talk of oneness, especially coming from the new age scene, but nobody seems to consider what oneness actually implies. Oneness by definition entails equality, and without equality oneness is nothing but deception, just another empty word made ‘pretty’ with beautiful colors and energetic resonances, yet another consumerism goodie to buy into.

Looking at Self-Responsibility in the context of Life as interconnectedness, what can be realized is that taking responsibility for Life as a Whole is the common sense decision each one is able to come to, once one gets to see oneself as life, as equal part of life, and realize one´s interconnectedness with everyone and everything that exists.

Our minds should in fact be able to do the simple 1+1 equation and place oneself in the shoes of another, as well as consider that even though we do not choose where we are born the conditions we are born into determine our life, our survival, our choices, our opportunities. 

We bring children into this world without the certainty that the environment we are currently in will ensure those children have what it takes for a life in dignity and freedom, without fear. We HOPE for the best for our children, but we hardly come to the realization that unless WE do something about the conditions of our world, the HOPE we project will remain but a dream, a projection, a prayer to some invisible god – while those that are the actual creators of the world system (and that is ALL of us on this planet earth, regardless of the fact that some are directly involved and others just cast their ´vote´ though acceptance, allowance, permission, submission, essentially cowardice) remain unable to respond, unable to bring forth the CHANGE we all wish for.

Unfortunately, human beings have been so brainwashed by the system that we simply accept the make-belief slogans of submission like `human nature cannot change´ or `what can I do, I´m just a human´, and we do not even question WHAT it is that prevents this world from changing.

At Desteni, such questions and many more are asked and investigated, with the objective of getting to that point of Response-Ability, because (common sense): if we understand the problems we will be able to see the solutions.

Unfortunately in this world the problems are not understand, worse even: all systems (education, media, politics, money-system) are designed to veil the actual problems and to misguide anyone interested in getting to the truth of what the hell is going on and why.
Not that the system has to do much to achieve this, because the mind-control is so ingrained and by the time a person is able to ask questions, there will already be control systems in-place within the mind (in the form of beliefs, fears, desires, value-systems, preconceived ideas etc.) that will prevent a person from asking the `real questions´ and thus getting to the real answers that would unveil reality and allow us to see what is really going on and the role each one plays within the whole.

And so what we human beings do? We search for Who is to Blame, and then we frenzy around point fingers here and there, arguing about who´s right and who´s wrong, seeking revenge and vengeance, seeking justice without considering that no actual justice can exist in a system of separatism and hierarchy.

And in this Blame-Game we completely fail to realize that simple point of Self-Responsibility, which is the point that would empower self to `do something about it all´, to investigate things for real, to ask the real questions, to test things for real, to initiate change, to walk the change, to speak common sense, to dare expose the mind-control, to be an example of what is possible, to challenge all systems that deceive and exploit life.

One of the problems in this world is that we all are conditioned to seek and to form what can be called self-image. That would be the image we present to the world, the `good face´ we show and that is apparently our `identity´. The same in politics and within religion and all systems of this world, and looking at “others” (especially politicians) everyone can see this point.
On individual level we define our identity based on `values´ we deem as `acceptable´ or `presentable´ and create our self-image based on our beliefs, value-systems, fears and desires. On a cultural-societal level then we have points like nationality, religion, tradition, political party etc. used as further `values´ to further define the identity of a person. In all of this the actual value of LIFE is completely disregarded and we end-up in a world where we define ourselves primarily through our Differences, we even go to war in the name of a nation, in the name of a god, in the name of tradition etc. while we forget our Equality as Life and the fact that we are all made of the same substance, we all share the same requirements for our survival on this planet, and we all return to the same dust with our last breath. In the meantime we all breathe the same air and are under the same sun. 

We are all on the same sinking boat. And unless we stand together and work together as equals of LIFE, we are ALL going to face the same end, because this ship we are in is clearly sailing towards destruction. Self-Destruction in fact.

That brings us back to the point of Responsibility. 

In the context of `identity´ or self-definition, wouldn´t it be wise to stop projecting false images, to stop existing merely as a picture-presented self-image, to stop existing in separation as Ego within power-games of the nature “I AM better / stronger / higher / purer / bigger /worthier than you…” and “MY country or MY nation or MY religion or MY god or MY opinion is the best / the right / the only one that´s true…” –
and to instead realize that the true Self is the Self that is Life?

