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427 | Self Awareness & Consciousness – The Secret about Automation (Part 2)

Day 405 | Self-Movement: How to Move Self into Fulfillment

...It’s fascinating – all these automated patterns of consciousness: self has no control over. In fact, these patterns control You, they drive your decisions and dictate the paths you’ll take and the paths you won’t take, based on your preprogrammed fears and desires.

So -
in other words:

What is now self-aware is: Consciousness. We as Substance, Self Awareness as the oneness and equality of the physical universe/body – does not exist.


So let's now compare the two phenomena of automation – Physical automation and Consciousness automation:

In the PHYSICAL automation (example of driving a car):

You can still ‘interfere’, you can direct your car according to the actuality of the moment/situation, you can slow-down, accelerate, focus your attention accordingly, etc.

(...Obviously if you had strong emotional reactions while learning, are you at a later stage allowed emotional- and mental-reactions to integrate into your driving application, you won’t be a very good driver...)

In the CONSCIOUSNESS automation – which is the mental-emotional automation:

You seem to have no way of ‘interfering’ before it’s ‘too late’, and you cannot undo your words and actions.*

In terms of thoughts / internal conversations / imaginations – you cannot undo them either because (and here have a look at the Blogs on Paranoia that myself and other Journey to Life bloggers shared in this past month) they accumulate and form equations, beliefs, convictions that tend to become obsessive, possessive, even paranoid, to the extent of resulting into words and actions (acting-out) that harm self and/or others.

*and I say "seem to" because that is/has been the design, yet we have been showing in this process that there is another way!

So – 
nothing we do/say/act/think at any given moment ‘goes away’. It simply accumulates. That is the simplistic secret of creation: 1+1+1... Breath by Breath, every moment counts.

And the sum of our moments: form and constitute who we are and who we become.

And within this one can see that: we become who we are.

What does that mean?
Who we are and how we participate / interact / co-exist in every moment: accumulates into and forms and creates who we are - 

determining whether we are merely consciousness robots as ego in separation from self as life and life as a whole; or whether we are life, co-existing as equals of life and thus doing / acting / living what is best for life, which includes ourselves and everybody else – all that is HERE. be continued. 
Stay tuned for practical living solutions to this phenomenon.

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