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449 | The Revenge of the Ego – and Why Equality is a Universal Solution (part 2)

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Day 448 | The Revenge of the Ego – and Why Equality is a Universal Solution (part 1)

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We cannot change that which we fear.
We cannot change that which we judge.
We cannot change that which we are separate from.

Is that the reason many claim human nature cannot change?
Is that the reason human nature hasn’t changed – in terms of us human beings existing in self-interest as ego, in fear of each-other, in a RACE of survival instead of Living?

Human nature cannot change as long as we give in and submit to fear.
Human nature cannot change as long as we judge ourselves and each-other.
Human nature cannot change as long as we separate ourselves from our responsibility, from who we are, from what this world is.

A huge problem, the core problem perhaps of our existence lies within our Value-System. 

We have formed a value-system based on a mental polarity perception of superiority and inferiority, through which the entire human civilization was build and ‘life conquered’ – while we have completely disregarded our common sense as life, our common interest as life, our common ground as life on this Earth.

Equality is a principle we have been brainwashed to fear – not only because Jesus died on the cross but also because of systems like communism which, despite being conceived on the basis of equality, was in the actuality of its practical application not a system of equality but in fact just another system of control and power abuse.

Equality is the universal solution for our existence.

Why do I say that?
-This is by the way the reason I started to work with the Desteni group, because they presented to not only understand equality as a principle, but also its practical application. And interestingly enough, I as a child was very clear about the principle of equality, yet growing up in this world left me unknowing as to how this principle can be lived and applied. And 
I am sure that many people have in their childhood years seen the absurdity of our world systems, seen the common sense of life as equality, yet have been submissive to the ‘ways of the world’ because obviously our survival as children depends on our environment. Would that be the reason why children decide to copy the control- and defense-mechanisms of their parents and become individual Egos just like the rest of the world? Do children really have a choice or are they fully dependent on their environment? And wouldn’t that give us, the ‘grown-ups’ of this world, the responsibility to make sure that children are born into conditions that allow them to live, express, and expand as life and not as ego; that allow them to grow without fear and without the need to form protection- and defense-mechanism within a consciousness of self-interest in separation from life as a whole?

I’ll say it again:
Equality is the universal solution for our existence.

Have a look:
We cannot change that which we fear.
We cannot change that which we judge.
We cannot change that which we are separate from.

And have a look:
Each one human being exists in separation within self. There are parts and aspects of self that one fears, parts and aspects of self that one judges, parts and aspects of self that one separates oneself from – either qualities and desires that one feels/believes one does not deserve or cannot be, or dark and aweful things that one feels/believes one must fear, suppress and deny.

In this world, we do not learn to get to know human nature. We do not learn how to get to know ourselves, let alone how to deal with and direct such separation within ourselves.

And if we as human beings individually are divided even within ourselves – is it any wonder that we manifest a world divided and an educational and morality system that uses the polarity of ‘reward’ and ‘punishment’ to control human nature, instead of empowering human nature to get to ‘know thyself’ and be able to change, transform and dignify itself?

As with all things – the principle of equality begins within self.
We are not equal within ourselves, thus in fact we are not One. We each are ‘many’, we exist split and divided even within ourselves, with all kinds of inner conflicts, unable to make sound decisions and stand in integrity. And you know this is true – otherwise we would have manifested a world of integrity, and that is certainly not the case.

What would it mean for self to stand equal as one?

It would mean to face every part and aspect of self as equal – to face every part of self without fearing or judging or suppressing and denying it, and also without trying to control it or dominate it or force it into ‘correction’. Rather, to really intimately understand the origin of each and every part of self that self has separated self from, and to embrace each part AS self, realizing: it is part of ME, it IS me, thus I am able to see and face myself within and as that part, and within that take self-responsibility to direct that part AS myself into a transformation, a correction that ensure my dignity as life and thus consequently the dignity of life as a whole.

Coming back to the questions I placed in my previous post:

...Fascinatingly enough, the more intimate a relationship, the more we tend to want to control, and the more we experience fear. I mean, if you meet a person at a random location or on the street or at an event, you will be able to have a conversation with them, often a real deep one even, without there being an issue of control or fear for that matter. Why then are intimate relationships rather connected to fear and control? And what does this polarity relationship of fear and control reveal about human nature – the nature of human consciousness, which is the nature of ego?
And what does the fact that bloodlines control the world tell us about human nature / the human consciousness?
...Would control be ‘necessary’ if there was no fear?

A further question to place this into context: What is it that drives us to form relationships with certain people and not with others? And why do we have strong ‘positive’ feelings about some and strong ‘negative’ feelings about others?

From the starting-point of equality and oneness, what can be realized is that the people we are ‘attracted’ to in fact represent parts of ourselves that we have suppressed or denied, or haven’t allowed ourselves to live and express. The ‘positive’ experience would represent those parts of ourselves we would like to live, apply and express but feel we cannot or do not deserve, the ‘negative’ experience would represent those parts of ourselves that we have judged and suppressed/denied out of fear and out of lack of tools with which to face and direct such experiences.

This would also explain the fact that we tend to experience more fear and a stronger need to control within intimate relationships, wherein we have identified with another/the relationship due to them intensely representing parts/aspects of ourselves that we have separated ourselves from, thus the fear of loss as if we’d be losing part of ourselves. 