I mean when you die – and isn´t it also fascinating that despite our profound technological and intellectual advancement we still have no freaking clue about what is before and after `life´...? – you do not take your possessions, your nation, your religion, your beliefs and opinions with you; and equally when you are born you come into this world without opinions, without fear, without beliefs, without spirituality or religion, without an idea of nation/culture/tradition that would prevent you from freely communicating with a child from another culture and regard it as equal.

So have a look at the simple equation of: Self = Life
and how this realization then implies that taking Self-Responsibility and living Self-Responsibility consequently means taking Responsibility for Life as a Whole!

I mean it is simple: 
if each one of us would live self-responsibility, would live what is truly best for them in the practical sense of the matter, if each one were a real leader for oneself leading oneself to an existence of dignity, freedom, self-respect, in self-acceptance and self-worth as life: we would have a world of accountable individuals co-existing in harmony.

Obviously this is not the case, mostly due to our education systems where we are brainwashed into separatist and consumerist values and do not learn to acknowledge and honor the value of life, let alone learn any real life skills and tools that would enable us to understand first of all ourselves, our minds, human nature, and to realize the interconnectedness of life so that we learn to include in our considerations not only ourselves in self-interest/ego but also our neighbor and life as a whole. 

The current system does not want leaders. The current system wants slaves to keep the system running, the current system wants mind-controlled individuals that fight for their differences and never question the values they base their differences on, because if the PEOPLE were to stand together: this would obviously be a threat for the System.

So, from that perspective – yes, Desteni is a threat to the world SYSTEM, a threat to the status quo, a threat to the structures of control and the veils of deception.
Desteni is an internet based community with people from all over the world proving that we are able to stand together and work together and educate ourselves and share our realizations as well as practical tools for anyone to assist themselves in lifting the veils and getting to common sense and self-honesty and taking Self-Responsibility, which in essence practically means being a Leader. 

But is Desteni a threat to the world? Au contraire, the Desteni message is standing the test of time and the material and research shared is clearly and consistently propagating one simple principle: the value of life as oneness and equality. Within this many projects and models were developed, as solutions to individual and collective problems that we as humanity face. Here you can have a look at for instance the design of the equal money system (and no – despite the nasty remarks in the nature of “oh no, this is communism, run for your lives!” by people that never did their research or studied the model of equal money – equal money is not communism, in fact communism as such was just another power-abuse system with no actual, sustainable equality or quality for that matter), the design of self-awareness and relationship-support courses, the design of educational books and interview series including parenting support (visit the eqafe store and make sure to check out the free downloads as well!) and now the Basic Income Guaranteed proposal with practical solutions as to how we are able to adjust the capitalistic system in a way that it can not only ‘produce’ a living income for all but at the same time also allow the entire economy to flourish – for real, and without abuse, without exploitation.

I strongly support that we must re-evaluate and re-form our systems in this world and that instead of educating our children to become obedient and gullible slaves of fear without integrity, we must educate our children to become leaders, to become individuals with integrity that are able to stand accountable for who they are, without fear.

The entire system including education has become a tool of mind-control that then becomes so ingrained, it becomes the actual veil within/of our perception, so that we miss reality completely and only ever see our mind/ego – thus each one stuck in ego, basically rooted in fear, never getting ourselves to LIVE –

hence a world that isn't changing and a system of corruption and inequality mutating and not evolving into something better yet – proving that all wisdom of the world was never applied in the interest of life, even the words of Jesus were abused; otherwise this world would already be a better place and life would exist in dignity and freedom – personal freedom and collective freedom simultaneously, without fear, without control, without masters and without slaves; Life lived and thus created by individuals that stand as equals of life.

I mean we are collectively creating this world/system anyway – and the crisis we are facing in the world should be concerning as it is the direct outflow of who and how we all are and each one is. It should make us seriously question the systems we have accepted and the values we have allowed to govern our existence.

I will in posts to come share how I have supported myself through the research of the Desteni message and the material shared and how I started a process of self-education and of learning how to work with others as equals, as well as what I have been able to change within my life and myself since I started utilizing the tools of self-honesty, self-forgiveness, and self-corrective application in self-responsibility. And I will show how these tools are in fact something that anyone would `normally´ be able to find within themselves, if it weren´t for the layers upon layers of brainwashing that veil our perception to such an extent that we exist in a state of self-deception and delusion, in total separation from the reality of life as a whole.

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