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430 | Planet Earth: A Fraud System and The Secret about Automation

On Earth we have a System, which in its essence a System of consumerism, where everyone is set out to ‘gain’ and consume Energy, whether that Energy is Money, Oil, Success, Recognition, Fame, Fortune, Sex – anything that has been defined as Power and that is being used for One or a Select Few to dominate over others/another and exploit them for self-interest/profit.

This is the nature of our System on Earth, it is a system where profit is placed before life, and this is happening and is being accepted as ‘the way things are’, as a ‘lifestyle’ – both on the bigger scale and on the smaller, individual scale.
This System is so automated, that we hardly notice there is another way to live and co-exist on this Planet, a way that would be Best for All, a way that would support Life and not Profit/self-interest.

Now –
In the previous posts we have looked into the point of automation and how that exists on a consciousness/mental AND on a physical level.
We have also seen that the existent automation was programmed and accepted in unawareness, that we are however at a point where we can at least be aware of the consequences.

The realizations gathered throughout the previous posts can be applied to this topic that I am presenting today, which is automation in the world system.

As I’ve just said, the current System ‘the way it is’ is so automated that we hardly notice there is another way to live and co-exist on this Planet, a way that would be Best for All, a way that would support Life and not Profit/self-interest.

So what is our current system automated as?

It is automated to support profit against life.

It is automated to brainwash its citizens into submission and herd mentality.

It is automated to present a fraud democracy, a frau freedom, a fraud peace, while we are in fact constantly at war, war being something that is now done to justify sucking life dry for profit; while real democracy, real freedom, real peace are no where to be found, never sustainable, never to the benefit of ALL.

It is also automated to prevent transparency while it protects the deception of those ‘in high places’, who are the main characters responsible for the atrocious conditions on Earth, such as starvation, hunger, poverty, famine, war and the destruction and exploitation of earth’s natural resources which, in common sense, should be long to and benefit ALL citizens of Earth. 
Yet, make no mistake, those Few in Power would be Nothing without the millions of ‘sheep’ that vote for them, that continue to play the game day in and day out, that allow things ‘the way they are’ and accept the belief that ‘there’s nothing that can be done to change this’ because “I am only human”.

Within this one could conclude that this “human” is the pawn of the System, just ‘another brick in the wall’ – a wall of separation, a wall of oblivion, a wall of ignorance, while we pretend we are in ‘bliss’...

Therefore, we are ALL responsible for What Is Here, we are all responsible for what and how the System is, because the System exists in our image and likeness. Take out the human, and there is no system.

Back to the point of automation.

So our system is automated and set to abuse, to deception, to exploitation, to the consumption of life; and it’s got the perfect control in-place through the brainwashing and mind-control so ‘nicely’ imposed through the media, through advertisements, through spirituality and religions and all the things that are apparently ‘good’ and worth ‘having’ and ‘keeping’.

Our system is automated and set to create, maintain and justify the separation of life.

Now, what would be the way to correct such programming?

I mean, if you gave the main facts about our existence to a child – facts like, there is so much population on Earth, so much food, so much resources, so much of this and that, how would you make everybody happy? A child would have no particular difficulty putting two and two together and coming to a common sense conclusion based on a common sense equal distribution of what is Here, ensuring that All that is Here gets All of everything, equally. 
I mean, it IS common sense that as human beings we have certain requirements for our survival on this planet, for a life in dignity and without fear. Why are these requirements not met for ALL, when we are in fact in a position to ensure that everybody has what it takes to have a decent life and to not have to struggle or suffer?

Automating the System based on an equation of Best-for-All according to real facts, real statistics, real demand, would make it possible to have a decent distribution and to have a system that is transparent.
Transparency is a huge point, because the lack of transparency is what is in fact allowing for all this deception, abuse and exploitation. 

The System need not be something complicated. What we need is simply a logistics program that will manage a record of natural resources, goods and services, food production numbers, as well as the needs of the various world regions, so as to make sure all regions can be distributed with everything that cannot be produced locally.

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