And here the valid question: if something/someone is HERE and there is an actual, real connection: can that someone/something be ‘lost’? Is it then not actually our own ‘control’ that we fear losing as well as the definitions we have attached to ourselves through that something/someone?!

Would control be necessary if there was no fear?

Have a look at how we formed a world where elite bloodlines control the world – and while they seem to have no fear because they have power, in self-honesty one can see the co-dependence that exists between the Haves and Have-Nots, between the elite as the master and the majority as the slave, because without the majority buying into consumerism and self-definitions of fakeness, without the majority buying into the polarity system of competition and ‘survival of the fittest’ and thus sticking to self-interest, which is in essence ego, in a world where we are ‘educated’ to exist in fear of each-other; without the majority’s submission and inherent (since accepted) fear, the elite would not have the slaves to ensure its survival. 

The majority on the other hand has accepted that without the elite and the system that govern this world we would be ‘left to die’, and out of fear of survival everyone is just keeping on surviving, trying to make it to the next day or the next month, trying to get of it all as much as possible for oneself before it all tumbles down – which also implies that the majority has accepted the disaster of the world system, of our existence, and has submitted into a state of inferiority (despite individual attempts towards a make-belief superiority) believing and accepting that “there is nothing I can do about it, it is beyond my power”, thus accepting the system as more, as superior, accepting self as inferior and as separated from the system –
When in fact each one is equal part of the system, because this system, as all systems, can only function with the all its parts playing a certain role.

Within this, it is vital that each one ask themselves: What is My role within the Whole? What is My existence, day in and day out, supporting in the context of the whole? What is My existence implying, accepting, allowing? Where am I in fear, and thus inferior? And where am I trying to be superior in an attempt to compensate for the inferiority I have accepted by separating myself from life as a whole?

These and more are questions that the Desteni group does not fear asking – questions to which we individually and collectively explore the answers to. And it is crystal clear that equality is the solution to the human condition, which is also what Jesus said: “Give as you would like to Receive” and “Do unto another as You would like to have done unto You”.

When life cares for life, and we all acknowledge our equality as life –where life is the value that we all equally share and that we all hold dear–, when there is no fear of each-other and our existence is not motivated by fear and the deceptive systems of ‘reward’ and ‘punishment’ wherein each one is trying to manipulate everyone and everything else to their own self-interest, when we see that the interest of LIFE is in the interest of each one and all of us together, as One, as Life – will the current accepted nature of the human and its world/system be ‘necessary’? Do we really have to continue existing in relationships of manipulation, deception, exploitation, abuse, self-interest?

With the Desteni group we are showing that CHANGE is possible – and we share tools and models to facilitate Change, both individually and collectively.
All that is required is the actual Will of individuals to stand for Life, to stand as Life, let go of ego and stand as Equals, and work together towards sustainable solutions for our existence within and without – solutions that will work for all and that will support all.

The Revenge of the Ego is what each one is and/or will be facing individually within one’s life and all one’s relationships.
The Revenge of the Ego is also what we All as Humanity in this World are facing – as all the dysfunctional systems and all atrocities on Planet Earth.

Equality is in common sense the Universal Solution, for Equality within living-application will restore the Value of Life, both within/as self and each one’s interpersonal relationships AND within/as our world and all the relationships/systems that constitute our existence as All as One on this One Planet.
There is no plan B, we only have this One planet, and we each only have this One life – so let’s get over our egos and let’s work together to make this world work for ALL.

This is the solution of Equality – 
it’s always been Here, it’s time we ground ourselves Here as well, and get to common sense, on this common ground, with a common interest: LIFE.

There’s many out there claiming we are here on earth to learn lessons, but looking at the history of mankind we can see: we have learned nothing. 
I support that we are Here on Earth to earth ourselves and to learn from the mistakes of the past, so that we can make this One reality work for All that are Here as Life.
We are Here on Earth to restore within ourselves and our world the Value of Life.

What we agree about within the Desteni group is that we are Here on Earth to face ourselves and our creation as this world with all its relationships, and that Equality is the only solution for our Oneness – the only solution that will restore the Value of Life and that will work for all, as Best for All.

It is time, because we are already facing Hell on Earth – our Ego is taking its Revenge on us All because we haven't stood-up for Life, we haven't stood together as Life, we didn't Value Life, but have separated ourselves and life as a whole into polarities of superiority/inferiority and have abused power, creating abusive systems in self-interest to please our Ego.

Are we humble enough to see and realize that our Ego is based on fear?
Are we daring enough to stop the irrational fear that separates life from life and work together?

Through my 5+ years of direct experience, and interaction working together with the Desteni group I support that this is possible. 

It is possible to have Heaven on Earth – for All. It is up to us, each one individually and all of us together, but no one can change the world alone. Because all of us together, who we all are and how we co-exist: this is what we creates the world as we know it. 
I am here to make the statement that this is the end of the world as we know it – because I myself, and others with whom I walk this Journey to Life together, no longer accept the separation of life and the dictatorship of the Ego.

It’s time to LIVE and make sure everybody else is equally able to LIVE, EXPRESS and EXPAND, without fear, without struggle, without the power-games of Ego.

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