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428 | Self Awareness in spite of Consciousness – The Secret about Automation (part 3)

ART by Scott Cook

Day 405 | Self-Movement: How to Move Self into Fulfillment

So –

We´ve seen in the previous two posts how the point of automation exists both on the level of the physical and on the level of consciousness, and we have looked at the difference between physical learning and consciousness learning processes, as well as the differences between physical- and consciousness-automation and what the implications of an automated existence are, both on the physical and the consciousness level.

Now that we have seen the problems of consciousness automation as well as acknowledged the fact that “it seems that we are unable to interfere” with the automated consciousness patterns of behaviour, speaking and acting – 

it is now time to see, realize and acknowledge that this is in fact no so and that we in fact ARE able to interfere, stop and change our consciousness patterns – 
which is what the Desteni research material has been showing all along as well as providing simplistic practical tools that anyone can utilize to support oneself in the process of becoming aware of the entirety of one´s mind-consciousness-system and thus within that awareness also place oneself in a position of directive authority, thus being able to stop, change and transform consciousness patterns into living expressions that support life.

We´ve seen how it only takes something or someone pushing your buttons, and you’ll react with an emotional (‘negative’) or feeling (‘positive’) response, and you think you are experiencing something ‘towards’ another, all the while: all that you’re experiencing is your own preprogrammed definitions, from your own point of view only.

We´ve seen how automatically thoughts, internal conversations, imaginations, emotional- and feeling-reactions come up; and how automatically words will come out of one´s mouth, especially in moments of ‘emotional distress’ (which is in essence an energetic charge), it’ll spew out of you in an instance and regret always comes ‘too late’.

What we human beings are self-aware as – is our Consciousness patterns. 

Have a look, our awareness is limited to the patterns that inhabit us and act on our behalf. We are merely acting-out preprogrammed behaviour and response-patterns, we merely follow the emotional- and mental-reactions that emerge from our mind-consciousness.

We even place our Faith in things like emotions and feelings, without ever understanding where they come from, let alone investigating the motives that our emotions and feelings present and represent. If we would do that, we would find an interesting thing: We would SEE and acknowledge our EGO and its agenda of self-interest.

And it’s fascinating – all these automated patterns of consciousness: self seems to have No control over.

In fact, these patterns control one, they drive one´s decisions and dictate the paths one will take and the paths one won’t take, the options one will see and the options one will not see or consider, based on one´s preprogrammed fears and desires, as well as self-definitions, accepted limitations, belief-systems, value-judgments etc. = all equations of consciousness formed through acceptance and allowance, without real awareness.

A point crucial to understand and vital to realize here:

I deliberately write “it seems”, because if one will slow down and have a look in self-honesty, one will see that it is SELF that accepts and allows what comes-up automatically in one´s mind/consciousness to be `valid´, to have `power´, to have a `weight´; it is SELF that follows the thoughts and internal conversations, it is SELF that acts-out on emotional- and feeling-reactions – 

Which means that SELF is responsible.

SELF is the one that is making a decision the moment a program/response is triggered within one´s mind-consciousness-system, regardless whether that decision is in awareness of the implications and consequences, or in unawareness – it is SELF that decides, in every moment, who self is.

We´ve seen in the previous two posts how nothing we do/say/act/think at any given moment ‘goes away’. It simply accumulates.

That is the simplistic secret of creation: 1+1+1... Breath by Breath, every moment counts. And the sum of every moment we ever lived / participated in / interacted: form and constitute who we are and who we become.

Can we ever become anything else than who we are, meaning:

Who we are and how we participate / interact / co-exist in every moment: accumulates into and forms and creates who we are – determining whether we are merely consciousness robots as ego in separation from self as life and from life as a whole; or whether we are life, co-existing as equals of life and thus doing / acting / living what is best for life, which includes ourselves and everybody else – all that is HERE.

Yet – it seems we are not life, otherwise we would be practically honoring the substance of ourselves and each-other, including our home planet Earth.

We as Substance, a Self Awareness as the oneness and equality of the physical reality / universe / body – does not exist at any level (yet).

But –

Doesn´t all this then imply that the KEY to the Solution, the KEY to breaking the bounds of Consciousness, the KEY to stepping out of the prison of the Mind and out of our separation – is Self Awareness as Oneness and Equality?!

What does that practically mean?

Self as One and Equal –

in the inner: a SELF undivided, a SELF that is whole, a SELF that is not judging or suppressing or denying parts of self, a SELF that takes full self-responsibility for Who one is, and thus a Self that is the Self-Directive authority of and as oneself;

and in the outer: a SELF in Awareness of the context of Life, of the interconnectedness of Life, and thus a Self that co-exists within every other Self in Equality, realizing that we are sharing the same Oneness here on Earth, and thus any harm done or allowed always affects All.

Wouldn´t that be the absolute definition of self-freedom, even within a limited world-system as we currently have it?

...I will continue in the next post with practical solutions and self-corrective application.

Stay tuned!

ART by Bastian Neumann

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