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434 | Revenge of the Ego 2 – part2 – Polarity & Energy Projections vs The Living Word

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432 | Revenge of the Ego 1 - The Ego is Always on the Go. Live Here as Breath
433 | Revenge of the Ego 2 – Energy, E-Motion, Experience, Free Choice

This is a further commentary to elaborate on some further aspects of 'Energy'.

Within the previous post (video/audio and commentary) what could be seen is that the Ego exists as a system of mental and emotional projections that have no substance in the actuality of reality.


Here an interesting point to look at is words/ideas as Energy versus the Living Word, which (the latter) was something that Jesus stood for and as, showed and represented.

Words as Energy are the empty words we speak or think within eg. projected hopes / wants / needs / desires / promises / intentions or fear / judgment / blame etc., whereby within this we do not even understand the totality of the being or the context/moment/situation –
while the Living Word would be the clear, directive and definitive expression of oneself, where one stands by one’s word, and one’s expression and interaction is equal to and one with one’s words, in the inner and the outer.

An interesting thing to observe within this, is how Words as Energy are defined within and as polarity, where we have the ‘positive’ and the ‘negative’, but none of that considers, regards or comprehends the totality of a situation / context / moment.
Whether you are in ‘positive’ energy or in ‘negative’  energy, the consideration is only ego, it is self-interest, it is one’s ‘own’ experience, and as such: self cannot see things for what they are, because the ego will only ever see the ego = itself.

The Living Word on the other hand, is free of polarity. It is the direct expression of self-honesty in common sense, that means in regard and consideration of the totality of a situation / context / moment, thus always Best for All, always directive, never directed or influenced by inner-reactions of a conditioned consciousness.


Another interesting aspect to see is that, while the Living Word is directive within the actuality of the physical reality we all share, and thus: as the Living Word one will not only be fulfilling oneself but will also be having an impact on everyone and everything that would cross one’s way – and that impact would be actual Goodness;

Words lived as energy on the other hand, remain in the realm of consciousness /the mental, and in fact prevent one from really actually Moving; because one is trapped within eg. hope / want / need / desire / promises / intentions or fear / judgment / blame etc.

Interestingly enough, all of this is projections of definition and judgment (‘positive’ / ‘negative’) – which is all system consciousness, showing that the Ego is a system: the system that creates the World System to be what it is.
And curiously enough in the realm of thought and imagination every consciousness system, depending on its programmed conditioning, has different definitions and experiences of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’;
while in the physical world you have the same positive and negative, as that pertains to the actuality of reality and not to mind programming: for instance any one exposed to starvation, deprivation of water, of sunlight etc. would suffer, as that is simply negative for the physical experience of a living being on earth; just like any one exposed to a conditions of support, nutritious food and clean water, shelter, care and warmth, will have a positive experience.

Now –
it’s fascinating that, if we look at the ‘positive’ side of the mental realm, which is what everybody ‘prefers’ to look at and what most humans have been focusing on for ages now: does it ever bring any real, actual, substantial solutions at any level? Or does it in fact keep us at the stage of intent, hope, expectation, desire, etc? It is easy to see, isn’t it?

And if we look at the ‘negative’, things like blame and anger and judgment and fear and hate – they are mostly kept within the ‘secret mind’, where the ego speaks to itself and plots its ‘way to success’... in a sort of “me against the world” way. But, the more one feed the ‘negative’ in the mind, the more it tends to compound and eventually explode with atrocious consequences (if we look at school shootings and other bizarre acts of violence and crime accumulating around the world) – but where and how does that begin? That’s also easy to see, isn’t it?

And interestingly enough, what is for instance ‘negative’ for the abused, is ‘positive’ for the abuser – How screwed up is that?


If we look at it – the only ‘positive’ manifestation in this world would be all the gurus and lightworkers and such. But have 2000 years of such ‘spirituality’ ever really challenged, let alone changed the System as such? Ever made an actual impact on things like poverty, starvation, abuse? Or do the gurus rather feed the system and make money in turn?

So what can be seen here, is that Energy is never real, neither the ‘positive’ nor the ‘negative’ – and yet the fact that we exist (trapped) within and as energy has fatal consequences for life; Life as ourselves and each-other, and the planet that sustains us.

Need we look any further to realize the trap we are in – as humanity collectively, and individually as ego?

So what is the ego taking its revenge against? It is against life, it is against ourselves, it is against each-other.

In the Desteni research material is explained in great detail how energy sources itself from substance. And have a look, we are such magnificent creators that the creation of energy already happens at an automatic level. We are screwed. And it’s gonna take guts and dedication to unscrew the driver (the autopilot) and get self back to the ‘driver’s seat’ – in self-awareness as life, in self-honesty and common sense; only then can we manifest, in our image and likeness, a world that is ‘best for all’, that is Best for Life.

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