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433 | Revenge of the Ego 2 – Energy, E-Motion, Experience, Free Choice

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432 | Revenge of the Ego 1 - The Ego is Always on the Go. Live Here as Breath

This is Part 2 of a series on documents that I'll be presenting, taken from the Desteni material. The title is "The Revenge of the Ego" and the various parts elaborate on the various aspects of our existence where the Ego / the System 'takes its revenge' - and how.
I also share some further elaborations on the points in the second half of the video.

"So, in terms of experiences - understand that, experiences are designed by the ego to make sure that you do not ask questions - it's designed...
And we're not even going into the greater design, we're just going into the interactive design of experience where one will make your decisions based on your experience and not based on what's best for all, on common sense -
and in that simple point, the ego is dominant, because if you have no ego, you would, regardless of what happens in terms of experience, you would always choose what is best for all, because you are free, and therefore your free choice is dominant and you choose what is best for all.
But, have a look, ego got you to believe that free choice means you can choose whatever is best for you and you can use excuses and justifications like experience and all kinds of excuses to justify your right to have free choice -
have a look how subtly this deception operates. Instead of realizing that free choice is actually you being free to always choose what's best for all and never be influenced by anything.
But what have you come to believe about free choice? Just prove that the ego took its revenge and you have already fallen.

Also in terms of experiences, you have this whole point of, that this reality is an illusion - we're all going to die and dissolve into nothingness anyway, right? So, that this dissolving into nothingness is dissolving the ego...
Yes, it dissolves the ego because you end - you only exist as ego.
Ego is the manifestation of energy in a process of experience, in the process of polarity, in a process of action/reaction, and life is apparently be defined as that - is the ultimate revenge of the ego.
Creating the illusion that life is energy, is polarity, is action/reaction, is emotion and feeling - it's done it brilliantly,
and the whole point was to actually trap you in a self that is without responsibility - that only act on the influences that direct it, instead of actually standing for what is best for all in life, to prove one thing:
that there is no responsible being on Earth - fascinating, it managed to actually prove that the system, as energy, is superior. It can control the best amongst us - and unless we obviously are better than that - we'll find out won't be.
Because so many that should have been real master, here on Earth, that support those with a lesser design, like plants and animals - they are equal to us but they're a lesser design model -
so to support them, and truly be what a god should be - someone that uplift and support. What did we do?
We seek our own satisfaction, 'cause apparently we were not good enough = that's the revenge of the ego - the greatest creation we could ever come up with."

Please also listen to the commentary I added to this discussion (watch the video).


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