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431 | Planet Earth: A Fraud System and The Secret about Automation (Part 2)

Continuing from
430 | Planet Earth: A Fraud System and The Secret about Automation (Part 1)

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On Earth we have a System, which in its essence a System of consumerism, where everyone is set out to ‘gain’ and consume Energy, whether that Energy is Money, Oil, Success, Recognition, Fame, Fortune, Sex – anything that has been defined as Power and that is being used for One or a Select Few to dominate over others/another and exploit them for self-interest/profit.

This is the nature of our System on Earth, it is a system where profit is placed before life, and this is happening and is being accepted as ‘the way things are’, as a ‘lifestyle’ – both on the bigger scale and on the smaller, individual scale.

This System is so automated, that we hardly notice there is another way to live and co-exist on this Planet, a way that would be Best for All, a way that would support Life and not Profit/self-interest.

Our system is automated and set to create, maintain and justify the separation of life.

Now, what would be the way to correct such programming?

Wouldn't it be to correct the system, mathematically, factually, to ensure the decent distribution of goods and services to ALL, to put a Stop to the allowance of starvation, of poverty, of exploitation, of war? 

Wouldn't it be to to automate the System and set it to an equation of Best-for-All based on real facts, real statistics, real demand? 

Wouldn't it be to ensure transparency and put an end to corruption, deception, abuse?

What would be the benefits of automating the system to support all life at all times?

First of all: Transparency.

Imagine, as a citizen, being able to see and track the production rates of everything in the world, being able to see the movements of goods and services, beings able to follow the development of a region, being able to make suggestions, report demands, or problems, and in all ways be an active participant of how our existence and our survival in it is managed.

Second point: Certainty.

Most people are currently not certain of where they will be in the next 5 or 10 years. Simply due to the fact that the markets have become so unpredictable, and the job cuts, or even things like natural catastrophes have made the world in itself completely unpredictable, thus the human beings existing in uncertainty and fear for survival, being compelled to do stuff one would not normally do simply to ensure their survival and get a sense of safety.

The human factor cannot be trusted to do what is best for all, what is best for life. This is proven daily, in a world where a child dies every couple of seconds from preventable causes!
So the human cannot yet be trusted to support life. Setting up a system to do so, would produce a result that is always certain to be best for all.

Third point: Equality of Quality.

Quality of life is currently only available to a select few. Out of inequality emerges corruption, and our current system is so corrupt that all it does is abuse life, exploit life, and sell you a “quality” with an expiry date.

In a system set to support life, we would stop producing stuff for profit, stuff that will brake so that you will buy the next model next year, and will focus on top quality and top technology for all, to provide quality of life and quality products. This will not only benefit each individual in terms of exploring and expanding their abilities and talents; it will also benefit science and research and our evolution as humanity.

Fourth point: Simplicity.

What is currently happening is that we have a highly complex system with complex rules and regulation that are, in essence, set to protect profit, instead of protecting life.
In a system that is set to support life and protect human rights as well as the sustainability of our home planet, things need not be complicated.

It’s the same as when you lie: you will invent the most complicated stories to present a lie, and the more lies you tell the more complicated it gets; while when you stick to the truth and the actuality of what is really the matter in reality, things are simple. Things are either best for all/best for life and an expression of dignity and respect, or they are not.

Our current system is clearly not an expression of dignity and respect, and the least we can do is change the system to reflect our benevolence and to do our will, because simply claiming the ‘intent’ or the ‘wish’ to make a better world for the children to come is not enough; that is simply wishful thinking that will not produce any results. Which is in fact evidence of the ill will of man, because if really wanted to, we would have already changed our systems to support everyone and ensure that the wealth of the earth benefits all life.

In this context, you can also investigate the proposals of the Equal Life Foundation and Basic Income Guaranteed and study the elaborations on Digitalized Currency and Digital Money

And, each human being I suggest should look within themselves and investigate what one's ‘will’ is driven by and whether one's self-interest is aligned with the interest of Life as a Whole.

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